Hybrid Fight Night 21: Grypolyth VS Sarcorixis

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Grypolyth VS Sarcorixis!

Naturally as a crocodile, Grypolyth feels most at home in the water. This crocs thin jaws and long, powerful tail allow it to cut through the water like a torpedo. Its speed usually comes in bursts due to it being a ambush predator but it is able to pursue prey if need be. On land it is not as fast or agile due to its short limbs and heavy body. However, Grypolyth can still surprise prey on land with a quick burst of speed but it won’t be able to hold that speed for very long and it will eventually tire out. Sarcorixis is also more comfortable in water and also has a powerful tail and body to glide through the water. This being said, its bulkier build makes it less streamlined in the water and also slows it down on land. Sarcorixis prefers to ambush prey instead of chasing them down but it can hold a decent pace for a short time when the moment calls for it. The more streamlined Grypolyth gets the advantage in this category over the denser Sarcorixis.

Grypolyth is a massive crocodilian that could grow up to 32 feet long, 5 feet in height, and weighing 5 tons. From head to tail, Grypolyth is covered in a tough hide that protects it from various attacks. The toughest part of its body is its back which is covered in thick, bony scales giving it a tough defense. It’s one weak spot is its soft underbelly but its short build makes flipping this animal a difficult task. Sarcorixis is shorter but stockier. At 26 feet in length, 4.5 feet in height, and 5 tons in weight, this was a apex predator. Its back and tail is covered in a tough body armor with large spikes protruding in rows from each side. Additionally, Sarcorixis has a frill protruding from the back of its skull however while thick, the defensive applications of it are unknown due to how short it is and how little of the neck it covers. Like Grypolyth, Sarcorixis has a soft underbelly but its spiked defense and high density makes exploiting this weakness a challenging task. While similar in this category, the sharp back spikes and shear bulk of Sarcorixis gives it the edge in this category.

From its pedigree, Grypolyth has a strong arsenal with a very aggressive attitude. Its jaws are long and slender as it appears to take on the build of Gryposuchus rather than Lythronax or Purrusaurus. The thin build of this hybrids jaws allow it to turn quickly in the water to snatch up passing fish or small dinosaurs that come to the waters edge. Despite its thin build, Grypolyths jaws still pack a punch. It long teeth grip its prey after its jaws slam down like a mouse trap. While maybe not as strong as the bite of Lythronax or Purrusaurus, Grypolyth certainly outmatches Gryposuchus. Sarcorixis is a powerful force in the swampy environment. This hybrid has a very robust skull and body giving it a massive amount of muscle behind every attack. This hybrids teeth are thick and tough for crunching through bone and tissues. The herbivorous ceratopsian DNA also does not dull the shear power of this hybrids bite. In fact, the frill behind its head could possibly support more muscle attachment, strengthening the creatures bite further. These two each have a powerful chomp but Sarcorixis simply exceeds Grypolyth in raw power and bite force.

Grypolyth, like most crocodiles, was probably very instinct driven. Having two croc components likely overides the slight intelligence buff from Lythronax. However, being a ambush hunter certainly gives it some environmental awareness and the theropod DNA could allow it to recognize weaknesses quicker than its opponent. Grypolyth’s instincts will be what drives this animal for most of the fight though. Sarcorixis is probably even more instinct driven and probably lacks the ability to form complex strategies in battle. The ceratopsian DNA really brings this hybrid down in this category. Ceratopsians are some of the least intelligent dinosaurs considering that intelligence was less important when pursuing plants and not living animals. Grypolyth will take the slight advantage in this category although both will mainly be driven by instinct in this conflict.





I would like to thank @CarChar08 for suggesting this weeks opponents! The simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!

Humidity lays thickly over the quiet swamp. The heat and moisture creates a fog-like mist over the environment. Beneath the surface, buried in the wet mud, Sarcorixis lies waiting for the approach of potential prey. Suddenly the sunlight reaching through the murky water vanishes behind a large shadow. Sarcorixis looks up to see Grypolyth swimming leisurely overhead. Without hesitation, Sarcorixis launches itself upwards at the other crocodile with its jaws wide. Grypolyth catches sight of the frilled crocs fast approach and rolls to the side. Sarcorixis misses its target and its jaws snap shut as it breaches the water surface. Grypolyth quickly snaps it’s jaws onto its opponents back leg. Sarcorixis let’s out a pained aggravated hiss as it feels the long teeth of its opponent sink into its hide. Grypolyth holds its grip like a mousetrap even as its foe thrashes and shakes trying to break free or take a bite out of its foe. Mustering all its flexibility, Sarcorixis bends its body and slams its jaws onto the hybrids tail. Locked in between the powerful grips of each other’s mouths, neither croc is willing to relent.

Grypolyth tries to roll with its foes leg still in its jaws but the strong muscles of the appendage prove to be more difficult to sever than the animal thought. Grypolyth tries to take a readjusting bite but Sarcorixis feels the release of its jaws and takes full advantage. With a powerful pull of its head, Sarcorixis rips Grypolyth off its leg. Grypolyth whips back and forth trying to regain a hold on its opponent. Sarcorixis pulls back on its foe while trying to avoid its bites but eventually, Grpolyth snags its front foot and pulls back, ripping through the skin and tearing a couple of Sarcorixis’ fingers off. Sarcorixis let’s go of its opponent as pain overwhelms the hybrid. Sarcorixis tries to back away but Grypolyth comes in from the side and bites onto the back of its frill. Sarcorixis thrusts its head to the side and bashes it into the head of its foe breaking its grip. Grypolyth snaps again but this time at its foes body but its top jaw slams down on one of the armored spikes of Sarcorixis. Grypolyth quickly pulls back and retreats into the muddy water with Sarcorixis giving chase.

Mud kicks up behind the two monsters as they chase each other through the swampy vegetation. Grypolyth darts through the thick roots of a swamp tree and Sarcorixis follows but comes to a sudden stop as its back spikes get caught on the tough roots. Grypolyth notices its foes predicament and quickly turns to capitalize on it. Sarcorixis notices its foes change of direction and tries harder to squirm its way out. Grypolyth gains speed as Sarcorixis finally rips itself free. The momentum used to escape propels Sarcorixis foreword and causes the two crocs to slam into each other at full speed. The impact sends both of them tumbling back through the water and smashing through the tree roots. The two slowly float motionlessly away from each other. Sarcorixis stirs first and is hit with the immediate need for air and shortly later Grypolyth is in the same situation. The two surface and fill their need for oxygen. They sit at the water surface starring at each other with anger and exhaustion. Sarcorixis is the first to creep foreword. Grypolyth slowly lifts its head from the water and opens its jaws releasing a warning growl. Still, Sarcorixis moves closer with only the top of its head above the water.

Grypolyth hisses again and snaps it’s jaws which makes a large splash in the water. Sarcorixis suddenly lunges for its foe. Grypolyth to move out of the way but Sarcorixis snaps it’s jaws onto its foes limb. Grypolyth feels its bones crunch under its opponents monstrous bite but before it can make any cry of pain, Sarcorixis drags it beneath the surface. Sarcorixis swims towards the shallows while dragging Grypolyth by the arm. Grypolyth flails but it can’t get leverage over its opponent. Suddenly, Sarcorixis stops with the water sitting only a foot above their heads. The frilled crocodile rolls it’s body with Grypolyths foot still I. Its jaws. The appendage quickly and loundly pops and breaks before being ripped off completely. Blood clouds the already murky water. Sarcorixis swallows the arm rights before Grypolyth slams into him with jaws open. The slim jawed croc bites down on its foes neck and drags his opponent through the water. Sarcorixis digs its claws into the soft mud in a attempt to stop Grypolyths advance but only manages to slightly slow it down. The two explode onto the muddy swamp bank with Grypolyth keeping its grip on its foe.

Sarcorixis swings its head and tail wildly as it feels Grypolyths grip tightening by the minute. Finally, its muscular tail strikes Grypolyth in the side causing it to release its hold and back away. Sarcorixis growls and lashes its tail angrily. Grypolyth growls back indicating that neither croc will back down. Sarcorixis launches foreword with terrifying speed as Grypolyth braces for its opponents attack. Sarcorixis moves in for a bite but Grypolyth moves to the side and returns with a bite of its own to the head of Sarcorixis that holds the hybrids jaws together. Grypolyth tries to Sind its teeth into its foes snout but the tough sling on it prevents that from happening. Sarcorixis yanks its head from its opponent and tries again to bite its foe. Grypolyth catches Sarcorixis and bites down on its to jaw however, this allows Sarcorixis to in turn chomp onto its foes bottom jaw. Sarcorixis shakes its head causing the jaw bones and muscles of Grypolyth to break and snap. Sarcorixis twists itself and begins to roll and gains speed. Grypolyth tries to pull away as its bottom jaw twists around and is torn completely off. Sarcorixis tosses the mangled mush of bone and flesh to the side. Grypolyth lays in the mud barely alive as blood pools from its mouth. Sarcorixis grabs its bloody opponent by the back leg and drags the large Grypolyth into the water to never be seen again.


In all reality this match wasn’t that difficult to decide. Crocodiles main weapon is of coarse their jaws. Yes, from its parentage, Grypolyth probably should have had the stronger bite however we cannot ignore the physical traits that it possesses. Grypolyth visibly takes more influence from Gryposuchus in build and bite. No doubt its bite would be strong, but the more robust skull of Sarcorixis was better adapted for taking on larger and stronger foes. Grypolyth was more suited for pursuing fish and smaller creatures of the swamp. This meant that Grypolyth would have been out of its comfort zone against a hybrid as large and powerful as Sarcorixis. Grypolyth could still do damage but the tougher armor of its foe additionally prevented any meaningful damage from being done. In a clash between two crocodiles, the shear bulk and strength of Sarcorixis was enough to get the better of Grypolyth. The winner is Sarcorixis!

Next Time On Hybrid Fight Night…

Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. I might not get to your request immediately but all requests are considered. Thank you!


That looks like an interesting match up and great job @WarZone

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New it

Except for intelligence

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@Albertoplays111 Intelligence was pretty close too. It was very close to being a draw!

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So I kinda got it right?

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I mean with these hybrids everything is very speculative and people will see things differently but yeah you were extremely close to how I would put it. In fact, Intelligence was a very minuscule advantage in this fight and I nearly put the advantages how you had them.

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Could I request a fight after Haast vs Valkyrie 77?

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For sure! I can’t guarantee when it will come out but all requests are considered

Maybe Indotaurus vs Indoraptor? Or Sinokotaraptor vs Tarbognathus?

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Valkyrie vs Haast Maximus is pretty one sided. Valkyrie has traits that are far superior to Maximus. It’s got the better wingspan, bite, and the lightning as well. IMO, Valkyrie will take the win here.


Yea that fight doesn’t seem fair

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@RaptorJay06 and @CarChar08 I really haven’t dissected the two in each category yet. Usually I just find a match up that sounds interesting and scale those creatures to make sure one doesn’t completely outweigh the other (Haast is being scaled by the size of Argentavis). I am very excited for this next fight and I hope you both enjoy it!


Ardentismaxima vs Ardontognathus


Now that is really unfair
How about Ardontognathus vs Argenteryx


Thats better

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So it’s going to be

Haast Maximus vs. Valkyrie 77

Is that correct?

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@Andrew_Scholte That is correct

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The battle in my opinion is basically

Eagle vs glowing pigeon

Maybe you should swap it to valk 77 vs stygiD

But If you decide not to then easy valk 77 W

Since the

Are small they can dodge the Attacks so they might actually win in a way