Hybrid Fight Night 22: Haast Maximus VS Valkyrie 77

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Haast Maximus VS Valkyrie 77!

Like most birds of prey, Haast Maximus is incredibly fast. Its powerful wings propel it through the air at very high speeds. Its light bones and feathers gives Haast Maximus a wide range of maneuverability even through tight spaces. Haast Maximus can easily make sharp turns in the air and take flight within seconds despite its large size. This bird can also travel huge distances without tiring making this a very well rounded creature in this category. Valkyrie 77 is a equally powerful flying force. Despite its large size, Valkyrie can take flight without a running start which is common with pterosaurs its size. Like it’s opponent this creature is a very fast flyer. Its massive wings can carry this monster for miles at a very fast cruising speed. Valkyrie was made to rule the open skies however, its larger wingspan could restrict it in a tighter location. Valkyries larger wingspan likely makes it the faster of the two while the more conservative wingspan of Haast Maximus gives it the edge in agility leaving this category at a draw.

Haast Maximus is true titan of the skies. Maximus likely has some Argentavis DNA to increase its size considering it is supposed to be the ultimate bird. With a wingspan of 32 feet, a weight of 200 pounds, and a standing height of over 6 feet, this would be the largest bird to ever live. While not having any body armor, the build of this bird is a lot more compact and is covered by a coat of feathers that Valkyrie does not possess. Its wings, while still subject to being broken, are harder to tear apart than the leathery wings of a pterosaur. Calling Valkyrie 77 a giant would be a understatement. This pterosaur could have a wingspan of 44 feet, a height of 7 feet, and a weight of 400 pounds. This size is massive! Its large size does allow it to take a few more hits than other pterosaurs but all in all, Valkyrie has a total lack of body armor just like Haast Maximus and most of its bulk is in its wings and head leaving little in its neck and body. Valkyrie can also be permanently brought down if it’s wing membranes are badly cut or damaged. While Haast Maximus is stockier and its wings are less subject to damage, the shear size of Valkyrie is able to bring this category to a draw.

Haast Maximus takes the typical eagle arsenal and supersizes it. This creatures main weapons are its massive talons on each foot. These talons are extremely long and sharp, being used for grappling and slashing its prey. Its feet are also very strong and have a powerful grip for unfortunate prey it stumbles upon. Its most powerful attack is when it dives down at high speeds with its claws out and slam into its prey. The speed combined with its body weight does massive damage to the unfortunate victim below. Its beak is also hooked and is used to strip flesh from its prey before or after the battle has ended. Valkyrie 77 has a array of attacks that are beyond the standard pterosaur arsenal. Yes, it does have strong and sharp clawed feet and its beak is massive and lethally sharp at the end like a spear not to mention that on the inside of the beak is serrated edges giving it a shredding bite and on the each wing is a hand with long and sharp claws. What is most impressive about Valkyrie is its ability to use electricity to strengthen every attack. It can emit a strong purple pulse to knock foes back by opening is wings or clap them together on opponents with a powerful shock. It can zap foes with electricity from its feet or simply spark the electricity from anywhere else on its body. Whole these two both have strong weapons, Valkyrie certainly has the more diverse arsenal and its electrical abilities will give it the edge in attack.

As a Eagle, Haast Maximus likely has very high intelligence and problem solving skills. Its excellent senses give it a nearly perfect reading of its surroundings while also pinpointing prey and locating the perfect place to strike. Haast Maximus will be able to quickly adapt to a tough situation and analyze possible solutions. It is unlikely to use the environment to its advantage although it likely picks up smaller ground foes and drops them from high up to kill them. Valkyrie is about average in intelligence with no real special feats in this category. Everything we see of Valkyrie is just a buffed Pteranodon but that is its physical appearance. We don’t really see the intelligent side of this monster. It probably had good senses but was unlikely to strategize or enact mid battle planning. In this category, Haast Maximus’ intelligence application in combat simply out shines Valkyries more average feats.


Haast Maximus

Valkyrie 77


I would like to thank @Stygidaryx_1 for suggesting this weeks opponents! The simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!

Night falls over the desert bringing a cold chill to the dry environment. Above it all, Haast Maximus sit perched on the edge of a cliff overlooking the vast desert below. In the dark clouds overhead, a purple light pulses in the sky and catches the attention of Haast Maximus. The massive eagle opens its huge feathered wings and launches itself from the cliff side leaving a cloud of dust. Haast Maximus approaches the glowing purple light and flashes its own glowing orange feathers. As the eagle gets closer, Valkyrie 77 becomes visible with in its small electrical storm. Haast Maximus screeches at the intruder and picks up speed. Valkyrie faces its approacher. Haast Maximus bares it’s talons ready to collide with this new monster. In a flash, Valkyrie brings in its wings and opens the sending out a purple pulse that hits Haast Maximus square in the chest.

Haast Maximus is caught off guard and is pushed backwards but manages to stabilize itself. Valkyrie 77 quickly swoops down on Maximus and claps its wings on the eagle hitting the bird with a purple electric shock. Haast Maximus screeches in surprise and falls a few feet before once again stabilizing itself. Valkyrie darts downwards towards Maximus like a bullet but Maximus spins to the side causing Valkyrie to go whipping past the big bird. Valkyrie stops itself and turns to face its foe but Maximus is already the pterosaur and slams into the monster with razor sharp talons. Valkyrie screeches in surprise and then pain as the eagles claws sink into its chest. The impact sends the two spiraling downwards. Valkyrie uses its clawed hands and slashes Haast from the left and right and then stabs at Maximus with its beak. Haast Maximus lets go of its opponent to avoid the strike but the attack still grazes the eagles neck leaving a shallow wound.

Haast Maximus thrusts itself upwards with a mighty flap of its wing to avoid colliding with the ground. Valkyrie 77 turns itself upright and opens its wings are with one powerful wingbeat, Valkyrie rockets into the air with a bright electrical spark and a cloud of dust behind it. Haast Maximus dives after its opponent who is flying straight for the large eagle. Maximus readies it’s talons and Valkyrie screeches with electricity sparking around its mouth. Haast Maximus goes in to grapple with its foe but Valkyrie grabs it by the leg and sends a jolt straight into the bird. Haast Maximus screeches in rage and digs its other talon into the eye of the monstrous pterosaur. Valkyrie screams in agony and lightning explodes from its body with a bright purple pulse slamming into Haast Maximus and knocking it back again. Haast Maximus flies up in attempt to avoid its foes thunderous rage but when the eagle looks down, it is met by Valkyries blood streaked face.

Valkyrie 77 grabs Maximus by the head with its talons and shoots a electrical shock into the bird. The eagle screeches but manages to brings its own claws up to grip the feet of the attacking pterosaur. Haast sinks its talons into the legs of Valkyrie causing the pterosaur to screech and let go. Haast Maximus drops through the air but quickly finds its balance and flies back at its foe. Valkyrie darts downwards towards the eagle who dodges to the side but keeps flying. Valkyrie 77 quickly pursues Maximus and begins to gain speed. Haast Maximus flies lower and Valkyrie follows quickly behind. Valkyrie begins to snap at its foes feet but the suddenly, the eagle propels itself upwards revealing the rock side of a cliff. Valkyrie tries to stop itself but is too late and crashes into the cliff side and falls. Haast Maximus swoops up and lands on the top of the cliff to rest. The eagle looks down to verify its foes demise but instead Valkyrie flies up in front of it causing Maximus to jump back. Haast Maximus flies off the cliff top and swoops down into the valley below but Valkyrie quickly becomes visible overhead.

With one powerful thrust of its wings, Valkyrie propels itself in front of the eagle and hits the bird straight on. Haast is caught off guard as Valkyrie grabs it by the shoulders and takes off back towards the cliff. Valkyrie flies low to hit Haast Maximus against a rock. Haast squawks in surprise before being slammed head first against the rock. Valkyrie then throws the semiconscious bird against the bottom of the cliff. Haast Maximus weakly stirs as Valkyrie looks down at it. Valkyries body sparks with any electricity. The pterosaur flies upwards with its sparks getting more violent. Once high enough, Valkyrie launches itself like a missile towards the eagle. The monstrous pterosaur lights up with electricity before crashing into Haast Maximus in a explosion of dust and sparks. As the debris begins to settle, Haast Maximus’s head rises, impaled through the neck by its foes beak and hanging on by a few threads. The eagles body drops from its head and its head slowly slides off the pterosaurs bloody beak. Valkyries sparks settle as it begins to eat the downed bird.


This match was closer than expected but it also wasn’t in a lot of ways. Basing the size of Maximus off of Argentavis made it massive and and allowed it to keep up with Valkyrie. It was also more agile in the air and the smarter combatant. Unfortunately, Valkyries arsenal was simply overwhelming for the eagle. Its use of electricity in all of its weapons gave it attacks that Maximus couldn’t possibly prepare for. The electric attacks of Valkyrie also made it hard for Haast to get in close to take advantage of the pterosaurs weaker defense without receiving a shock itself. Not to mention, that Valkyrie was twice the birds weight so a talon to talon conflict would have given Valkyrie the advantage. Haast Maximus may be a beast in the skies but Valkyrie is a absolute monster. The winner is Valkyrie 77!

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Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. I might not get to your request immediately but all requests are considered. Thank you!


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Procerathomimus vs Monomimus


I expected Valkyrie to win, given its sheer strength and size, but Haast put up a good fight.

As for this one, I would say Skoona as it has more armor than Geminititan, but Gemini has the extra teeth to chomp down at Skoona, make it vulnerable to attack. I’d say that this match is pretty even, although Skoona’s armor will give it an advantage.


Valk can just electrocute Haast out of the sky.

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its a story


I am honored to have my battle request be featured.

When I came up with the battle idea I thought Hast would win but when I read about how MASSIVE Valkyrie was I knew that Valkyrie would win.
I would give this fight a 10/10

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It was a honor to do your request @Stygidaryx_1 !

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What? This isn’t a draw!

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@QuetzorionUnique Haast was more agile and Valkyrie was faster. That’s why speed/agility was a draw.

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