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Hunting Parties


While being able to battle friends is a good feature, adding so cooperative play would be nice. I was think something like a hunting party where you team up to dart dinosaurs and get a bonus for being in a team. I the Idea I had was goes like this:

Team of 2: 50% bonus
Player 1 shoots 100 and player two shoots 100, both players get 150 DNA. Another way player 1 shoots 100 and player 2 shoots 50, player 1 get 125 while player 2 gets 100. Getting a 50% bonus from the other player.

Team of 3: 33% bonus
All three players shot 100. All three would get 166 DNA, 33 from each of the other players.

Team of 4: 25% bonus
All four players shot 100, than all for players get 175. 25% bonus of what each other player shot.

Teaming up would reward everyone on the team. So a good shooter will still get more while teamed up and a poor shooter. Having a bigger will give bigger rewards. Players would need to be near each other and going for the same targets. Just and idea I had because I play with my two kids and we always compare for we shot after each drone launch.