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Hybrid collection pack, yay or nay?

What do you think of this pack, risk it or not?
I have 3,4K cash and I earn quite quickly.
Risked other packs always got something decent.
Hybrids that I have are;
Alangasaurus lvl 40
Diplotator, raising a new one to level 20 atm
Labyrinth saurus at Lvl 40.

Thanks in advance

Personally, I wouldn’t risk it. Then again I grew up on the battle stages unlocking dinos, and so I don’t know how hard it is getting these hybrids so it might be your best shot.

You do have some of the highest percent chance hybrids that are in the pack, could you live with duplicates? Is your lineup suitable for the super rare hybrids on the chance you get one?

Here is my lineup, off course I would be bummed by getting a duplicate but hey, it does save some DNA and I am planning on making duplicates.

I stil have doubts as to whether I should buy the pack or not.
Is there anyone that has experience or screens from this pack to help me decide?

Is the most common prize (typically the worst prize, which looks to be Alangasaurus) worth the cost?

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No absolutely not!

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Like all the packs the hybrid pack is a risk. Can’t remember what the other 3 card possibilities are but the worst prize being the common hybrids for the 4th card. However the best prize being hybrids that cost 10k+ dna some of which are easily unlocked and other not.

You are gambling for 1 copy, no unlock, the pack is just under 2k DBs non VIP.

It really just comes down to you and your game and what you value. IMO in the end it’s just in game currency that you are just going to waste on something else stupid anyway why not just blow it on a card pack for some fun and excitement for a split second to play the loto. At least this pack has decent odds of getting something half decent unlike a lot of the other packs that are complete garbage.

I’ve purchased this pack a few times on both D1 and D2’s accounts and have received a broad range of prizes from Supranotitan, Ankylodocus, carnoraptor, the pachy hybrid, others, and of course the common hybrids.

Edit: I would add that the prizes are more useful when you are lower level or at least don’t have a stacked lineup.


Thanks for your insights!

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Just got carried away after reading this and bought one :D. Got a Spinoraptor. Good enough for me.


If you need a lot of the hybrids I would say it’s worth it if you have the extra bucks laying about, your gauranteed 1k dna back and some LP, the pack is also cheaper for vips.

However for someone like me who has alot of the hybrids already, I would rather spend the dna on them tbh…

Would be nice to see what players get from these packs though, please share here if you do make a purchase.

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Bought one is and got tapej, really good

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I would use your money to hatch the dinos to create the hybrids you want. Then you can control what you get. Also the top prize is 2%, if you unlock it, its about 11,000 dna to buy it. I would rather have $1200 dino bucks than 11,000 dna.

Or you can play a bunch of pvp with mods. There are 3 hybrids you can get out of that. Usually get 1 out of every 10 matches. Rajasega, spinoraptor, or dipolator(probably spelled wrong).


Still thinking it through, I am working on some hybrids but most of the components are locked.
I almost have 4K cash now and I could use some lp always.
The trade harbour is useful for getting cash back, I also speed up fusions or battles when needed as well as some hatching.