Hybrid Challenge

I will give you a challenge to make my hybrids. You can either draw or make this hybrid on JWA toolbox. Each one starts on Wednesday and ends on Sunday.

This week’s hybrid is: Dracoceratops Gen 2!! The ingredients are Dracorex and Triceratops. Any overpowered or late creatures are disqualified.

Can I create it without using JWA toolbox?


Here’s my entry.

dracoceratops gen 2 jwa concept


here’s my version


(I was going to go with Resilient Strike and Superiority Rampage but then realized that might be a bit OP, so I went with SS and GSI just to be safe. :sweat_smile:)


Yes.(10 c)

Okay. Thank you

Here’s my dracotops G2. I have Dracocerato G2 made as well if anyone wants to see that.

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Sure why not :+1:

Screenshot 2021-08-26 9.34.02 PM

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I’m thinking u got DSR cuz of Dracoceratops G1

yup very true

Today is also the last day to make my hybrid.

Quick question, how will the winner be determined? Will it be the one you choose or is it decided by a vote?

I will choose my personal favorite, but I still like all of them.

Time is up! The winner is: @DragonWarrior! Congratulations!

The next theme is randomized hybrids! you have to randomize the ingredients. The theme starts on Wednesday.

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Next challenge I think we should have a top 3 or some honorable mentions. Just a suggestion though, and doesn’t need to be added.

Good suggestion! I will use it in one of the challenges.

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Maybe I’ll just choose voting. Once I find out how to make votes.

It’s pretty complicated on mobile. If you have a pc or laptop, I suggest using your account there when making polls.