Hurry up with new adventures

Well, wasn’t too horrible, last boss was a tad annoying, now get more explore going or at least add a hard mode or something

Hey @Jessie_Long, thanks for your suggestion! :slight_smile:

A Hard mode after you complete the “normal” mode would be great.

The hard mode is the challenges. A lot of people complain about them that they do not give good XP, but if you prioritize selecting gold and gems you can come out positive while grinding them. Several people have posted numbers from doing 20 runs and how much gold/xp/loot it gets you and it comes out positive even without VIP membership as long as you can kill all three bosses.

If you are lower level it often seems like you fall behind and that is because sometimes you do have to select gear even if you do not want it and then you spend money on leveling that gear up and then you fall behind.

The key to making a halfway decent return is the secret rooms. Regardless of challenge the secret rooms give the same amount of gold based on how far you have progressed in Explore mode. Once you complete the game even a secret room in Sharpstone Keep gets you over 300g.

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