Hybrid Fight Night 10: Dunkleosaurus VS Megarchelon

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Dunkleosaurus VS Megarchelon!

These two hybrids are very large and likely hunted by ambush instead of pursuit. This being said, Dunkleosaurus can still use its powerful tail and large fins to propel itself in burst of high speed. In addition, its longer reptilian body gives it great flexibility although its armor could restrict its movement slightly. Megarchelon also probably utilized great bursts of speed when attacking prey however, these speeds were probably not help for very long or extreme in any way. Megarchelon was a dense animal that hunted slow, large creatures. It is worth noting that Dunkleosaurus has to surface for air after a while while Megarchelon does not. Overall, the faster and more flexible Dunkleosaurus takes the edge in speed and agility.

Dunkleosaurus is a very large and armored predator. Growing up to 45 feet in length, and weighing 15 tons, Dunkleosaurus was a terror to its aquatic environment. It has very thick armored plating covering most of its head, back, and tail. This armor would be incredibly hard to pierce for any foe but it’s underbelly remained unprotected to attacks from below which could be exposed when the animal surfaces. Megarchelon is shorter in length at 35 feet but weighs the same at 15 tons. This hybrid has the tough skin of a shark with the additional armor of a sea turtle. This armor may not be as thick as that of Dunkleosaurus, but it still offers significant protection against other predators. Megarchelon is very robust which can sometimes make it hard for other creatures to get their jaws around it. This advantage becomes more significant knowing that Megarchelon has no distinguishable neck that could be damaged in battle. Both hybrids very well defended, but the thicker plating of the Dunkleosaurus gives it the slight defensive edge.

These two are equipped with formidable weaponry that allows them both to dominate their environment. Dunkleosaurus has the long jaws of the Mosasaurus that are reinforced and strengthened by the monstrous Dunkleosteus giving this creature a powerful bite. The teeth of this hybrid are large and curved to grip slippery foes. At the front of the hybrids mouth sits two incisor like plates that are extremely sharp and can cut clean through smaller prey. Megarchelon also has a strong bite but the real danger comes from the sharks teeth. These teeth are razor sharp and can shear right through the thick skin of larger prey like whales. Megarchelon often attacks from below with a crippling bite to the stomach or fins. These teeth are not made for gripping and are utilized for doing as much damage as possible. With long and powerful jaws Dunkleosaurus makes it a close run in attack but the devastatingly sharp bite of Megarchelon gives it the attacking edge.

Neither of these hybrids were extremely smart. They both are made with ingredients that hunted in the open water where there was no major environmental challenges or advantages to traverse. This being said, Dunkleosaurus and Megarchelon were likely aware of its opponents weaknesses and the fastest way to take them down out of simple experience. They probably did not enact quick thoughts in combat but could set themselves up for a devastating first strike. With neither of these aquatic monsters having any significant brainpower over the other, intelligence will be held at a draw.





Our combatants are ready and the simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!

Beneath the rolling waves of the ocean surface, Dunkleosaurus swims slowly over a colorful reef. It large shadow causes the reefs small inhabitants to flee or dart into their small hiding spots. Dunkleosaurus is uninterested in the tiny creatures of the reef however a lone Bananogmius near the waters surface catches its attention. The hybrids eyes follow the fishes every move preparing to strike. With a powerful move of its tail, Dunkleosaurus launches itself upwards with jaws wide. Right before the Bananogmius is within its grasp, Megarchelon darts by and bites the fish in half. Dunkleosaurus slams its jaws shut onto open water as Megarchelon swallows the other half of the fish. Dunkleosaurus turns without hesitation and launches itself at the intruding shark.

Megarchelon turns and barely dodged the attack. The hybrids armored flanks scrape against each other as Dunkleosaurus narrowly darts by. The two aquatic predators turn to face each other for another pass. Their massive jaws open as they advance on each other. Once in range, Dunkleosaurus rolls to the side and closes its open maw on the sharks side fin. Megarchelon bites at its foes side but its sharp teeth can barely scratch its opponents tough armor. Dunkleosaurus repositions its bite lower on the sharks armored fin which severs the lower half of the appendage. Megarchelon launches itself away from the armored reptile with a cloud of blood streaking from its fin. Dunkleosaurus quickly follows the shark in hot pursuit. Megarchelon notices the reptile closing in on him and turns back to confront the approaching monster.

Dunkleosaurus goes in for a bite to the side of the fish but Megarchelon turns on him and bites down on his armored skull. The two thrash their powerful body’s with Dunkleosaurus trying to break free of its foes grip and Megarchelon trying to crack the reptiles thickly plated head. For a moment, Megarchelon releases its grip but only to thrust itself at Dunkleosaurus and wraps its jaws around its neck. The big fish struggles to get in a good grip on its foes armor but its bottom teeth dig in to the mosasaurs lower neck. The force of Megarchelons compact body slams into Dunkleosaurus which causes them both to plummet downwards. Dunkleosaurus crashes into the rough coral and growths of the reef. Dunkleosaurus roars in pain as the reef scratches up its side and underbelly. Dunkleosaurus thrashes its head and body in agony which finally causes Megarchelon to release its grip. Dunkleosaurus quickly swims out of the broken reef and back into the open water.

Megarchelon follows its foe but begins to lag behind. Once given enough space, Dunkleosaurus changes direction and barrels towards the armored shark. Megarchelon tries to turn but isn’t fast enough. Dunkleosaurus bites down on the side of the fish just behind its dorsal fin. Megarchelon squirms and bites wildly as large teeth sink into its tough skin. Dunkleosaurus shakes Megarchelon who continues to fight its opponent grip with its powerful body. Blood begins to streak into the water from the sharks wounds however in its wild frenzy, Megarchelon manages to snag the rear flipper of its reptilian foe. The sharks tear through the armored appendage and severs it at the base. Pain demands Dunkleosaurus to let go and retreat to the surface for air. Dunkleosaurus breaches the surface for air but quickly dives beneath the surface, aware of its own vulnerability.

Megarchelon swims up on Dunkleosaurus from below. Dunkleosaurus tries to get out of the way but it’s missing flipper impairs his maneuverability and he can’t fully get out of the way. Megarchelon bites down on the middle of its foes tail. Megarchelon shakes its head which tears the wound even more. Dunkleosaurus turns and snaps it’s jaws at its opponent. Dunkleosaurus catches Megarchelon by the tail but can’t get a good grip and the shark pulls itself from is grasp. Suddenly, Megarchelon let’s go and swims into the deeper water. Dunkleosaurus struggles to swim with three flippers and a mutilated tail. Megarchelon emerges from the depths with a powerful burst of speed and chomps down on the reptiles unprotected abdomen. The two are propelled out of the water in a splash of blood a sea foam. For a moment, Dunkleosaurus floats above the surface before sinking into the ocean in a massive red cloud. Megarchelon rips into the reptile as the smell of blood attracts other sharks to join the monstrous hybrid.


This was a tough match for both the combatants and myself. Dunkleosaurus was extremely well armored but was not protected underneath. The armor did give Megarchelon trouble even with its strong bite and teeth but the exposed belly of Dunkleosaurus was highly exploitable in a aquatic fight. Megarchelon may have had slightly less protective armor, but its rotund body made it hard for Dunkleosaurus to get its jaws around it to deal significant damage. In addition, Megarchelon was highly adept at disabling the maneuverability of larger foes by striking the tail and flippers. This would effectively remove both Dunkleosaurus’ speed/agility advantage and its defensive advantage since it would struggle to keep its underbelly away in exposed as it struggles to move. Megarchelon was also protected all around with tough skin which means it really had no soft spots. This left Dunkleosaurus on the defensive at all times as it tried to defend itself and also had to surface for air. These two are both powerfully dangerous predators but Megarchelon had the right skill and weaponry to nullify its foes advantages. The winner is Megarchelon!

Next Time On Hybrid Fight Night…

Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. I might not get to your request immediately but all requests are considered. Thank you!


Accurate because in the video of Mega Top Tens called Megalodon vs Mosasaurus the Meg won meaning that Megarchelon will highly likely win the fight.

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Acrocanthosaurus (me) vs indominus (@Indominus_Rexy) !


@WarZone Good one ! Love the fact shark won :laughing:

Also is this in the wrong side of the forum?

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I think it might have been moved to the JWA side. Idk why but I am okay with it. The next battles will be on the JWA side only.

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Woah when did this come out?

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@Albertoplays111 Yeah these are awesome
Came out yesterday

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Lol I was in JWA category

And I’m still in it

Didn’t expect Megarchelon to win! I feel like Erlidominus has this one in the bag. Also, I have another suggestion that would make for a good fight, and that is Megalosuchus vs Ostaposaurus, since they both are fast quadruped crocs.


@Warzone will you be using movie information in your battles for Indoraptor as it would have a massive advantage is so?


For Ostaposaurus I liked your idea of Gorgosuchus as an opponent that you mentioned in the last battle because I think that one has some debate to it. I have also considered Priotrodon as an opponent. Both are going on the list but Gorgosuchus VS Ostaposaurus will probably be done.

For canon creatures I always take their on screen feats into account. I do not believe that this gives one creature the advantage over the other. With additional sources you get more information but it gives them more strength but also more weaknesses. In addition most of what is seen in the movies is somewhat reflected in the creatures game given facts.

That’s cool. But if Gorgosuchus is chosen, which forum would it go on, since it’s in both games?


Could be both, like this one was also for both so I assume jwa could have Dunkelosaurus and Megarchelon…? But I may be wrong as there are no aquatics

aAaaAAAaA i havent went to the jwa side its so bright


Hybrid Fight Night is now on the JWA side only I feel better having them all in one place.


That would be very very very intresting, :wink:


Definitely the next one indoraptor is going to have more intelligents

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I have a suggestion that may be interesting: how about a magnapyritor vs dimetrocarnus fight?


Why was this flagged ?


I have no idea. I do not really understand the flagging system on the forums. Also Hybrid Fight Night is being postponed 24 hours from the typical release. I probably could have had it out on time but it would probably not be as good as it could be. I apologize for the delay.

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