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Hybrid apex contestaroo!

Hello, all you amazing artists!!! So I got this cool idea the other day what if I had a little contest for all of you! (people who use jwa toolbox too!) you are able to create 2 and ONLY 2 apex hybrids (they must be hybrids!!!) and I will judge and see who wins! This contest starts January 5th and ends February 3rd ( I will not accept any submissions after that, sry) I will send you a message if you win and post it in the thread! Feel free to draw or use the JWA toolbox to submit. The Apex attacks must be relatable to the ingredients! For example, if both ingredients are cunning then don’t use a resilient attack! Thanks and the greatest of luck to all of you!

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Just going to put this here before this thread gets flooded with nothing but JWA Toolbox Concepts.

Is this a drawing and jwa toolbox thing or just a jwa toolbox thing? Just making sure before I post anything

Both, drawing and JWA Toolbox is allowed. I just wanted to restate that the OP mentioned one person can only put two concepts in this, and I wanted to prevent this thread from being flooded with too many people putting a ton of JWA Toolbox concepts.

Thank you. I just wanted to make sure that it was both.

Giving some older creatures some love by making them into monster hybrids

These are my concepts

(The DoT is 20%, for those who were wondering)

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Hi guys!!! I want you to know I have looked through all of these and have one word AMAZINGAWESOMNESS!!! You guys are all amazing and keep up the great work!!!

Hey guys also I feel I should mention this every creature MUST have a picture so I will know what it looks like and if it is a flock or not! Thank you guys and keep up the great work! And remember THIS IS NOT A JWA CREATURE CONCEPT THREAD!!! ONLY APEX CREATURES ARE ALLOWED!!!

Hi this is great but could you add a photo?

Amzing!!! Photo?

Photo also the one below this sadly has to be disqualified since the rules are you can create only 2 apex hybrids sry

Everyone please remember if you submit three I will only accept the first two so please only two!

This would be a submission so everyone has an example