Hybrid Chase : Woolly Rhino

Any sightings?

None for me yesterday, but 3 today - 2 wild spawns and 1 from a giga scent …

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I ran an epic scent last night at dusk and got one in L3.

Edit: Just got one as my first spawn of my second Giga of the day.

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I got three last night. One from an epic scent and two from a giga.

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Got 2 from a Giga Scent today

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Wow - given what epic hybrid pursuits are normally like we are being over run by them! I’m just leaving a giga running pretty much constantly. Need to get my Pork Chop to L25!

haven’t see one yet. hoping to find some this week. i just have awful luck with hybrid pursuit epics.

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I must be unlucky. I have already opened 3 giga scent (from home because I am confined) and an epic scent (on the move with the excuse of going to buy food) and 0 rhinos.

I got 2 from a rare scent :four_leaf_clover:

I stay in L4 so does not matter as much.

Pork Chop Micro-Keratoporcus
Pork Chop Master-Entelomoth

Both of those are immense - I have a L24 Kerato on my alt team

Just used my epic scent, went from L3 to L4 (its like 4 min from me) to have a higher chance of getting Rhino and got ONE secodontosaurus and nothing more.Worst epic scdnt in my life :slight_smile:

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I’ve had one so far. Seen about four epics, but only one rhino.

I got 3 yesterday and saw one more. I live in Zone 4.

Make of that what you will.

3 more wild ones out and about today; another outside the circle

0 in the circle and 0 outside also…scents not working also…

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I used a ice age scent and a giga scent and 0 woolly rhino showed up. You know what did? Nothing but Brontotheriums!

i saw one but couldn’t go get it because of work.

As always never get one in these hybrid pursuits. Still waiting to find one

Just got one from a giga scent on Monday. Have been popping those really often so I can have a better chance, but only one
It seems like it’s very patchy, being very present in some areas and not at all in others. Ludia, can you fix that?