Hybrid Fight Night 16: Indotaurus VS Trykosaurus

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Indotaurus VS Trykosaurus!

Indotaurus is a very large predator but still being a lot to the table in speed and agility. Similarly to the Indoraptor, Indotaurus takes a four point stance. It can gallop and traverse through tight spaces but it can also reach high speeds on its back two legs.
These hind legs are incredibly muscular and are able to launch the animal foreword at its target. Indotaurus may not be as nimble or quick as Indoraptor due to its size, but it can still out pace most other theropods its size. Trykosaurus is said to be faster than both its hybrid components which isn’t saying much. Tyrannosaurus rex was no speed demon but could keep a good pace for a while. Trykosaurus is about the same. It is not a sprinter and is more of a trotter. Although weighed down by its armor, Trykosaurus can use its heavy clubbed tail as a counter balance to achieve a quicker pace. In this category, the lighter footed Indotaurus takes superiority over the slower but well balanced Trykosaurus.

Indotaurus is one of the larger predatory hybrids. At 40 feet long, 6 tons, and a maximum height of 16 feet, Indotaurus is just a little smaller than the larger Indominus Rex. Like the Indominus Rex and Carnotaurus, Indotaurus has very thick and tough skin. This skin may not be as tough as the armor seen on ankylosaurs, but it is still effective at negating some damage. Indotaurus is also quite robust and when combined with its four point stance, it has excellent stability. Trykosaurus is smaller but not by much. This tyrannosaur comes in at 34 feet in length. 6 tons in weight, and a height of 14 feet. Trykosaurus brings the stoutness of the tyrannosaur and the tough armor of the Ankylosaurus. This armor covers the hybrids back, sides, head, neck, and tail. Trykosaurus does not have the low build that ankylosaurs have so it’s unprotected underbelly remains more exposed in battle. Regardless of this flaw, the durable armor on its back provides more protection than the thick skin of Indotaurus. Trykosaurus takes the defensive edge.

Indotaurus is a very aggressive hybrid. Being made from two nearly top predators of Jurassic World, Indotaurus has excellent weaponry. To start, Indotaurus has very long arms with long and sharp claws on each finger. It also has a large toe claw on each foot which must have been caused by the raptor DNA in its genome. This toe claw would be massive and can slash deep into its prey like a hot knife through butter. This hybrid can also cloak itself to camouflage into its surroundings to analyze and ambush prey. Indotaurus additionally possesses a powerful pair of jaws that are filled with sharp teeth that can crush through tissue and bone. The final and possibly least significant weapon is this hybrids horns. The horns of Indotaurus are fairly sharp but they are not long so they are unlikely to do fatal damage. However, Indoraurus can ram into its foes and knock it off its feet like a predatory bull. Trykosaurus has a wide arsenal of its own. Like Indotaurus, Trykosaurus has large teeth with a very strong bite. This bite is likely even stronger than that of its foe due to its more direct relation to Tyrannosaurus. It also has a large club at the end of its long tail that can be swung at high speeds. This club has two spikes on each side to do maximum damage with each strike. This weapon give Trykosaurus a greater attack range to keep its foes at bay. These two both have a very wide and effective range of abilities that brings attack to a draw.

Indotaurus is on par with the Indominus Rex in terms of intelligence. Sure, it could be brought down slightly by the Carnotaurus but probably not by much. Indotaurus possesses a calculating mind that can analyze its opponent and its surroundings for advantages and weaknesses. Indotaurus will quickly be able to pin point its targets and then focus its attacks on those areas. This high level of intelligence make Indotaurus a frightening foe. Trykosaurus is not so fortunate in this category. Tyrannosaurus is decently intelligent but half its DNA is made up of Ankylosaur and Stegosaur genetics which are two of the least intelligent dinosaurs there is. This makes Trykosaurus very instinct driven in battle. Trykosaurus can probably form very simple hunting strategies but it’s environmental utilization is minimal at best. The cunning and calculating Indotaurus takes a significant advantage in the category of intelligence.





I would like to thank @HolyPoly1026 for suggesting this weeks opponent! The simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!

Trykosaurus stands at the rocky edge of a seaside cliff. The tyrannosaur looks down on the large and sharp rocks that jut out from the violent tide. The smell of the unfortunate bodies that have been claimed by the rough shoreline is what has attracted the armored predator but it is now apparent that finding a meal here is far too dangerous. Trykosaurus turns to walk away but stops at the sight of another predator coming for the prospect of a easy meal. Indotaurus stands staring at Trykosaurus with analytical eyes. Trykosaurus growls a warning and steps further away from the cliffs edge while also giving the newcomer a wide berth. Indotaurus lunges foreword and roars prompting Trykosaurus to roar in response. The ground seems to vibrate as the two powerful sounds clash. The predators stare at each other and begin to circle with their tails lashing angrily. Finally, Indotaurus bounds foreword with its head lowered at its target, Trykosaurus.

Indotaurus barrels towards Trykosaurus who lowers its own armored head and slams into Indotaurus for a head to head collision. Trykosaurus tenses its body and throws its head up which knocks Indotaurus back. Indotaurus roars and runs at Trykosaurus again this time with its jaws wide. Trykosaurus swings its heavy clubbed tail but Indotaurus manages to stop itself as the deadly weapon whips right in front of its nose. Indotaurus launches itself foreword and onto its foes flank. The horned carnivore claws and grapples onto the armored back of Trykosaurus while bearing down with all its weight. Trykosaurus roars and stumbles back but it’s strong legs are able to keep it grounded. Indotaurus growls in frustration and kicks its foot up to pierce its long toe claw into its opponents thigh. Trykosaurus cries out in anguish and turns its powerful body around which pushes Indotaurus off its side. The tyrannosaur whips its tail around. Indotaurus tries to leap back but it is in too close and the spiked club slams into the side of its stomach.

Indotaurus screeches and stumbles back before collapsing onto its side. Trykosaurus goes in for a bite but Indotaurus slashes The tyrannosaur across the bottom of its jaw. Trykosaurus growls and backs off. Indotaurus rolls onto its feet and slowly gets up. Trykosaurus moves in for another bite but Indotaurus manages to leap to the side to dodge the attack. The horned predator hits the ground and then springs itself towards Trykosaurus catching the armored carnivore off guard. Trykosaurus topples over which flings Indotaurus above the tyrannosaur to land hard on the rocky ground. Indotaurus quickly jumps to its feet while Trykosaurus struggles to get up. Indotaurus pounces and bites into the underbelly of the tyrannosaur before pulling away leaving a bloody wound. Trykosaurus howls in pain and kicks out with its foot which hits Indotaurus square in the snout knocking the horned hybrid back. Trykosaurus mange’s to get to its knees before Indotaurus goes in for another attack. This time Trykosaurus is ready and swings its massive clubbed tail which halts Indotaurus in its tracks.

Trykosaurus finally pulls itself to its feet and unleashes a mighty bellow. Indotaurus takes a few step back but Trykosaurus moves in fast. Indotaurus raises its arm to slash its foe but Trykosaurus bites onto the raise limb and yanks it around which pulls Indotaurus off its feet. Trykosaurus slams the horned monster hard onto the ground. Indotaurus let’s out a ragged gasp of air as the wind is knocked out of its lungs. Before Indotaurus can make another attack, Trykosaurus bites onto its neck with its powerful jaws. Indotaurus shrieks and tries to pull away but only manages to did its opponents teeth deeper into its own hide. Indotaurus slashes wildly, raking its long claws across the armored carnivores head and neck. The scratches quickly draw blood but Trykosaurus continues to hold its grip. However, pain eventually overwhelms the tyrannosaur causing the armored tank to release its grip and back off. Blood drips down the tyrannosaurs neck and onto the ground while the neck of Indotaurus stands equally brutalized by its foes massive teeth.

Indotaurus cries out in pain and anger. Trykosaurus roars back and charges. Indotaurus charges back at full speed. The horned hybrid leaps up to pounce on its opponent but Trykosaurus whips its tail around and slams it against the head of Indotaurus who once again slams into the earth. A few teeth fly from the animals mouth and crimson drops streak down its chin. Trykosaurus rushes towards its foe, shaking the ground with each foot step. At the last minute, Indotaurus manages to come to its senses to rolls onto its back and kick up and into Trykosaurus’s stomach. Trykosaurus flies over Indotaurus and hits the ground before skidding across the rough earth to stop at the cliffs edge. Indotaurus gets up and shakes its head. Indotaurus slowly stalks towards Trykosaurus who doesn’t notice the approach of its opponent as it tries to tediously get up. In a flash, Indotaurus bites Trykosaurus around the neck and throws the armored beast away from the cliffs edge. Trykosaurus lays on its side and roars but it is cut short with a swift slash across the throat by the toe claw of Indotaurus. Blood pools from the large gash while Trykosaurus gargles for air but its life quickly flees its body. Indotaurus roars out towards the sea in a triumphant bellow.


I went back and forth on this fight for a long time. Indotaurus held the majority of the advantages but the clubbed tail and tough armor of Trykosaurus was able to even the playing field. What really came in clutch for Indotaurus was its frighteningly high intelligence. Before any blows were made, Indotaurus would be able to realize Trykosaurus’s strengths and how to get around them. The body armor of Trykosaurus was also less useful on a taller organism like Trykosaurus who couldn’t get down low enough to protect its underbelly. This left its biggest weak spot open to attacks from its foes wide arsenal of claws, horns and teeth. The spiked club of Trykosaurus was also manageable by Indotaurus’s agility advantage which allowed it to get around the long ranged weapon. It could also take a few hits due to its tough hide although too many would do severe damage to the hybrid. With both mental and physical quickness, and a wide arsenal, Indotaurus pulled a win out of a close battle. The winner is Indotaurus!

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Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. I might not get to your request immediately but all requests are considered. Thank you!


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