Hybrid Fight Night 18: Parasauthops VS Megalosuchus

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Parasauthops VS Megalosuchus!

These are two muscular and athletic predators. Parasauthops has very strong legs that can propel this hybrid to very high speeds to run down its prey. It may not be able to leap extremely high due to its stocky build, but its strong legs and clawed feet allow it to traverse a variety of uneven terrain. Megalosuchus is leaner in its build and symptomatically more flexible. It is also very quick and light on its feet being able to run and jump exceptional lengths and heights. To make this hybrid more frightening is the fact that it is a very strong swimmer giving it some of the best terrain adaptability around. Parasauthops may be fast but it cannot match the agility, flexibility, and adaptability of Megalosuchus.

Parasauthops is a very robust predator that could grow to massive sizes. At 29 feet in length,12 feet in height, and weighing 3 tons, this was no lightweight. While having no body armor, Parasauthops did have a very wide stance with its thick and muscular legs to give it extra stability. It’s muscle also made it a tougher opponent to bite into. Parasauthops does have a higher spine but it is still to short and thick to easily be damaged if the animal falls on its back. Megalosuchus is just barely smaller than its opponent at 27 feet in length, 10 feet in height and a weight of 2 tons. What it lacks in weight it makes up for in body armor. This tiger-gator is covered in armor from the top of its head to the tip of its tail. The rest of its body is also covered in a tough, scales hide that still remains difficult to harm. Like other crocodiles, its soft spot is its underbelly but getting close enough to that area without getting mauled to death will be no easy task. Parasauthops may have the greater size but the armored Megalosuchus takes the edge in defense.

These two are elite predators that are equipped to take on a variety of opponents. Parasauthops is most dangerous with its bite. It’s jaws are lined with serrated teeth to tear and slice through its prey. Parasauthops will often bite and use its powerful neck muscles to shake and rip the flesh away causing severe bleeding. Parasauthops could probably use its arms to pin opponents or swat them away in tough situations. If you have read Megalosuchus’s description you know what a absolute freak this hybrid is. To start this animals jaws are filled with massive teeth that are backed with a bite rivaling the Saltwater Crocodile. This bite will smash through tissues and crush the bones of unlucky victims. Additionally, Megalosuchus has long legs tipped with sharp claws that it uses to grip and slash prey. These claws are not extremely long but Megalosuchus uses them well in close combat. With equally fierce weaponry, these apex predators will draw in attack.

Parasauthops is made from creatures that aren’t particularly known for being intelligent. As a predator it could probably understand basic biological weaknesses but anything beyond that is probably not going to happen. It would be unlikely for Parasauthops to intentionally use the environment to get the better of its foe. Megalosuchus is in about the same situation. Its crocodilian DNA holds it back in this category and prevents it from complex thinking and in battle strategies. Like Parasauthops, it probably could identify biological weak spots like the neck and stomach. It could also probably find ambush spots for hunting. Ultimately, neither combatant holds a significant edge in brainpower which leaves this category at a draw.





Our combatants are ready and the simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!

Birds chirp noisily in the trees around a slow moving river that snakes through the forest. On the rivers bank sits Megalosuchus, crouched in the shallow water with only armored back and head above the water waiting for its next prey item to come by and take a drink. Suddenly, Parasauthops hops over the hill that slopes down to the river and gallops towards the water. Megalosuchus has its full attention on the crested newcomer as it slows to a walk at the waters edge. Megalosuchus adjusts its footing and prowls a few steps closer. Right when Parasauthops leans down to drink, Megalosuchus pounces. Water rains down on Parasauthops who lifts its head right when Megalosuchus slams into its back. Parasauthops falls over from the impact and the two tumble away from the river.

Megalosuchus quickly gets up and goes in for a bite on the neck of Parasauthops but the synapsid smacks him away with a powerful swat of its paw. Megalosuchus growls and backs away allowing Parasauthops to get to its feet. Parasauthops roars and bright orange light flashes angrily from its head to its tail. Unphased, Megalosuchus leaps at its crested foe. Parasauthops rears back on its rear legs and slams Megalosuchus onto the ground with its powerful forelimbs. The panther-croc roars in surprise and the force of the impact. Parasauthops bites the underside of its foes exposed neck. Megalosuchus screeches and tries to push its foe off with its forearms with no luck. In a panic, Megalosuchus kicks out with its back legs which strikes right into its opponents stomach. Parasauthops grunts in pain and hastily backs away.

Megalosuchus slowly gets up with blood dripping down its neck. Parasauthops quickly moves in for another bite but the agile crocodile leaps back and then kicks itself foreword again. Megalosuchus slams into Parasauthops and bites onto the top part of its crested head. Parasauthops roars and yanks its head away which rips some of the flesh from its muzzle in the process. Parasauthops throws its head back and roars as crimson streaks of blood flow down its tattered snout. Megalosuchus takes a mock swipe at its foe which makes Parasauthops duck. Megalosuchus jumps to the side and bites onto its foes hip. Parasauthops roars in pain and agony which sends another surge of orange light through its body. The crested hybrid rolls onto its side which makes Megalosuchus let go and jump back. The croc barely puts its feet on the ground before Parasauthops is on its feet and charging towards him.

Parasauthops slams its muscular shoulder into the side of Megalosuchus. The croc is knocked back by the tremendous force but stops itself from falling by digging its claws into the ground. Parasauthops springs foreward and grabs Megalosuchus by the front leg. Megalosuchus retaliates by biting onto the base of its foes muscular neck. Parasauthops tenses its muscles and yanks Megalosuchus off to throw the croc over its shoulder. Megalosuchus hits the ground with a hard thud that takes the breath from the crocs lungs. Megalosuchus rises slowly, panting hard. Parasauthops barrels towards its foe, determined to not give the crocodile a single break. Megalosuchus roars and charges back. The two close in with blazing speed. Megalosuchus hops to the side and slashes Parasauthops across the face. Parasauthops snaps at its opponents hand but only catches the tip of the hybrids finger which is severed immediately.

Parasauthops launches itself foreword and hits Megalosuchus back with its shoulder. Megalosuchus skids to a halt in the sandy soil. The crested Parasauthops makes another direct charge and Megalosuchus braces itself. The synapsid opens its mouth for a bite but Megalosuchus launches into the air and latches onto its opponent back as it passes underneath. Parasauthops body pulses with intense light as the animal angrily tries to remove the crocodile on its back. Megalosuchus grabs Parasauthops by the skull and pulls its head back. Parasauthops stumbles around trying to shake its foe but Megalosuchus keeps its grip firm. The muscular Parasauthops thrashes its head and snaps it’s jaws but Megalosuchus remains undeterred. Parasauthops let’s out a loud agonized shriek. Megalosuchus twists its head quickly to the side which snaps Parasauthops head in a odd direction. A swift crack silences Parasauthops cry and the crested animal crumples to the ground. Megalosuchus drops its foes head which falls at a odd angle off its neck. The Mega croc stands over its lifeless foe and rips into the hybrids stomach.

This match was a lot closer than it looked in the analysis. Parasauthops was heavier by a ton and taller. It also had similar feats and abilities to Megalosuchus. Unfortunately, with all these similar abilities, Megalosuchus did almost all of them better. Parasauthops could run fast but Megalosuchus could run just as fast and on a larger variety of terrains. Parasauthops was big but Megalosuchus wasn’t too far behind and its armor more than made up for that weakness. Parasauthops was a brute and did give Megalosuchus a hard time with its greater size and bulk but when facing a foe like Megalosuchus you would want to have some body armor which Parasauthops lacked entirely. While both had very dangerous weapons, Parasauthops would have been open to attack at all times and also trying to get around its foes tough armor. In a tough battle Megalosuchus earned the name mega crocodile.The winner is Megalosuchus!

Next Time On Hybrid Fight Night…

Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. I might not get to your request immediately but all requests are considered. Thank you!


good fight but in my opinion parat should have won


I gotta read it first

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Meanwhile its stats are
3600 health
1000 attack
109 speed
But megalosuchus is one of the better legendary designs :100:

Monostego vs Monorhino is going to be interesting


I’ll still wait for Andrewtodon vs Gorgosuchus

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Megalosuchus wins without a doubt, its strengths are too much for it. Out of the 2 Mono’s, it’s say Monostegotops due to more stabbing power and armor.


I wouldn’t mind seeing a fight between Allodrigues and Dodocevia


I want Monostegotops to win soooo badly

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Personally you might have to add the regenerative capabilities of ParaT, and I feel it would win because of that, however you’re right if there is no regen

Irl paraT wouldn’t have those healing abilities

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Imo I feel like there might be a reg for ParaT in real life. Plus we don’t know if ParaLux in CC only had biolumencess so therefore it is a possibility.

Gem vs skoona? i hope you can do this one.


@Wyvernix I can guarantee that match will happen. I have matches officially scheduled up to the end of June and Skoonasaurus VS Geminititan is in that group. I really look forward to that matchup.


@Idelephoenix and @Jacelin_the_apato I will see what I can do about your ideas. I will have to do more work on the scaling of Allodrigues to make sure it isn’t too big for Dodocevia. As for Andrewtodon VS Gorgosuchus, I already have a Gorgosuchus matchup I want to get to first but with 26 spots left to fill for this years matches, it is unlikely that your matchup won’t find a spot somewhere on the list.


I believe they’re both around 5ft tall, so I think the scaling will be good, since Alloraptor is like 8ft tall and rSolitaire is about 3ft tall, dodocevia I don’t know about though…

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I did a match with Dodocevia on Hybrid Fight Night 3 and I think I put it at like 4.5 feet tall. If Allodrigues is 5 feet tall that would make it a even matchup


me attempting to understand these Imperial Unit Measurements

So basically Allodrigues would be about 1.5 meters tall

That’s one scary pigeon


If it was that tall and if it were real… umm… yeah im just not gonna elaborate


I would love to hear your reasons for why Parasauthops should have won. I think it is very important and fun to understand the other side of a debate especially one on a topic as harmless as fictional dinosaurs. (Also don’t feel pressured to respond if you don’t want to or if it makes you uncomfortable)

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