Hybrid Creature Competition

Create you own hybrid. If the ingredients is a custom creature, please show the custom creature too.
1: No apex creatures.
2: Creature should not be overpowered.
3: Have fun!

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If you’re wondering why Venodeca has a drastically different moveset from its ingredient, that’s because Venodeca uses more than just Albertosaurus, Ornithomimus, and Kentrosaurus. These are just the 3 dinosaurs the creature is made from, just so it’d be an unblockable hybrid. The creature actually has 16 different ingredients. I’m currently working on a full-on description for this hybrid, and I will be working on art for it this weekend, so if anyone wants to see those, I can send them here once they’re complete. If anyone wants to know the hybrid ingredient list, I can show that right now.

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Description: This Venomous Snake launches surprise attacks on its prey. This strategy for the Bajalophoboa is Devastating makes it a deadly predator.

Special moves are Speed up Stance, Speed up stance Strike, and Delayed Ferocious Impact. Use the 2nd concept, Suzhoutherium

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so sorry i didnt know the damage will be very high

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maybe this is better

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Maybe it should be fierce resilient.

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Indominusrexplayz09 those creatures you made there are overpowered


True dat I just noticed

All of ur creatures don’t have a normal strike move all they have is impacts and rampages and the attack is crazy high as well

just one suggestion

This hybrid would likely die before devastation gets ready

So i say give it some sort of evasive
instead of cunning impact and run since none of its parents have a swap out move