Hybrid Fight Night 12: Spinoconstrictor VS Hydra Boa

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Spinoconstrictor VS Hydra Boa!

These two snakes are significantly faster and more agile than there modern constrictor counterparts. They are capable of raising their heads off of the ground in a similar way to todays cobras and strike at incredibly fast speeds. Spinoconstrictor and Hydra Boa are both very flexible with the ability to squeeze into tight spaces or wrap their powerful bodies around any surface. Hydra Boa could be impaired in terms of flexibility due to the armored plating around its head but regardless most of its body would still maintain the same flexibility. These to are also excellent swimmers and climbers although their mass typically keeps them out of the trees and more on the thick logs that poke out of the water. Spinoconstrictor is lighter than Hydra Boa which could make it a little easier for it to get around. Spinoconstrictor is likely the quicker and more agile of the two due to its lighter weight and lack of armor to impede its movements.

Spinoconstrictor is just slightly smaller than the Titanoboa at 42 feet in length, 1 ton in weight, and it can lift its head 14 feet off the ground. Spinoconstrictor does not have any form of body armor. It usually uses a combination of its large size and rattling frills to intimidate its attackers. It does have a short, thin sail running down its spine. This spine was probably too small to hurt the animal if wounded but it’s could make a bite to its back less comfortable for its attacker. Hydra Boa is massive! This super-snake can grow to 54 feet in length, 1.5 to 2 tons in weight, and a maximum head height of 18 feet. This size would make Hydra Boa the largest snake ever known to exist. The scales on this snakes head get larger and thicker as the animal grows and sheds its skin. This gives it excellent defense against powerful strikes to its head. This armor forces Hydra Boa’s opponents to attack its slippery body and open itself up to Hydra Boa’s own attacks. In addition, these snakes have no limbs as many snakes do. This means it is hard to cripple them since there is no arms and legs that can be targeted. These two are both very large snakes but the extra size, weight, and armor of Hydra Boa gives it the edge in this category.

As constrictors, it should be clarified that neither of these snakes are venomous. They both use their own powerful coils to wrap around their prey with fantastic strength that crushes and suffocates their prey. These snakes have long, curved teeth that hook deep into struggling prey. These two strike with these teeth to snag their next meal and pull them into their coils. Furthermore, these titanic serpents can strike extremely fast, so fast in fact that their target barely has time to react. Spinoconstrictor has the particularly brutal tactic of delivering multiple strikes with its long, sharp teeth to open up larger wounds when faced with bigger prey. Hydra Boa also adopts a similar strategy but it’s teeth are longer and more curved than the sharper teeth of Spinoconstrictor. This gives it a excellent grip on its struggling opponents. Both of these snakes have similar abilities and attack strategies however, the longer curved teeth of Hydra Boa will be more useful when these two slippery snakes are thrown in the arena.

Spinoconstrictor incorporates the DNA of two theropod dinosaurs. While neither was exceptionally brilliant, they could have offered a intelligence boost to the snake genome. Spinoconstrictor is likely instinct driven but could be aware of a few environmental advantage points. It also might be a little quicker at finding weak points similarly to how Dilophosaurus and Spinosaurus had to strike weak points on more dangerous prey. Hydra Boa is a genetically enhanced snake but that is only shown through its physical appearance and abilities. We have no indication that Hydra Boa would be smarter than its probable genetic base Titanoboa. It would be unfair to put Hydra Boa at a higher intelligence level than the basic instinct driven reptilian brain. This makes this snake very instinctual and unlikely to utilize strategies or utilize the environment. Neither snake is all that smart however, the parentage of Spinoconstrictor gives more evidence of higher intelligence giving it the edge in this category.



Hydra Boa


I would like to thank @CarChar08 for suggesting this weeks opponent! The simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!

A small stream trickles through a lush rainforest. The sound of the soft rain pattering on the water is the only noise in this otherwise quiet scene. From the muddy banks of the stream, Spinoconstrictor emerges from its now flooded burrow. The crested snake slithers through the shallow water with ease in search of a new burrow to use as cover. Eventually, it comes to the flooded mouth of a old crumbling temple. Without hesitation Spinoconstrictor continues in. The mouth of the temple opens into a room supported by multiple pillars that rise out of the shallow water. Also rising from the water is the short staircase with a throne decorated with carvings of snakes. In the dark corner of the temple, something moves. Spinoconstrictor picks up on it, stops, and watches as something large approaches barely beneath the waters surface. Once int a few feet away, the colorful scales of Hydra Boas head slowly rises above the water and towers over Spinoconstrictor.

Spinoconstrictor hisses and flares it’s frills. Hydra Boa rears its head back and let’s out a low hiss in return. Spinoconstrictor makes a intimidation attempt through a mock strike at the colorful snake. Hydra Boa sees this as a serious attack and launches its head foreword with lightning speed and sinks its long teeth in a foot below Spinoconstrictors head. Spinoconstrictor hisses and bites into the armored plating behind Hydra Boa’s head. The to wiggle and squirm their bodies which entangles their massive coils. The two splash under the water but still remain entwined. Spinoconstrictor looses its grip from the plunge but still keeps its body wrapped with that of its colorful foes. The two begin to feel the force of each other’s powerful constrictions. Hydra Boa feels the pressure build on its body but stubbornly keeps its grip. Spinoconstrictor feels a similar pressure and lashes out in a fury of strikes against its foes armored head. Each strike seems to bounce off the thick scales of Hydra Boa.

The two roll around on the flooded temple floor trying to squeeze the life out of each other. The pressure on their bodies and the need for air underwater finally forces Hydra Boa to release its grip. The two untangle from each other in the mutual need for oxygen. Hydra Boa bursts to the surface in a spray of water but barely gets a breath before Spinoconstrictor launches itself at the colorful snake. The spined serpents teeth hook behind the thick scales of Hydra Boa and the force slams the larger snakes head against a nearby pillar. Spinoconstrictor let’s go and quickly begins wrapping itself around the pillar and Hydra Boa four times. Hydra Boa’s head and upper body is pinned against the rough stone. Spinoconstrictors coils begin to tighten around the pillar and its opponent. Hydra Boa thrashes in a attempt to free itself but is unsuccessful. The colorful snake pulls its lower body up and throws it around the head and neck of its crested foe. Spinoconstrictor hisses but the heavy coils are already encircling its neck.

From the weight and the squeeze of Hydra Boa, Spinoconstrictor loosens its grip around the pillar and the two giant snakes fall hard into the shallow water. The two slowly stir from their daze. Once to their senses, Hydra Boa slithers over to Spinoconstrictor with its tongue darting in in and out of its mouth. Spinoconstrictor flashes its fangs and flares its frills with a agitated hiss. Hydra Boa snaps at Spinoconstrictor but the crested snake dodged the attack and moves backwards. Hydra Boa advances and goes for another strike but again, Spinoconstrictor dodges and backs away with a loud hiss. Spinoconstrictor bumps into the stairs that ascend to the throne and continues to back up them while dodging strike after strike from Hydra Boa. The crested snake launches a attack of its own and its long teeth penetrate the flesh below the Boas armor. Hydra Boa hisses in pain and surprise while blood draws from the wound. Spinoconstrictor recoils and continues its retreat up the stairs and reaches the alter that the throne sits on. Hydra Boa meets Spinoconstrictor at the top of the steps. Spinoconstrictor slithers against the throne and hisses angrily as Hydra Boa moves closer without hesitation.

Hydra Boa lunges at Spinoconstrictor who dodges to the side. Hydra Boa darts by but quickly turns on the crested snake from the other side of the throne. The two hiss and bare their fangs. They both dart around the stone seat while biting at each other. The two giant snakes wrap around the seat and each other. Their biting becomes more frequent and aggressive. Spinoconstrictor sinks its teeth into Hydra Boas hide and tears it’s head back. Blood pours from the wound but Hydra Boa continues to wrap around the throne as Spinoconstrictor struggles to keep up. Spinoconstrictor runs out of length and finds itself stuck under its foes embrace. Hydra Boa wraps around the throne again which buries the crested head of its opponent under its coils. Hydra Boas powerful body goes to work squeezing Spinoconstrictor against the throne from all angles. Crunches are heard all along the body of Spinoconstrictor as its bones break under the extensive pressure. A loud crack echos through the temple as Spinoconstrictors skull gives way. Hydra Boa uncoils itself and Spinoconstrictor flops to the ground motionless. Hydra Boa unhinges its jaw and begins to swallow the crested snake head first.


I really didn’t think that Hydra Boas armor would play a big role in this fight but it turned out to be one of the biggest factors of the battle! When battling a snake it is a huge advantage to grab them close behind the head so they cannot bite. The armor around the head and back of Hydra Boa prevented Spinoconstrictor of ever getting this advantage. Spinoconstrictor simply could not sink its teeth in deep enough to get a good grip without being bitten itself. Spinoconstrictor, on the other hand, had little defense against the larger Hydra Boa. This made it difficult for Spinoconstrictor to get a good enough grip to fully constrict its foe. Even when comparing constricting abilities, there was simply more snake to throw in the fight with Hydra Boa. Neither of these giant snakes were comfortable in this situation since they are more used to hunting prey items such as turtles, crocs, and large mammals. While put in a uncomfortable conflict, the armor and extra size of Hydra Boa proved to much for Spinoconstrictor. The winner is Hydra Boa!

Next Time On Hybrid Fight Night…

Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. I might not get to your request immediately but all requests are considered. Thank you!


I think it will be cool if multiple dinos fight at once as forms of teams. 2V2 and 3V3 will make the fight more intense.


hydra was undoubtable winner here, but i have a feeling that entelolania is gonna win


The turtle master vs the Burnt Spiky potato


This one was interesting. I like how you used the factors of Hydra and use scientific proof


I knew the Hydra would win, given its facts. I also feel like Entelolania would win.


Can you do Compaocalus vs ardontagnathus to see who the superior flock is

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He already did a flock battle and that battle doesn’t really seem fair

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My biggest issue with Ardontognathus is the fact that it is a flocking creature that is also quite large from its sauropod DNA. When it came out, I did some quick scaling and got a 27 foot wingspan for one Ardontognathus. The only opponents that I have slightly considered at the moment is Geminititan or Argenteryx. I do appreciate your request though and it does seem interesting if Ardontognathus was smaller.


Could you do Scaphotator vs Koolasaurus, or Stygidaryx vs Pterovexsis?

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Can you please do Scorpios rex vs Indoraptor?


@WarZone Remember the request ankylodicurus vs gigantocephalus I actually think ankylodicurus vs carboceratops would be more fair

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Ether way is fine but it’s more fair if it’s carboceratops

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How about Diplosuchus vs Sarcorixis and Dimetrocarnus vs Magnapyritor


Scaphotator is somewhat of a oddball when it comes to fights. I really want to use it in a battle but it has been too small and light for most match ups. I would put Koolasaurus around 25-28 feet and Scaphotator at only 9 feet. Stygidaryx VS Pterovexus doesn’t seem too bad though and could be doable in the future.

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If I do Scorpios Rex VS Indoraptor it will be a much later in the series since it has been talked about a lot already. @SonicNTGD did a good
bonus battle between the two that I would recommend checking out.

I like both options to be honest. I may end up doing both at some point since both matchups seem fun to analyze. I do think that Ankylodicurus VS Giganocephalus still has some sort to it but Carbotoceratops is another really good option for Ankylodicurus and will be taken into consideration.


I mean maybe you could Scaphotator vs Diplotator (from JWTG) they seem like they would be a close fight, or Scaphotator vs Diplovenator (usng Antacantonoveoator wouldn’t be fair fair fight, at least in my eyes)

But I can see why you want to use Scaphotartor, because it is an amazing creature by design (I just wish it was a good creature to use in game), in fact one of the best designs in my opinion, but 9 feet seems really small and putting it up against a flock would be unfair since it would be a 3v1.