Hybrid dragons

So, what if you can make breeder? Maybe a little extention island that has a place to take dragons and create hybrids from a hand selected amount of dragons. Let just for example choose,
Deadly nadder
Hideous zippleback
Monsterous nightmare
Now, there can be hybrid between any these dragons, making at least 30 different hybrids. Every time you update, you could add one more dragon or two, giving us new dragons to create instead of just searching. Maybe have some sort of special breeding fruit or fish required to for the breeding process. I think hybrids would make this game far more interesting.


Hybrids are already a thing in Titans Uprising, if you want them then that’s the place to look.

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Yes, but i believe if you add it to this game as well, it benefit a lot or people including me. The game is fun, ive gad it for years, i just think something different will make the game much more fun and exciting

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