First discovered in 1845 from a tooth, this fearsome shark appeared in the “Sea Monsters” show depicted eating off a sick Leedisichythys. It appeared from the Triassic - Late Cretaceous.

Tier - Tournament Legendary

Class - Surface

Cost - 7500 DNA

Stats -
Level 10 - HP - 377
Attack - 356

Level 20 - HP - 785
Attack - 764

Level 30 - HP - 1009
Attack - 998

HP - 1798
Attack - 1754

A true glass cannon, this is the first surface tournament to be a glass cannon ?

What are your thoughts ?
Do you want this creature to come out ?

  • Yes !
  • No

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Thanks for your votes and support guys ! What creature do you want me to put in next ?

  • Sea Scorpion
  • Tanystropheus
  • Cymbospondylus

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Good creature!

In my opinion it is slightly too strong!
A little nerf would be fine!
Also between level 30 and level 40 there is too much difference!

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Yikes :grimacing:
Trying to make it around Banannogmius’s stats

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Just in case that picture wasn’t clear here is another one


I remember him forming a tornado in jpb


Wow, that must be amazing :star_struck:

It looks like Sea Scorpion is in the lead, but lost a few votes to Cymbospondylus !

He had two other Hybodus that helped him forming it. Small fish where flock creatures in jpb

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I like sea scorpions. Fun fact the sea scorpion in jurassic park builder is the species Megalograptus

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Nigel Marven lost 5% of his leg to one of those

Ah yes, the sharknado

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Lol 10 chars