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Hybrid DNA question


Hi everyone! I’m pretty new to JW:Alive and loving it!

When I get 2 dinos to the level required to start using their DNA to make a hybrid, should I just be doing that or should I max level the base Dinos first? Does Dino level contribute to hybrid dna amounts or is it RNG from the get go?

Example: the anklyocodon, diplotator, etc…


Rng always, nothing can change the amount of dna you get from fusions. And no, don’t max out your dino’s first, just make the hybrid when you can.


hi. i would research, see what end of lien evolutions you want and focus on achieving those as coins become rare the higher you go. you do not need to max out dinos and doing so for most is a waste. but some have minimum levels you have to evolve to in order to fuse.

check out meta hub for some good info. theres a post on which commons to aim for etc


Hybrid DNA obtained while fusing is unrelated to the level of “donor” dinos. So, no need to take your base dinos higher than the level required for them to fuse, unless you want to use them on your battle team.


You guys rock thanks for the info!


I would recommend to mainly focus on the hybrids that get a second hybrid. Those are usually the best ones for the coin spendage.
I wouldn’t try to max anything out before getting my hybrids in order, coins in large quantity are too hard to come by to worry about the base Dino’s unfortunately


Being a bit of a completionist I will resist!