Hybrid backstories

Introduction: Hi. I’m just hoping to enlighten you readers a bit, and stir your imaginations. Most of this information is Fan Fiction, but some of it is true, or speculation. I will try to tackle the possible or true backstories of all Jurassic World Alive hybrids, plus Blue’s Raptor pack, because they are technically hybrids. I may post from time to time, but generally I will post multiple at a time.
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It was originally created to test for intuition and adaptability, but was too ferocious and would only adapt to the first terrain it encountered, so if it were to hatch in a forest, it would be adapted to the forest, but could not adapt any more.

It was modified for adaptability and heavy protection, being a more combat ready version of the Gorgosuchus. It can adapt completely with no limitations.

This was created to test for how the display rituals of pterosaurs evolved, and how they happened. Combining a social pterosaur with a more solitary display pterosaur evolved unique mating rituals and explained how mating became.

This was an experimentation on whether birds evolved their unique problem solving traits, or whether they mherited them. Combining two intelligent carnivores, this hybrid is an extremely unique thinker. It has a wonderful memory, and can quickly adapt its thinking and approach on problems.

This hybrid was an earlier experiment, even before the Indominus Rex. It was never released, as it was too fearsome a predator for either Ingen or the Masrani corporation to handle at the time. It was made to test for the possibility of hybrid exhibits, and was a base for later research leading to the Indominus Rex. The Majungasaurus DNA was later used in the Indominus Rex genome.

Einiasuchus is a strange carnivore. It was designed by Ingen to handle rogue assets, and escaped dinosaurs in Jurassic World. It was meant to be tameable and weaponized, if necessary, but became too ferocious, and, unexpectedly, carnivorous. They expected the social nature of Einiosaurus to counteract the ferocity of the Nundasuchus, but only made this creature more deadly, giving it a horn, and frill.

This hybrid was very unique. It was made simply as an idea for a future hybrid attraction in Jurassic World. The coloration was meant to be attractive, like that of a parrot. But it developed it as a trait to capture prey, using the preys curiosity to attract it, then act quickly to disarm and kill it.


I like this idea a lot actually, especially my backstory. Could you see if you could do more hybrids please?

Indo G2

After igen seeing how successful the indoraptor was in night, they wanted to make a killer at day using a fearsome raptor echo and t-rex’s cousin and the intelligence of blue to make it a excellent hunter in day

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That’s exactly what I was thinkinh for Indominus, Indominus gen 2, Indoraptor, and Indoraptor gen 2. Or aalmost exactly.

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This hybrid was one of the last in line for the first phase of Dr Wu’s plan in the hybrid line. Equipped with armour and a tail club, the Rajakylosaurus was an experimentation in armoured carnivores, and was thought to have been the base for the Indominus Rex after the Majundasuchus was proven to be a pack hunter, too social for the base of the Indominus Rex. This hybrid was never released to the public, but was largely researched, leading to the Indominus Rex.

Diorajasaurus was part of the project Ares, a hybridization project hidden from the public because of its particular interest in weaponizing carnivores for potential gain. It was supposed to be a more advanced and deadlier version of the Rajakylosaurus, but turned out to be a slow hunter, due to the large spines on its back. It was quickly terminated, due to its failure as a predator and inability to impress.

Paramoloch was a blind attempt to alter the goal of project Ares from its greedy goals. This hybrids unique horn was once thought to have been a resonating chamber like that of Parasauralophus, but it is now known that it secretes a deadly toxin that is meant to be injected into any wound caused by the horn.

This hybrid was an attempt to give the Paramoloch protection against multiple attackers, in the case that Jurassic World was compromised and the only way to subdue any escaped assets was to either kill or temporarily paralyze them.

This carnivore was a failed attempt at altering the Indominus Rex into a more social, but ferocious and calculating, hunter. The idea was that is it was a complex breeder, it might be social, but as it turned out, the only trait this hybrid carried from the Dimetrodon, which would be the source of any social traits, was it’s spine, which do not support a sail.

Considered the ideal weapon for stealth in remote aquatic environments, this armoured crocodilian has a tendency to hung prey in swamp trees, where they die of starvation, forced to stay in the tree lest they die in the jaws of the monster crocodile. This hybrid was part of the phase 2 protocol in Dr Wu’s plan, being the ideal tank, submarine, and remote aquatic stealth and recon troop.


This armoured pterosaur was the first step in armoured pterosaurs.
Easing to later assets such as the Tapejalocephalus, this first step in armoured avians is thought to be a herbivore. It uses teeth on the roof and floor of its mouth to grind long, tough plants, such as pieces of bamboo, supposedly. The beak itself is thought to be used to snip of the bamboo, though neither of these actions have been exhibited, in the wild or captivity.

This armoured Varanasaurid is a strong swimmer, though there is no evidence of any dormant gene for swimming or catalyst for such a gene in either bloodline leading to this hybrid. One thought is that it stirs the seabed and makes the water murky, then crawls along it searching for mollusks and creatures burrowing in the mud. It is obviously too heavy to easily swim in open water, so it lives in littoral environments. This behaviour has never been observed, though.

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Actually einiosuchus is a weird herbivore but anyway…


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Special backstories.

Blue: Blue was the Beta in Owen’s raptor pack. She was made using more Komodo dragon DNA than her sisters. She was part of the second raptor pack. In her youth, she battled Echo for dominance of the group, and won. Her Komodo dragon genome makes her ferocious and stronger, but also lends her the ability to tolerate shared food. She was also made with some parrot DNA in her genome. This makes her more resilient, intuitive, and better problem solver.

Echo: Echo was the rival of Blue in their youth. She was made using slightly more amphibian DNA. Her genome was used for the original velociraptors in Jurassic Park. She is highly unstable, and is known to act out and injure more workers than any other Jurassic World asset. Her amphibian DNA lends her the ability to slightly modulate her body temperature, as well as her colouring.

Delta: Delta was made with bird DNA to help with intuition and problem solving. She can easily break down a situation between components of the problem, assets available, and possible assets currently unavailable. She has been known to catch more training pigs than any other raptor when it involves problem solving.

Charlie: Charlie is the only raptor not of the second gene pool in Owen’s raptor pack. She was made using more iguana DNA than others. This lends her slight variations of her green colouring, lending her better camouflage. Her genome was used in the fusing of the Erlikogamma. It was used specifically because it was colourful, and gives the Erlikogamma he capability to infiltrate herds of prey while holding back on attacks until the perfect prey is spotted.

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