Hybrid already unlocked back as creature to create

Hello, thank for this amazing update who brings almost nothing new except bugs.To add one more to the many already mentioned, here is the new hybrid that I created earlier which is back as a creature to create…

So what do you expect from me that I spend more corners and dna to unlock it again?

Thank you for wanting to do your work properly at once.

Anything else? (add screenshots or additional information here)

common takes 50 dna, RARE TAKES 100, epic takes 150, legendary takes 200, unique takes 250, apex takes 300
150 isn’t wrong

ok, my initial message was not clear enough, thank u to help me to correct. I already unlock the hybrid and spent the 150 dna asked and now its supposed to be level 11 with 30/100 dna for reach level 12 but the creature is back as creature to unlock…

ah so you unlocked it already, had 30 dna remaining, and I am assuming that then the creatures dispeared, you got it back but came back to it not being unlocked? is that correct?

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Right. Except that I’ve never seen the bug with all the new creatures disappearing but at my last restart, I got this surprise instead… I got a 40 on my last fuse with 10 needed to unlock which explain the 30 remaining.

why not contact the support team or @ ned? they can maybe help

I will as usual (a bit tired to write to support) but I post this here to know if others have the same issue. Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

I had this too. I made the hybrid, created it. Few mins later the app crashed and all new creatures including this had disappeared. Did a hard reinstall and it was back but as though I’d never fused it so had to pay again for all the fuses and use more DNA.

Then I FIPd an ornitho in a sanctuary twice, took the F and I from my resources and gave me no DNA. Then crashed app again.

My app has crashed about 50 times since the update. So frustrating and totally fed up.

I can’t contact ludia because that won’t work in the app either.

@Ned Can u help with this issue pls?

Hi there Firebird_Jazz. Are you able to contact us through regular email here instead: support+forums@ludia.com?

@Athos If you already messaged our support team about this, they’ll get back to you as soon as they can when they get a chance to review your ticket. Thank you for your patience!

I’ve this problem with oviraptor. Created it yesterday. Now it’s gone and not under a card too.