Hurry before its too late!

Hurry,bunch of sheep,It end soon!!!

Looks like you’re running out of time to get your roids mate.

Boosted Pachy xd

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Thanks for the tip!

1 hour 30 minutes left!!!

I didn’t get this. I played and checked yesterday but it wasn’t there. Even cleared cache and tried but didn’t show up. So can anyone else confirm if it was there or not?

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The boosties are very important. If you miss a few buys and if you like pvp then honestly better off quitting and find a new game to play. This one is in the boost toilet with no hope left. I still play as I like collecting dinos when I run life errands.

Before boosts: Omg if this game becomes p2w I’m quitting!

After boosts: Hurry up guys, the boost sale is almost over.

Hypcrites. “I use my free cash”. Ya… right.

You don’t have to quit if you don’t buy the roids. You just won’t be as high up…

Whoops didn’t buy them

i stopped boosting after last matchmaker.
so better. :slight_smile:

Yesterday I wanted to buy boost: disconnection when buying and there was no boost to sell when I managed to reconnect.
Last night I decided to go out and hunt some Dinos, two successive disconnections made me abandon this idea.
This morning, two arena fights, two disconnections.

I think the saturation point is near.