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Hurricane Florence


I just wanted to say be careful if you live in the path of hurricane Florence and plan on playing this game…outside. Don’t be stupid…stay inside. I live in DC and we even have a State of Emergency in effect here. I just hope it clears up by the weekend so I can get some of that Pyroraptor DNA. Be safe, and be smart.


Yeah, if you live in NC or SC especially, you should evacuate ahead of this storm. No DNA is worth dying for.

Cat 4 storms are not to be messed with, folks.


I’m outside of Baltimore and glad it’s a repeat event we’re missing out on (I’ll still try to grab some pyro if things are clear) I was super bummed last week during the massive epic event tho… Seems like the east coast of the USA has been getting downpour after downpour! :cloud_with_lightning_and_rain::umbrella:


So far I count an impressive nine named storms, making a belt across the planet on satellite imagery.


My favorite name so far! :joy:


The entire island chain of Hawaii is in the direct path of Olivia, Florence is winding up for a major strike on the Carolinas, Isaac seems to be weakening, and there’s another storm behind it.

In the Pacific, a typhoon just hit Fiji, and there may be a couple others i missed…

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Busy year for hurricanes and typhoons so far.

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Yeah, Gaston’s not got far to go before becoming a Cat 1.

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@LadyHadden, i hope you got out of SC. Don’t take risks with this storm. It’s not playing around.

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I did not get out of SC. Kids still have school open. They talked about cancelling school tomorrow, but I’m not seeing anything. Thank you very much for checking on me, @Dalek62771! I’m not in the current evacuation area.


i’d stay behind if i lived in the zone for erlikosaurus, rajasaurus or kentrosaurus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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The last track forecast i saw has Florence swinging more south, @LadyHadden. It’s going to park right on top of you guys…

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And poor/blow buckets of water for days, I hear.
I’m not ready for that, except that I live on the top of a hill.

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Hold on to your butts people.


I wish everyone that have to deal with hurricanes and storms all the best of luck and i hope hou won’t suffer to much damage.

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Thank you for caring, MagicFingers! I absolutely agree–stay safe, everyone!

(MagicFingers----I’m on the West Coast, so no worrying that I’m in the storm path! I am also concerned about the people who are, though. Hang in there, everybody!)


I live in Florence SC and we’re about to get hit directly by hurricane Florence.

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What part of SC are you in? I’m in Florence SC.

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Greenville. And wow, I hope you and your family are safe through this!
If you (or anyone) need help during or after this hurricane then be sure mention it. There’s no need in a fellow Jurassic World Alive player to suffer through a natural disaster.


That’s crazy! Florence vs Florence! I hope that your Florence wins!