Hybrid Fight Night 13: Antarctovenator VS Entelolania

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Antarctovenator VS Entelolania!

In this category, Antarctovenator struggles on land and is quite sluggish. Its heavy armor and short legs hinder this amphibians land mobility greatly. Like most amphibians, Antarctovenator is most at home in the water. Its powerful tail propels this creature through its watery habitat. Due to its heavy armor, Antarctovenator was probably not a pursuit predator and it probably preferred to ambush prey that swims too close but it could still strike with great speed and move with excellent mobility in its wetland environment. Entelolania is unsurprisingly slow on land due to its turtle base. This hybrid probably only had a walking pace for its faster speed. Entelolania was also probably more comfortable in the water where its heavy shell doesn’t weigh it down as much. It may not be that much more agile in the water but it’s speed does increase whether it is walking on the bottom of a lake or paddling with strong legs on the surface. Both of these hybrids are better suited for the water but Entelolania cannot match the agility of Antarctovenator in a aquatic environment giving the amphibian the edge in this category.

Antarctovenator is between small and medium in size. This hybrid can get up to 12 feet in length, 1,000 pounds in weight, and only 1 foot in height. The most prominent defense on this amphibian is the massive spikes that protrude from the side of the hybrid. These spikes sit in a very tough and armored hide that comes from Antarctopelta. Even the head of Antarctovenator is heavily protected by this armor. The spikes on this animal help repel attacks to its back and make it difficult for predators to get a grip on it. The one place Antarctovenator is not protected is its underbelly which is still difficult to expose considering how low the amphibian is to the ground. Entelolania is slightly larger at 13 feet in length,1,500 pounds in weight, and a height of 4 feet. This turtle is armed with a extremely tough shell that it can curl up into if it gets into a tough situation. This shell is very thick and covered in spikes which makes it a infrequent target for predators. The head and tail of Entelolania is also adorned with tough scales and horn-like protrusions. Along its neck is also thick fur that keeps it warm but also puts another defense over its already well defended body. It would not be fun for a predator to take a bite out of either combatant but the tougher shell of Entelolania protects the hybrid from top to bottom and not just along the back like Antarctovenator.

While being well defended, these two don’t have a lack weaponry. Antarctovenator has razor sharp teeth from its Concavenator pedigree that sit in its short, wide mouth. Antarctovenator likely swallows smaller prey but when faced with larger opponents, this amphibian will bite down and twist its powerful body from side to side. This will result in a severe wound and depending on the bites location, could lead to death. Antarctovenator also has its armored head and horn like protrusions on the side of its skull. When put in a tough situation, Antarctovenator will thrash its body and try to bash opponents with its tough head and side protrusions. Entelolania does not have teeth like it’s opponent but instead has a powerful and sharp beak. This beak is hooked at the front that it uses to grip and puncture its prey. Entelolania has a immensely powerful bite that crushes down on its prey. The sides of this turtles mouth are also very sharp and act like a large pair of shears that can cut through flesh to the bone. The tusks on this hybrid are shorter than the ones found on Entelomoth and would have little value in a fight. These two both have different, yet equally effective weaponry. Attack goes to a draw.

These two are not very intelligent. Antarctovenator would be a very instinct driven hybrid and would be unable to do much quick thinking or environmental utilization in battle. The amphibian and Ankylosaur DNA really hinder this animal in this category and the Concavenator DNA offers little in compensation. Antarctovenator knows where it is comfortable and how to hunt by pure instinct. It has minimal application of strategy and will attack wildly in combat. Entelolania is just slightly more intelligent. Its Mammoth and Entelodon DNA gives it a good boost but its turtle DNA also drops that intelligence. Entelolania likely possesses the ability to notice weak spots and advantageous positions in the environment. However, it does lack the physical speed and proper grasping appendages to make good use of these environmental advantages. Intelligence may not be the most crucial part of this fight, but when the opportunity for an advantage presents itself Entelolania is more likely to take it.





I would like to thank @HolyPoly1026 for suggesting this weeks opponent! The simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!

Entelolania wades through the muddy water and tall grass of the wetlands. The sun beats down on the inhabitants of this soggy environment through a cloudless sky. Entelolania continues on hoping to find water deep enough to submerge itself and escape the heat. Eventually, the grass parts to reveal a small are of deeper water. On the surface, Antarctovenator sits with the top of its head just above the water. Entelolania begins to enter the deep pool but stops at the sound of a low hiss from Antarctovenator. Antarctovenator hisses again and approaches the turtle with its mouth open. Entelolania is not intimidated and growls back. Antarctovenator gets closer and snaps at the reptile just a few inches away from the front leg of Entelolania. Entelolania launches its head foreword and catches the amphibian on the side of the neck with its jaws. The turtle quickly releases its grip after one of Antarctovenators smaller spikes punctures the roof of its mouth.

Antarctovenator backs away slowly but the now angered Entelolania plunges itself into the deeper water it’s foe sits in. Antarctovenator dives under right as Entelolania begins to paddle towards it. Antarctovenator tries to swim under the large turtle but the water isn’t deep enough and it’s back spikes scrape against the reptiles underside. Entelolania sticks its head beneath the water as Antarctovenator slowly swims away behind it unaware of its mistake. Entelolania quickly turns and snaps it’s jaws on its foes tail. Antarctovenator twists around in a flash and bites onto the front leg of the turtle. Entelolania doesn’t let go. In fact, it bites down hard. The turtles powerful jaws dig into the amphibians tail fin and draws blood. Antarctovenator let’s go of its foes leg and whips its head back to slam it into the bottom of Entelolanias neck. The turtle let’s go and Antarctovenator swims off.

Entelolania floats to the surface to breath. The massive turtle takes a breath before diving back under. Entelolania scans the muddy water for its foe but finds no sign of the armored amphibian. Suddenly, Antarctovenator attacks from behind and sinks its teeth into the turtles back leg. The armored amphibian shakes its head while pulling back which tears through the tough skin of Entelolania. Blood streaks into the muddy water which has further been churned up by the Antarctovenators powerful tail. Entelolania turns to face Antarctovenator but the amphibian once again escapes its view. In addition, visibility is near zero from the blood and excessive mud. Antarctovenator darts through the cloud and bites into the other back leg of the turtle. Pain explodes through Entelolania as Antarctovenator once again tears away at its skin to leave a massive wound. The amphibian swims out of the cloud again. With low visibility and a unseen attacker, the panicked Entelolania curls up in its shell and sinks to the bottom of the water.

Antarctovenator comes back for yet another attack from behind but only manages to bite down on the rim of the turtles tough shell. Antarctovenator backs away but then tries a bite to the shell again but barely leaves a scratch. Antarctovenator goes along the side of Entelolania biting at the shells rim hoping to find a weakness in the tough defense. Antarctovenator moves to the front of its foes and even tries to bite between the gap that Entelolania tucked into but still finds no luck. Antarctovenator starts to turn to leave but Entelolanias spiky head shoots out and chomps down onto one of Antarctovenators front limbs. Entelolania uncurls from its shell and begins to pull Antarctovenator back into the shallower water. Antarctovenator thrashes angrily but Entelolanias grip remains firm. The turtle backs out and into the tall grass with the still thrashing Antarctovenator in toe. The armored amphibian flips its head side to side with little luck until its horn-like side protrusion jams into the turtles eye. Agony demands Entelolania to release its foe and Antarctovenator goes to bolt back to the water but Entelolania is quick to recover.

The turtle chomps down once again on the amphibians front leg. Antarctovenator tries to twist and roll itself away but only manages to twist its own forelimb. In one quick motion, the strength of Entelolanias jaws and the thrashing of Antarctovenator severs the amphibians arm from the shoulder. Antarctovenator tumbles backwards on its side with blood leaking from the wound and down its chest. Entelolania swallows the limb and approaches its crippled foe. Antarctovenator flops onto its stomach and hisses at its opproacher. Entelolania moves in for a bite but it’s spiky opponent snaps it’s jaws down inches from its face. Entelolania retaliates by using its head to push Antarctovenator onto its back. The exhausted amphibian lays panting and thrashing in spurts. Entelolania looms over Antarctovenator and bites into its foes stomach. The sharp and powerful jaws tear a hole in the soft midsection of the amphibian with ease. Antarctovenator lays on its back slowly bleeding out. Entelolania already begins to eat away at its foes abdomen as Antarctovenator twitches weakly before going still altogether.


This was a hard battle for both of these hybrids because their defenses far outweighed their offenses. This led to each of them struggling to deliver significant damage. This being said, Antarctovenators soft underbelly left more exposed than Entelolanias shell which just left the turtles neck exposed. The shell of Entelolania also covered a lot of the spots Antarctovenator would target on a larger foe. These spots would be the stomach, back and flank. Antarctovenator severely lacked the arsenal to deal with its opponents shell. Its sharp teeth are useful against larger foes but they do not have enough strength behind them to crush through armored defenses. Antarctovenators aquatic speed did give Entelolania trouble but it had no way to end this battle quick which gave it more opportunities to expose its own weaknesses. Antarctovenator put up a good fight but couldn’t compete with the powerfully protected Entelolania. The winner is Entelolania!

Next Time On Hybrid Fight Night…

Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. I might not get to your request immediately but all requests are considered. Thank you!


So the two Death creatures are going at each other huh? While Mortem shear strength and power will give it a huge edge, I feel like Dodo’s speed will give it a huge edge too.

Also for another request, I have Ovilophomoloch VS Alloraptor, a totally random one and because I would love to see Alloraptor in a battle.


Please do ceramagnus vs Spinoconstrictor! two that i think may be interesting

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Request: Spinonyx vs Albertospinos (I just thought of this one)

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I got a good idea Nodopatosaurus vs Ankylodocus. The clash of armored sauropods.

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Wow wow wow wow. Turtle snapped lizard off.

Also I bet Mortem’s gonna win the next one. Its actually obvious :sweat_smile:

keep it up mate !


If dodo wins that would be wired because dodo is a prey and mortem is a predator :woozy_face: :laughing:


I accidentally spelled dodo mortem so I fixed it lol


Oops. Well I can’t see everything.

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Dimetrocarnis vs Mayniprytator

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Diloranosaurus vs Tyranolophosaur


Tyrannolophosaur would 100% win


For two defensive creatures, you made the fight more interesting than I thought.

Rooting Death Dodo, betting Mortem Rex.

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Lol same!!! What if it is All Powerful Dodo (The one that’s larger than Indominus Rex)

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If it helps this is my reference for the Death Dodo in terms of scaling.


No I mean All Powerful Dodo (One of the last campaign missions)

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Now we need to know how tall Mortem Rex is. Cause if it’s shorter than the Dodo, then the winner is clear.


This matchup scares me…

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Well my new calculations have scaled it to be 30 feet tall

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