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Hybrid apex contestaroo!

i’m sorry. and i forgive you. Xoxo.

that is a master peace of mega hybrids right there dino_king_999.

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Thanks…! :smiley:

your welcome :grin:.

don’t get me wrong though scorpius rex and thordalosaur and indoraptor are one of my favorite hybrid dinosaurs yet. lol.

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how about this one if aquatics were in Jurassic world alive some of us would’ve been really really happy.
The epic mosasaurus + the epic velociraptor gen 2 = the mosaraptor hybrid legendary and the mosaraptor hybrid + the thordalosaurus super hybrid.
And then the legendary allonogmius hybrid + the epic dire wolf and something with the genome of the fierce and cunning dire wolf and the stronger strength and a stronger bite and the ability to swim in water or sometimes hunt in the water and the new alloogmius super hybrid + the new deinonychus carbonemys hybrid and this faster mega bony armor mega hybrid has a much more stronger bite force.

The two creatures that I posted…



Yoooooooooooooooo! yes! let’s go, let’s goooooooooooooooooooo!

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I love this one. Entelolania is practically my favorite dino. I wish it had stun resistance in-game, but Mammolania has most of the resistances while Entelolania has the dmg.

Hiya guys sorry I haven’t been on in a while but I am going to be letting you all know the third pace contestant in third place…

Queztaconstrictor by The dinosaur guy fro! congrats!!!

I will be posting the second place and first soon because I like to create suspense!

Hi sorry I have to go to practice and my submission will be in a few hours so I will most likely be to late for the announcing of the winners but I will still post it for feed back if that’s ok

Hi! everyone second place winner annnocunced well… now i guess

anyways second place goes to…
by DINO_KING_999! good job!

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also heres a cool drawing of spino contrictor i did!


Thanks!.. :smiley:

Ok guys I am now announcing first place…

Diorajanemys!!! By randomjwauser!! great job and thank you guys for your submissions!!!