Hybrid DNA generation rewards needs balancing (increasing)



I really enjoy playing this game, it brings my wife and I great joy and a chance to bond over something in common.

I have however noticed that the ‘random number game’ and cost of creating hybrids is a bit too high. VERY often I use up 100 common DNA (50 from one critter, 50 from another), and only get 10 DNA for the hybrid. This has quickly become a huge problem.

Initially it’s not tooo bad, but now that I need many hundred, even thousands of hybrid DNA to level up my critter it’s a bit beyond reasonable/imbalanced.

I believe that the “random number game” element is okay, but the average value needs to be increased. Right now it is very inefficient, 100 DNA converts to 10-40 within 3 std deviations. I’m seeing it very often giving only 10 DNA.

I recommend that the minimum DNA awarded is 20 rather than 10.

Anyone agree??


Agreed. I say they get rid of the possibility to get 10 from a fuse and make 20 the lowest.

EDIT: same suggestion as yours, should have read the entire post first I suppose


Lol, well glad we are on the same page.


I would suggest that the minimum is upped if you are an vip player. And the rng must be more balanced. Have streaks of 5+ x 10 dna in a row very very very often. If you need 2000 of combined dna it’s really frustrating


I feel like upping the floor could be good but only at higher tiers. 10 should be the floor on a rare hybrid, possibly even an epic hybrid. Once you reach legendary and unique however I feel the floor should up to 20.


My example is a lower quality/important hybrid, a Suchotator. I’m having trouble finding Suchomimus, the Irritator I get heaps of DNA just from Incubators.