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Hybrid Fight Night 2: Stegoceratops VS Ankylomoloch

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Stegoceratops VS Ankylomoloch!

Unsurprisingly, these two herbivores are not known for their blazing speed. Stegoceratops could have probably reached a fairly quick charging speed if given enough space and a straight on shot. However, Stegoceratops was likely not very nimble but could probably pivot quickly on its hind legs to utilize its dangerous tail. Ankylomoloch had very short legs which is typical in most Ankylosaurs. Ankylomoloch could have probably also charged towards its opponents but probably not as fast or at such a long distance. What Ankylomoloch was good at, was pivoting it’s back feet to deliver a powerful hit from its large tail club. In terms of speed and agility, Stegoceratops takes a small edge with a longer stride and a faster charge.

By terms of size, Stegoceratops is a absolute unit. At 35 feet long, 10 feet tall, and weighing a whopping 15 tons, this was a monstrous herbivore. It also was protected by large dorsal plates on its back and a frill behind its head to protect its neck. These defensive attributes are better for defense against large predatory dinosaurs and not so much other herbivores. On the other hand, Ankylomoloch was quite a bit smaller at 20 feet in length, 4 feet tall, and only around 3 tons. Despite its size, Ankylomoloch makes up for it with extremely tough armor. Ankylomoloch is protected from head to tail in bullet proof armor with spikes running along each side and a reinforced cranial dome. The only part that is unprotected is of corse it’s underbelly but with its wide stance, and low center of gravity, exploiting this weakness would be very difficult. Despite its smaller size, Ankylomolochs tough armored defense gives it the edge over its larger foe.

Stegoceratops and Ankylomoloch have two different types of arsenals. Stegoceratops has large piercing weapons in the form of its three foot horns on its head and three foot spikes on its tail. Stegoceratops brings a powerful charge to this fight. A full force impact behind its massive horns could do severe damage and possibly pierce it’s opponents organs. Stegoceratops is very strong and would be able to push around its foe. While Stegoceratops had piercing weapons, Ankylomoloch had weapons that were made to cause blunt force damage. This hybrid has the unique cranial dome that is incredibly strong as it is able to stand up to the force of its own clubbed tail. That clubbed tail is its most dangerous weapon. One powerful strike could shatter a attackers bones likely the legs, ribs, or skull since it is most effective in a side to side motion. Both herbivores have weapons on both sides of their body but Stegoceratops’ massive horns trump the smaller, less impressive dome of Ankylomoloch. Stegoceratops takes the attack advantage.

Unsurprisingly, these two lumbering herbivores do not have very high intelligence. Ankylosaurs and Stegosaurs were some of the least intelligent dinosaurs that existed and ceratopsians were not far above them. The Stygimoloch DNA in Ankylomoloch would probably not give it that much of a boost either. These two herbivores are very instinct driven and did not require complex planning to survive. Neither creature would be able to intentionally take advantage of the environment or use strategies to get the upper hand leaving intelligence at a draw.





Our combatants are ready and the simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!


Ankylomoloch lumbers through a dense woodland. The armored hybrid stops at a small shrub and begins to eat as the first light of dawn breaks through the trees. A gust of wind blows in the scent of something large and unfamiliar causing Ankylomoloch to stop eating. In the distance, Stegoceratops emerges between the trees. Stegoceratops locks its eyes on Ankylomoloch and roars, wanting Ankylomoloch out of its path. Ankylomoloch does not back down and slams it’s clubbed tail on the ground which smashes a few bushes into splinters.

Stegoceratops scuffs it’s heels and shakes it’s massive head. Ankylomoloch grunts at Stegoceratops, just wanting to be left alone. That grunt lights a fire in the ceratopsians belly. Stegoceratops lowers its head and charges, gaining speed towards its armored foe. Ankylomoloch returns the charge with its own. The two herbivores barrel towards each other while rapidly gaining speed. Ankylomoloch’s dome slams right between Stegoceratops’s horns with a massive impact that knocks the Ankylomoloch back and onto its stomach and leaves Stegoceratops dazed.

Ankylomoloch gets to its feet and widens its stance which brings its soft underbelly closer to the ground. Stegoceratops shakes its head in pain. When the pain clears, the large ceratopsian charges again but Ankylomoloch is ready and whips around to slam its clubbed tail into its foes side. Stegoceratops roars in pain and swipes it’s spiked tail across the back leg of Ankylomoloch. The Ankylosaur roars but is not fast enough to get in another strike before Stegoceratops uses its horns to push Ankylomoloch off of its feet once again.

Ankylomoloch is quick to get up as Stegoceratops approaches again with a short distance charge. Ankylomoloch swings its tail causing its foe to skid to a halt but it isn’t fast enough. The ankylosaurs clubbed tail collides with the front of the ceratopsians mouth knocking out some of its teeth and causing blood to fall from its mouth and down its chin. Stegoceratops takes a few steps back in a attempt to clear the blinding pain but Ankylomoloch doesn’t pause. The armored hybrid rams its spikes shoulder into Stegoceratops and follows it up with a tail club to the front leg. Stegoceratops howls in pain but manages to pull itself together to take another few steps away from its foe.

Ankylomoloch lowers its body ready for another charge. As predicted Stegoceratops scuffs its heels and barrels at Ankylomoloch. Ankylomoloch swings its tail and bashes off one of its foes horns. Stegoceratops shakes its head but is ultimately unfazed. The ceratopsian rams into its foes side and begins to push Ankylomoloch like a bulldozer. Ankylomoloch roars as its short legs are unable to slow the charging tank. Stegoceratops pins Ankylomoloch against a tree and flips its head up which flops Ankylomoloch on its side and sends it’s remaining horn deep into the armored hybrids underbelly. Ankylomoloch flails weakly before quickly succumbing to the large wound in its stomach. Stegoceratops limps away as scavengers descend on the deceased Ankylomoloch.


To start off, this was not a comfortable matchup for either of these herbivores. Both of these hybrids had weapons well adapted for fighting large carnivores but they were not used to fighting other herbivores. Ankylomoloch was able to get in more hits due to its foes lack of armor and its tail club helped to keep the less armored Stegoceratops at a distance. It’s tough armor also helped to keep it in the fight longer. Unfortunately, Stegoceratops simply outsized and out powered the smaller Ankylomoloch. Stegoceratops was five times heavier than Ankylomoloch! This allowed Stegoceratops to push around Ankylomoloch which is not good for ankylosaurs who typically use their weight to keep themselves grounded and their underbelly protected. Stegoceratops’s larger size also allowed it to tank more hits since its robust structure could absorb some of the blunt force damage that Ankylomoloch could deal out. With greater weight and power, it was only a matter of time before Stegoceratops got the better of its armored foe. This weeks winner is Stegoceratops!

Next Time On Hybrid Fight Night…

Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. I might not get to your request immediately but all requests are considered. Also, if the opponents are only from Jurassic World the Game I will probably post that battle on the JWTG side of the forum.


Could you make Antarctovenator VS Entelolania sometime in the future by any chance? Great battle by the way!


Could you do ceramagnus vs Arctovasilas battle? I think it would be very interesting. Also for the next battle will you take the flock part of the hybrid into account or will it just be 1 flock member vs 1 flock member


Impressed with this overall. A little disapointed that Ankylomoloch didn’t win.

Hopefully the compy wins next one.


I think dodocevia may win the next one because of its evolutionary advantage with dodo going extinct before compys and diplovenators


Dodos are herbivores though, and Inostrancevia is a pretty primitive carnivore, so a gorgonopsid in a dodo’s body may not be very strong, intelligent, or both. I think Dodocevia has the size advantage though. It all comes down to how each flock coordinates with their members.


I think that Antarctovenator VS Entelolania would be very fun to analyze! I will definitely put it on the list of considerations!


Doing Ceramagnus VS Arctovasilas would depend on how big the size difference is between the two. Also, it could come later since Arctovasilas is scheduled for a match very soon! I do believe that the match is interesting and I appreciate you making a suggestion! To answer your question about the next fight, it will be a 3v3 match. Any flock creatures in this series will battle with as many creatures as they are portrayed with!


Please also make tsintaomoth vs megistocurus and coelhaast vs argenpteryx

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Please do spinotasuchus vs monostegotops
Mortem Rex vs trykosaurus


Ok. Thanks for the clarification with flocks also I do agree that it would come down to size advantage.


Argenteryx VS Testacornibus

Battle of the hated ones…

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A great (And totally fair) idea, 1 compy vs Scorp G3

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I don’t see how these two are hated

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Argenteryx is annoying to kill and Testa use to be annoying…

can’t you guys see my comment please?

and then the Stegoceratops became Monostegops and ate the corpse of the deceased Ankylomoloch but then a whole herd of them began eating the body ripping it apart, limb by limb until it was nothing but a skeleton and then they ate the bones also. Then it was nothing but a blood stain and then Godzilla came in and killed all of the Monostegops by just stepping on them. The End, also can you do Omega 09 vs Mortem Rex?

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Monostegotops is a herbivore not a carnivore…The only thing that makes it stand out from Stegoceratops is the fact it is more ferocious.

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