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Hunting Parties - GPS with Hunting Leader

Allow alliances to tag along with another alliance members out walking or riding via GPS share to go dino hunting.

The hunter would be the group lead and each alliance member who joins the hunting party will be taken to the GPS location of the leader and can dart, spin drops, and do strike towers that are in range of their blue or yellow circle.

There are several reason for group hunting:

  1. It is a way for alliances to work together.
  2. Some players are unable to go out for safety reasons because where they live.
  3. Some players live out in the country and are limited in hunting to a single road.
  4. It’s a rainy day and your stuck inside but where another alliance member lives it is not raining so you can tag along with them.
  5. It is winter and cold and your stuck inside while your alliance member may live in a warmer climate where they can get out so you can tag along on their hunt.
  6. You have alliance members who can hunt at night where they live so you can get night creatures.
  7. You have alliance members living and hunting in other zones and you can tag along in hopes of getting creatures you can’t get to.
  8. I’ve gone out to eat in a place where all the strike towers are in rang and start a hunting party so any alliance member on can do the towers.

Have a create hunting group icon to poke on that puts a hunting icon on your player in the list of alliance members. When a member logs in, they can click on the hunting leaders name and hit join hunting party and get whisked to their location to follow where they are going. The members just sit, relax and spin drops and dart dinos. Then you can have a leave hunting part icon or just log out and back in to return to your own location.

The point is to encourage alliance members to work together and this would be something that would liven up alliances and keep players playing longer. You’d also need some kind of good hunting party chat window.


I like the idea of this with some limits. You need limits.

Such as players can’t restock darts they have a limit of darts in the session let’s say you get 50. You only get 50 darts per session as a joiner (maybe 64 darts? Lol). And only allowed to host 3 parties a day per alliance. Etc. Limits…

Some other positive things:

This could probably lower the amount of spoofers.

This could be a way for us to really play the game as a group together.

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So, your basic premise is that someone is out hunting, finds a turtle, and everyone in that group can jump to where that user is and dart the same turtle.

I think I have heard something similar to that, but just can’t remember what it is called.

We’ll all be playing in Central Park and Manhattan. You just need one alliance member there.

Great thought, but would destroy the game. Which is exactly why it happens for profit in JWA V1.9.3

I have a simple philosophy…
rain, hail, sleet, fog, flood, earthquake, tsunami, or whatever if there is a dinosaur out there that i need … then he is mine and to hell with the weather or whatever is going on outside i want it, i need it, im going to get it regardless .!. lol :smirk_cat: :rofl: :smirk_cat: :rofl: :smirk_cat:

I played a game called Parallel Kingdom that had a feature like that.
You could send invites to other players to auto follow you, but you had the ability to kick them and they had the ability to leave whenever they wanted.

This would be awesome for Canadian events.

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