Hybrid Fight Night 11: Indoraptor VS Erlidominus

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Indoraptor VS Erlidominus!

With great raptor influence, it should come as no surprise that Indoraptor is extremely fast and agile. This hybrid can run on all fours or on its back legs. Each limb of this hybrid is very strong which gives Indoraptor exceptional maneuverability on the battle field and even allows it to climb. Its strong legs can launch it foreword for leaping or pouncing attacks. These legs also help Indoraptor reach its high speeds with their great length and power. Erlidominus is not as equipped for high speeds as Indoraptor is. Erlidominus had shorter and stockier legs in comparison to its body. Erlidominus could probably hold a decent pace in terms of speed but it lacks the ability to jump or climb due to its weight. Ultimately, Indoraptors exceptional speed and maneuverability outshines the simply average speed of Erlidominus.

Indoraptor is around medium in size. By design it is significantly smaller than the Indominus at 24 feet in length, 10 feet in height, and weighs a little over 1 ton. Indoraptor is narrowly built however, it often takes a four point stance which provides it with greater stability than even some bulkier bipedal carnivores. Indoraptor also has very thick bulletproof skin especially along its spine. This skin can protect it from smaller cuts and scrapes however it would struggle to lessen the damage of severe slashes, bites, and stabs. Erlidominus is larger than Indoraptor at 35 feet in length, 18 feet in height, and weighing a hefty 4-5 tons. Like Indoraptor, Erlidominus has a very tough hide covering its back that would be similar to Indoraptors. This super-hybrid is also much bulkier than its opponent. Its barrel shaped body and dense bones give it great stability. In addition, Erlidominus often takes a upright position to keep its long neck out of reach and allowing better use of its claws. These two have similarly thick skin however the larger size, weight, and stability of Erlidominus will allow it to take more punishment in this fight giving it the edge in defense.

By design, Indoraptor is outfitted with exceptional weaponry. It is armed with extremely long front claws that hook into prey to tear deep and massive wounds. The jaws of Indoraptor are also very powerful from possible Tyrannosaurus influence. These jaws can crunch bone and tissue of smaller creatures with little effort and still deal heavy damage to larger creatures. It also of coarse has the signature raptor toe claw that can disembowel prey in only a few slashes or puncture the throat with a single stab. Indoraptor also has one final attribute up its sleeve. It has the ability of echolocation which gives it exceptional awareness of its opponents location even if it cannot see them. The most obvious weapons of Erlidominus are the massive 3 foot claws on each finger. These claws are as sharp as they are long and when they are backed up by this hybrids long and powerful arms, a single attack can be devastating. These claws are capable of both slashing and stabbing for dangerous effects. Less impressive is this hybrids small mouth and jaws. They are much less powerful than those of Indoraptor but can deliver a extremely painful bite. Erlidominus also has a trick of its own. From Indominus it got the ability to camouflage itself which allows it to sneak up on unsuspecting prey to quickly end a fight before it begins. These two have some of the best weaponry ever seen but Indoraptor possesses greater variety and effectiveness in its arsenal which gives it the slight advantage in attack.

Indoraptor is frighteningly intelligent that is almost human-like. It is able to quickly identify weaknesses in its opponents and exploit them. In combat its ability to think on its feet is nearly unmatched. Indoraptor appears to have a sadistic mind as it takes pleasure from killing and does not do it only when needed. This can be Indoraptors one weakness in this category since it can get so set on killing that it forgets to rationalize the situation. Erlidominus does not have the pleasure of being genetically designed to be smart however, due to the Indominus DNA, we can conclude that Erlidominus was still fairly intelligent. It likely uses its cloaking ability to hide and observe its prey before striking when and where the poor creature is most vulnerable. It probably does not have the mental agility that Indoraptor does but still has environmental awareness and the advantages that could come from them. Overall, neither creature is dumb but Indoraptors intelligence is in a league of its own.





Our combatants are ready and the simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!

In the darkness of night, Erlidominus stands in the dense jungle vegetation, invisible to the naked eye with its cloak. It watches a clearing, waiting for its next victim to wonder by. A faint rustling of ferns alerts Erlidominus to the sleek shadow-like form of the Indoraptor. The raptor prowls slowly across the clearing seemingly also on the hunt. Erlidominus slowly takes a step foreword but its foot comes down on a small bush, crushing it with a small crunch. Indoraptor snaps to attention and looks right in Erlidominus’ direction. The black hybrid makes a few clicks with its jaws, pauses, and then bounds off into the jungle. Erlidominus doesn’t move and continues waiting for another possible prey item. Minutes pass and the jungle remains silent. From behind, Indoraptor leaps out of the shadows. Erlidominus feels the raptors claws hook deep into its skin and the powerful jaws of the raptor clamp onto the base of its neck.

Erlidominus screeches in pain and surprise as it desperately tries to claw its opponent from its back. Indoraptor hangs on tight while sinking its back toe claws into its opponents back. Erlidominus shrieks and madly strikes its back against the nearest tree repeatedly. Indoraptor is smashed against the roughly wooded trunk and fall off its foe. Erlidominus turns around and quickly moves in to take a stab at Indoraptor but the raptor jumps back and Erlidominus misses but lodges it’s claws into the tree instead. Indoraptor leaps at its opponents long neck but Erlidominus pulls its clawed hand from the wood and from the force used to remove it, Erlidominus delivers a backhand to Indoraptors head. Indoraptor hits the ground hard on its side but quickly gets to its feet. Erlidominus charges with claws ready and takes a swipe at Indoraptor but the dark raptor leaps to the side and slashes Erlidominus on the thigh.

Erlidominus quickly turns around and stabs its clawed hand at Indoraptor. Indoraptor tries to bound away but Erlidominus catches the raptors tail and pierces straight through one side and out the other. Indoraptor roars in pain and throws itself to the side which rips its tail off of the long nails of its opponent. Erlidominus makes another slash but the raptor has already buried itself in the jungles plant life. Erlidominus hears the rustling of the ferns but cannot see its opponent stalking it from afar. Paranoid, Erlidominus cloaks itself again and goes still. The rustling stops and the clicking of Indoraptors jaws breaks the otherwise silent night. Indoraptor jumps out of the dark jungle and grapples onto the side of its larger foe. Using its powerful legs, Indoraptor kicks off of Erlidominus which causes the therizinosaur to stumble sideways and trips over the thick bushes and vines.

Indoraptor launches itself into the air and at Erlidominus. The big clawed beast rolls onto its back and slashes the inner leg of the raptor. Indoraptor looses control from the impact and hits the ground hard. The two slowly get to their feet while not taking their eyes off their opponent. Indoraptor growls and begins to prowl foreword. Erlidominus slashes its claws in a final attempt to get the raptor to back off. It doesn’t work. Indoraptor switches to a full on run. The black raptor makes a jump for the chest of Erlidominus but gets slashed in the side by the therizinosaurs powerful claws. Indoraptor hits the ground hard and tumbles a short distance through the ferns. Indoraptor slowly tries to get up as its flank oozes blood. Erlidominus wastes no time and is quickly on its downed foe. As Erlidominus barrels foreword Indoraptor flips back on its side and kicks out with its clawed foot.

Erlidominus screeches as the raptors toe claw cuts deep across its lower abdomen. Indoraptor gets up as its opponent is backing away. The raptor pounces and bites onto the leg of Erlidominus and digs in deep with its claws. Erlidominus tries to pull away but Indoraptors powerful jaws hold a firm grip. Erlidominus twists around and slashes its foe across the snout. The raptor jumps back, shaking its head to clear the pain. Erlidominus races towards the Indoraptor with its claws ready but the Indoraptor jumps up and pushes itself off of the nearest tree at Erlidominus. Erlidominus stops in its tracks and sidesteps. In a blur Erlidominus takes one slash across the Indoraptors throat and cuts halfway through the raptors neck in three places. Indoraptor face plants and skids across the ground in a trail of blood. The raptor gargles in its own blood and flails weakly. Before Indoraptor even dies, Erlidominus is already cutting into its stomach and beginning to eat.


On paper, Indoraptor held the most advantages, and could counter the cloak with its echolocation. However, in none of those categories except for speed, did Indoraptor hold massive advantages. Erlidominus may have been worse in Attack and intelligence but not by too much. This coupled with the significantly greater size of Erlidominus made it difficult for Indoraptor to take advantage of its larger foe. This was by no means a one sided fight as Indoraptors both physical and mental quickness allowed it to be in control of the situation for a little bit. However, once Indoraptor looses the element of surprise, the long arms and claws of Erlidominus were able to keep the raptor at bay. Its upright stance also kept Indoraptor scrambling for a way to get to its long and vulnerable neck. Additionally, Erlidominus’ larger size allowed it to take more punishment and make more mistakes while one mess up from Indoraptor could mean the end of its life. Overall, Indoraptor is very well designed but against the larger size and better range of Erlidominus, it was left scrambling for a opening that never came. The winner is Erlidominus!

Next Time On Hybrid Fight Night…

Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. I might not get to your request immediately but all requests are considered. Thank you!


I figured Erlidominus would win. I also feel like the next one would be a tiny bit unfair given Hydra Boa’s facts. I also think another request would be Chromaspinus vs Albertospinos, or Erliphosaurus vs Diloranosaurus.


Lol awesome
wait the next is snek vs snek? Hydra boa the venomous tesla coil vs spinocon the bleeder snake

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Here we gooo !!! Therizinosaurid wins the day :partying_face:

I request Troodon vs @Indominus_Rexy :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: ( we all know who wins )

In all seriousness maybe Troodon vs another raptorid ?

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maybe you should do a topic where you put links to the previous and present fights

Also my money’s on Spinocon


Lol what a cute,funny profile pic Also I think hydra is going to win

(Lol now I also changed mine)

Anyways I cannot wait for snek vs snek


grypo vs imperato will be good

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I am still on the fence about doing actual dinosaurs but as I have said before, I would likely use level 40 forms if so. My biggest issue with that is that scaling could be a little weird. I am not putting it off the table but the idea is still being heavily debated on.

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