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Hybrid Fight Night 1: Spinoraptor VS Spinotahraptor

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Spinoraptor VS Spinotahraptor!

In terms of speed both of these hybrids are very quick on flat ground. Spinoraptor possesses the raptor build that makes it a effective pursuit predator. It is also thinly built allowing it to jump onto prey despite its large size. Spinotahraptor may have the build of a large theropod, but it’s long legs, narrow build, and light bone structure make it one of the fastest predators around. Spinotahraptor is also very flexible and could use that flexibility to get out of tight situations. Overall, between the two I would give speed and agility a draw with both being equally fast, Spinoraptor being able to perform great leaps, and Spinotahraptors superior flexibility.

Both of these hybrids are very large. Spinoraptor is especially shocking in terms of size coming in at 15 feet in height and around 34 feet in length it also tips the scales at around 3 tons. Spinotahraptor is larger with a standard large theropod build. It could grow to 20 feet in height, 46 feet in length, and weigh around 6-7 tons. Spinotahraptor also has a wider stance which would allow it to maintain balance which is also aided by its longer forelimbs. In this matchup, Spinoraptor also has a much more prominent sail on it back. If this sail is badly damaged it could severely damage the creatures spine. Spinotahraptor possesses a spine as well but it is less prominent to its opponent. With size and stability, Spinotahraptor takes the advantage in defense.

These two certainly are not lacking in the weapons department. Spinoraptor is armed with sharp teeth, long, hooked hand claws, and a massive 8 inch toe claw on muscular legs.That large toe claw can be used to down larger prey and make a quick kill by puncturing its foes throat or disemboweling them with powerful kicks and slashes. On the other hand, Spinotahraptor possesses extremely powerful arms with sharp claws attached. These arms can be used to deliver powerful slashes or pinning its prey. Spinotahraptor also has a larger and wider head with sharp teeth. With its larger head, it could get a larger bite on the Spinoraptor. Both of these hybrids may not be exceptional in biting power but they do have dangerous slashing weapons. It is close, but between them I would give Spinoraptor the attack advantage due to the deadly strength and precision behind its toe claws.

These two both share the same genetic makeup so there is no indication that one should be smarter than the other despite their physical differences. Due to both of them using Utahraptor DNA, it is likely that they both have very high intelligence. They could both form basic strategies and could utilize the environment around them. It is also possible that the two could have communication skills between other members of their species or even each other as similar as their DNA is. With no indication of either having a advantage in this category, intelligence will be a draw.





Our combatants are ready and the simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!


Spinotahraptor lowers its head to take a drink from a shallow river flowing through a tall field of grass. As Spinotahraptor lifts its head it sees Spinoraptor approaching slowly from the other side of the river. Spinoraptor crouches low, wary of the larger carnivore. Spinoraptor hisses and flexes it’s claws while continuing its slow approach. Spinotahraptor feels threatened and roars back giving his approacher a final warning. Spinoraptor takes another step which makes Spinotahraptor roar and charge across the river with its jaws open.

Spinoraptor sidesteps the charge and leaps towards its enemy’s back but Spinotahraptor hits him away with a powerful claw swipe. Spinoraptor hits the ground hard on its side but gets up quickly. The two begin to circle each other until Spinotahraptor has his back to the river. Spinoraptor charges his opponent and leaps onto his foes side. Between Spinoraptors weight and the slick mud by the river, Spinotahraptor falls over and splashes into the water. Spinoraptor gets in a few bites and slashes before Spinotahraptor twists around to kick his foe off.

Spinotahraptor gets up and roars as water and small amounts of blood drip from its feathered body. Spinoraptor makes another leap towards its foe but Spinotahraptor is ready and slashes his foe in the side of the head and knocking Spinoraptor to the ground. Dazed, Spinoraptor looks up just in time to see Spinotahraptor charging him yet again and coming straight for his neck. Spinoraptor raises his arm to slash his foe but instead Spinotahraptor bites down on it and shakes it.

Spinoraptor shrieks and kicks Spinotahraptor in the side with his toe claws as his arm is broken multiple times. Spinotahraptor backs off with two deep gashes in its stomach. Spinoraptor gets up with one arm hanging limply and twisted in a odd direction. Spinotahraptor roars and Spinoraptor hisses and the two run at each other. Spinoraptor leaps on the larger theropod this time putting his weight on his enemies neck. Spinotahraptor stumbles but catches his balance to throw the raptor off of him.

Spinotahraptor catches Spinoraptor and bites down on his head. Spinoraptor kicks out wildly. His toe claw catches his foes neck making a shallow cut. Spinoraptor kicks again this time hitting home and opening up a deep gash in Spinotahraptors throat. Spinotahraptor let’s go and tries to roar in pain but it only comes out in gasps and gargles. Spinotahraptor stumbles around flailing in agony before crashing into the river dead. Spinoraptor gets up panting and bruised but victorious.


This battle was extremely close and very fun to analyze! At first I thought the larger Spinotahraptor had this battle locked down until I seen one thing. In one of Spinoraptors evo facts, it is stated to be 15 feet tall. By using ratios of height to length and comparing them between Utahraptor and Spinosaurus. This took Spinoraptors length to around 34 feet. A dinosaur this big would probably be around 2-3 tons. This weight on a dinosaur that is still able to perform leaps and pounce on prey is terrifying. Spinoraptor would be able to send even Spinotahraptor stumbling. Spinoraptor also had that sharp toe claw that helped it keep Spinotahraptor off of him when pinned and allowed him to make a kill with one good strike to the neck. Sure, Spinoraptors sail poses a liability but with it’s large size and weight, it would have been very difficult to damage its spine from a fall. In a close fight, Spinoraptors surprisingly large size and agility made him this weeks winner!

Next time on Hybrid Fight Night…

Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. Also, if the opponents are only from Jurassic World the Game I will probably post that battle on the JWTG side of the forum.


Nice little fight could went eather way

Do grypolyth vs sarcorixis, hydra boa vs spinoconstrictor, indotaurus vs carnoraptor, and gorgotrebax vs parasauthops
Nice series by the way


One from JWTG only: Spinotasuchus vs Indominus Rex OR Indoraptor gen 1 vs Indoraptor gen 2.
Pics of spinato and indom, indom being the first pic followed by spinato.


I mean, both are also part of Jurassic World Alive (Spinotasuchus was actually in Alive first), so it’s not exactly JWTG only, but I like the idea.

spinoraptor cheated. i’m just saying that spinotahraptor should’ve won. and i know a another hybrid fight night 3: carnoraptor from jwtg vs scorpios rex from Jurassic world alive and then the next one hybrid fight night would be called spinoconstrictor vs indricoceros hybrid from jwtg and the next one on hybrid fight night 5: mammotherium from Jurassic world the game vs indotaurus. please if your hearing this war zone please do it.

How did it cheat? They said that the two creatures were about equal, which gives both of them a chance to win


you know what never mind.

That is a very interesting battle! Spino boi won :pleading_face: