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Hybrid Dinosaur But You Only Need One Dinosaur

Look, I Know The Title Is Confusing But Let Me Explain. Every Hybrid In Jurassic World The Game, Is Made Out Of 2 Dinosaurs. But Why It Can’t Be 1 Dinosaur And 1 Unextinct Creature? For An Example Helicoprion + A Goblin Shark (Mitsukurina Owstoni) = Mitsuprion. And No, The Unextinct Creature Isn’t Like The Dinosaurs In The Game Where You Can Level It Up To 40. The Unextinct Creature Comes In A DNA Form. I Called It The E-Dna ( Extant Dna ). And Yes, Extant Is A Real Word. And When You Collect Enough Of The Dna You Can Fuse It With A Level 40 Dinosaur.


Yes a ,monkey with an ankylosaure :crazy_face: :crazy_face: :crazy_face:
Seriously it could some kind of special dna like boss or sdna, where you could get it by doing daily mission, but it will require you to do maybe research that cost a lot and then you will a infinite amount(since it is an unextinct creature)

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Monkey E-Dna (Cercopithecidae) + Ankylosaurus = Cercoplosaurus

And Yeah, I Also Agree That The E-Dna Will Require More Research Than The Normal, S-Dna Or B-Dna.

But when you got it you do mot need to grind it since those animal already exist.


I want the Psittacotitan. Psittacula alexandrina (Alexandrine Parakeet) + Tyrannotitan.

a Gorilla plus Ankylosaurus would very nice :))))