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Hybrid chase

The hybrid chase is it just dilophoboa again or Is it spinoconstrictor because if it’s dilophoboa we have only had one hybrid between if I’m not mistaken or two can I have confirmation if it’s spino or just dilophoboa again

I think we will get the dilophobia dinos along with spinosaurus if the creature is spinocibstricter. I don’t know how this works but I think super hybrids have three while normal ones ave two.

We already had Dilophoboa so this one should be Spinoconstrictor.

Can see this out tonight…but out of range of course

yearning for that DNA :cry:

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I would like for them to post the posters back up again, so we can know what the hell is going on.

I have been clueless for months. Unless it was a creature that obviously isn’t in the wild (like Miragia) then I don’t know anything.