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Hybrid #11: Bravasuchus!

I am so sorry for the huge delay! But here she is!

She was named deinile, but i renamed her bravasuchus.

In Spanish Brava means brave and suchus means crocodile so i renamed it.

Bravasuchus Is a rather strange one. It’s size Is only one part of that because it’s the size of allosaurus, but can glide Freely And Super fastly!

Whats even more strange is that it can actually swim!

This creature Has been Owned by Owen Grady, along with the raptor pack, An erlikogamma, Pyrritator pack, and suchotator.

So now, when your a bird and think you can escape a croc easily, Just
see this nightmare.

Stats (normal): 915 health, 698 Attack.

Level 30 stats: 4895 Health, 1572 Damage.


Cautious Rampage

Team shield

Cunning strike

Rampage, stun, and run

Credits to the one and only snek, @Snake_Dude for this art