Hybrid Fight Night 14: Death Dodo VS Mortem Rex

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Death Dodo VS Mortem Rex!

The Death Dodo is far from its genetic base in many aspects including this category. The Death Dodo is terrifyingly fast and agile. This laboratory monstrosity has long legs with very strong muscles attached to them. Also, despite its large size, Death Dodo is still capable of performing great leaps. In fact, this hybrid can cover a massive amount of ground with a single leap which is matched by few other organisms. Death Dodo is a absolute pursuit predator that chases down its prey which can take a lot of stamina which this creature seems to never run out of. Mortem Rex on the other hand, is not quite as exceptional in this category. It is visibly a genetically enhanced T-rex so it would be reasonable to assume its speed could be a little higher than that of the standard Rex. Mortem could not perform great leaps or run very fast due to its short arms being unable to catch it in the case of a fall. It could hold a strong and steady pace though but as stated before, nothing exceptional. With the ability to jump and achieve high speeds, Death Dodo simply outshines the steady pace of the Mortem Rex.

Both of these enhanced creatures are larger than their base components. The Death Dodo stands at a whopping 20 feet tall, 5-6 tons in weight, and a length of 20-25 feet. The Death Dodo does not possess any body armor but does have a thick layer of feathers that can offer a little protection over its otherwise defenseless skin. The Death Dodo is not quite as robust as the basic Dodo in terms of design but it still maintains a somewhat muscular and stocky build. The Death Dodo mainly relies on a devastating offense for its defense. Mortem Rex is a hulking monster. Reaching a length of 51 feet, a height of 22 feet, and a weight of 10 tons, Mortem Rex rivaled even the Indominus Rex in size. In addition to its large size, this enhanced Rex has massive spikes running from the back of its neck to the end of its tail. These spikes are embedded in very tough skin that is not armored but is still very difficult to pierce and can soften the blows of even the strongest foes. Both of these monsters are very large but the tougher hide and back spikes coupled with its greater weight gives Mortem Rex the edge in this category.

Considering that these two have names corresponding with death, it should come as no surprise that they have a fantastic arsenal. Death Dodos most prominent weapon is its large, sharp, and jagged beak. It can use this beak to bite, tear and slash into opponents with frightening speed that is reinforced by its powerful neck muscles. Its beak can also expel purple shocks or pulses of electricity to stun opponents and add a extra punch to its attacks. It is also able to kick with its powerful legs that end in sharply clawed feet. Death Dodos feet can also release a electrical pulse that can rattle larger opponents and slaughter smaller ones. Mortem Rex is a modified T-Rex which gives it a extremely powerful bite. The bite of this carnivore probably exceeded that of its genetic base which would give it the strongest bite of any known dinosaur. Mortems teeth are long and blunt. They are built to withstand the force of this animals thunderous bite and crush bone. Mortem Rex can do extreme damage to tissues and limbs with a single agonizing chomp. Mortem has also been known to attack with its muscular tail. A swing from this tail would probably not severely injure opponents but it could knock them away or stun them so Mortem can get the upper hand. Ultimately these two have some of the best arsenals ever seen. While Mortems monstrous bite is impressive, Death Dodos wider arsenal and electrical abilities balance the scales leaving attack a draw.

Contrary to popular belief, the Dodo was not dumb by any means. Death Dodo probably had a similar intelligence level to its base. It probably had good environmental awareness and vision but was unlikely to make quick in battle decisions to get the upper hand. Death Dodo seems to be mentally unhinged in a way that clouds its judgment. Once it sees its target, it often thinks simply to attack with little strategy. This mental instability has benefits also. This creature can be unpredictable and bold with its attack which often catch its foes off guard. Mortem Rex is more stable minded. Mortem seems to act and think similarly to the T-Rex which is not a bad thing. Tyrannosaurus may not have been excessively intelligent but among dinosaurs, it had great brainpower. Mortem Rex would likely be aware of environmental advantages and analyze and exploit its foes weaknesses. These two are far from stupid but when compared to other creatures and each other, they are both sitting at the middle of the road. Intelligence will be left at a equilibrium as neither creature has a significant advantage in this category.


Death Dodo

Mortem Rex


Our combatants are ready and the simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!

The wind blows across the tall dry grass of the open prairie. Dusk sets in but dark clouds obscure the setting sun. Mortem Rex stalks through the withering grass, a cloud of dust follows every footstep. The smell of death reaches the nose of the monstrous predator. In the distance Mortem Rex spots the pulsating purple glow of the Death Dodo who is currently tearing into its recent kill. Mortem Rex crouches low and approaches slowly trying to conceal its large frame. The tyrannosaur stops as a dried twig snaps beneath its foot. The Death Dodo snaps it’s head up and looks right at the approaching tyrant. Mortem Rex stands up knowing it has been discovered. With no hesitation, the Death Dodo sprints at full speed towards the death king. Mortem Rex has no time to react as the purple bird launches itself off the ground and slams its feet into the side of its head. A bright purple pulse explodes against Mortems face and the hulking tyrannosaur looses its footing and topples onto its side.

Mortem Rex slowly rises as the loud ringing subsides from its ears. Death Dodo screeches and leaps at Mortem again. Mortem Rex whips around and slams its muscular tail into the side of its foe. The Dodo hits the ground hard in a cloud of dust. Mortem Rex charges causing the ground to shake with every footstep. Death Dodo jumps to its feet and sidesteps its attacker. Like a battle axe, the Death Dodo slashes down on its foes side with its upper beak. Mortem Rex roars in pain and backs away with blood leaking from the wound. Death Dodo moves in for another strike aimed for the neck of its opponent but Mortem bashes the side it’s head into the birds skull. Death Dodo screeches and stumbles back shaking its head. Mortem Rex doesn’t relent and grabs the stunned Dodo by the neck. Orange and purple light pulsates across the birds feathers. Death Dodo strikes foreword twice with its clawed feet and slashes Mortem in the neck with two sparking kicks. Mortem Rex backs away and roars as Death Dodo screeches back resulting in a terrible mix of the two deafening sounds.

The last sliver of sun falls below the horizon as the two finish their drawn out cries. The two stare at each other and begin to circle one another. Dry lightning crackles across the in the distance and the wind grows in strength. Death Dodo stops circling and bolts towards the death king. Mortem tries to deflect the charge with a swing of its tail but the Dodo ducks under the attack and clamps onto its foes neck. Purple sparks zap at the tyrannosaurs hide as the serrated beak of the bird sinks deeper into Mortems flesh. Mortem Rex pulls back at the sting of the purple bolts and yanks Death Dodo off its feet in the process. Death Dodo maintains its grip but is now thrown on its back. The death bird kicks out wildly and scratches into its opponents side and stomach. Mortem cries out in anguish and tries to stop onto the Dodos body but Death Dodo let’s go of its foes neck to bite onto Mortems ankle. Death Dodo pulls its head back which yanks Mortem off balance in the process. The two rise slowly as more lightning begins to fill the sky. In the distance, a stray bolt cracks down onto the dry grasses of the prairie and a glow quickly spreads over the horizon, drawing the attention of both combatants.

As the two stare at the growing glow in the distance, Death Dodo is the first to return to the battle. Death Dodo slashes its beak across Mortems snout which brings a electric shock with it. Mortem Rex turn and bites down onto the birds head. The tyrannosaur uses its powerful neck muscles to throw the bird across the ground. The Dodo rolls a few times before coming to a stop. The heavy smell of smoke fills the air as the glow in the horizon gets closer in the form a burning wall of flames that is racing towards the combatants. Mortem Rex turns to flee away from the fire but Death Dodo pounces and kicks him in the side with a powerful electric pulse. Mortem stumbles back but keeps its footing. Death Dodo moves itself between Mortem Rex and the possibility of escape with the fire now only a few feet away and the immense heat now being felt on both monstrous beings. Death Dodo runs at Mortem Rex and snaps at the tyrannosaurs neck but Mortem sidesteps to bite down on the birds small wing. With a swift motion, Mortem Rex pulls its head back and rips the wing clean off. Death Dodo screeches in agony as blood drips from the wound and onto the ground. Mortem Rex headbutts the massive bird who stumbles a few feet and falls over, landing the side of its face in the wall of orange flames.

Death Dodo jumps up screeching as the feathers burn away from the side it’s face and the skin chars and blackens. One eye is now pure white as the flames have left it blind. Death Dodo continues its screech of agony as it charges at Mortem. It swing its beak wildly with sparks illuminating from every chomp but Mortem dodges each one while taking a step back. The fire continues to move in with no sign of stopping. Death Dodo suddenly leaps foreword and kicks Mortem Rex on the nose which stabs its long claws into the tyrannosaurs skin and rakes them downward with a electric pop. Blood drips from the deep cuts. Mortem Rex roars with its back spikes now glowing bright red in the dark. Mortem whips around with its tail and slams it into the Dodos side. Death Dodo stumbles to the side. Mortem lunges foreword and chomps down on the birds neck. Mortem Rex pulls the Dodo off its feet and beats the purple monster against the ground. The Dodo kicks out wildly in a panic as Mortem lifted it from the ground and smashes it into the earth again. Death continues to thrash and struggle. Mortem Rex places a massive foot on the body of the Dodo. Mortem pulls on its foes neck with its own powerful neck and jaws. Death Dodo screams in anguish. In one quick motion, Mortem flings its head up and severs the birds head which flies through the air and into the blazing fire. Mortem Rex roars as fire engulfs the environment around him.


Death Dodo may seem like a joke, but its speed and attitude made it a opponent that could terrify even Mortem Rex. The shear aggression of the Dodo was able to catch Mortem off guard as Mortem is typically used to being the aggressor in the fight. The speed and leaps of Death Dodo also gave the death king problems as the Dodo could get more hits in. This being said, the heavier Mortem Rex could take more hits than the lighter Dodo could. Mortems large size also made the birds electric shock less significant since it could only stun such a large animal at best. Death Dodo also had no defense against the powerful chomp of its foe. Mortem on the other hand had tough hide a a back full of plates. This meant that even though both were equal in attack, Mortem Rex could take more hits while having to deal less hits to end the fight. The Death Dodo proved to be a worthy foe but Mortem Rex’s shear muscle and bulk was able to put a stop to Death Dodos psychotic rampage. The winner is Mortem Rex!

Next Time On Hybrid Fight Night…

Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. I might not get to your request immediately but all requests are considered. Thank you!


Spinotasuchus vs Chromaspinus

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Albertospinos Vs Spinonyx


Indotaurus vs Skoonasaurus

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Interesting …I don’t feel like Diplosuchus vs Chromaspinus is a fair fight as Chroma can just flip over Diplosuchus and finish the job.


Actually I think that suchus will easily win
The thing that can most easily kill a large theropod is an ambush by a giant crocodilian from the water
Assuming it takes place in a wetland environment I’m pretty sure Diplosuchus will easily win
Of course if it takes place on dry land Chromaspinus will easily win
I think it would be hard for spinus to flip it over since it is much taller and the spikes would get in the way


That doesn’t seem very fair
Skoona is like 5X the size of IndoT

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I’m so happy Morty won against that nasty dodo


Pyrritator vs Stegoceratops

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imperatosuchus vs gryposuchus


Spinonyx vs Chromaspinus

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How about Imperatosuchus vs Sarcorixis


My guess for the next fight winner is probably diplo

I think Dip will have defense and attack, and chroma will have speed (intel is a tie)

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I think that Dimodactylus vs Limnorhynchus would be an interesting fight to see, given they’re both sharp-tooth pterosaur hybrids.

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Or tapejalosaurus

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imperatosuchus vs sarcorixis sounds better

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I don’t think its fair to put a boss against a regular creature

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indotaurus vs scorpius rex gen 3


Next is the giant spiky croc vs para-Spino
Also I like that mortem won


If it takes place in a wetland, Diplo might win easily if it ambushes Chroma. However this might not be the case:

  1. Remember, Chromaspinus is made up of two aquatic components who both live near water, thus making it an aquatic expert. Diplo will have some tough competition if it wants to bring it down.

I don’t think so. The spikes can serve as good defence and might keep Chroma out for a bit, but its Spinosaurus genome should help it to get rid of it easily.

In the game however Chroma has got to be careful :joy: