Hybrid Fight Night 24: Albertospinos VS Scorpios Rex Gen 3

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Albertospinos VS Scorpios Rex Gen 3!

These predators are well suited to a variety of environments. Albertospinos is a extremely fast runner and a powerful swimmer allowing it to pursue prey over many different habitats. Albertospinos often hunts along the river, most likely by ambush and the pursuing the prey item as needed. Albertospinos has good stamina and can keep a strong pace when running or swimming. Scorpios Rex Gen 3 has similar abilities in locomotion as the other 2 Scorpios Gens. This creature can run at terrifying speeds and spring itself into the air in a flash with a powerful push of its legs. In addition, this hybrid can climb trees despite its large size and traverse the branches with relative ease. It’s one slight set back is its skull deformity. This creatures imperfect genetics could obstruct the respiratory performance of this hybrid giving it a lower stamina. Despite this, Scorpios Rex Gen 3 is likely the faster of the two and its ability to climb and jump gives it the edge over the amphibious Albertospinos in agility.

Albertospinos is a medium to large predatory hybrid that grows to about 31 feet in length, 12 feet in height, and 4 tons in weight. This spinosaur has excellent stability with its wide stance and ability to drop on all fours for additional balance. Albertospinos is also has a tough and thick crocodile-like armor over its back, hips, neck, and tail. This armor may not be as durable as that of a ankylosaur, but it can still take a barrage of punishment and lessen the impact of what would be devastating attacks. It is also relevant to this battle to note the possible resistance that this creature has to venoms and pathogens. Albertospinos could have inherited the powerful immune system that is seen in modern crocodiles to protect it from these harmful substances. Scorpios Rex Gen 3 is slightly smaller at 26 feet in length, 12 feet in height, and 1 ton in weight. While lighter weight, Scorpios still has bony armor covering its neck, tail, and back that is extremely tough. The rest of this hybrid remains exposed to attack although even then, its skin is very tough and can withstand a good amount of damage on its own. In this category, the bulkier Albertospinos with the greater armor coverage will take the edge.

Albertospinos is incredibly powerful and efficient with its arsenal. This hybrid is armed with massive claws attached to long and muscular arms. A swipe of these claws can not only cut into prey, but also grip and tear flesh due to their curved shape. Additionally, Albertospinos has a more robust skull than most other spinosaurs. The Kaprosuchus and Albertosaurus DNA has given this hybrid a immensely powerful bite that can crush through bone and tissues. Kaprosuchus DNA also gave Albertospinos very large and strong that add a additional punch to its already powerful bite. Scorpios Rex Gen 3 is a terrifying abomination of freakish weaponry and abnormalities. This hybrid has very long arms and legs that give it a great attacking range. On each hand, this hybrid has razor sharp claws and on each inner toe, it has a large toe claw that can stab or slash opponents when this creature delivers a powerful kick. The Gorgosaurus DNA doesn’t seem to help improve this hybrids skull deformity thus leaving this creature with a fairly weak yet painful bite overall. Its most lethal weapon is its quills on its tail. These quills can deliver a deadly toxin that is more powerful than that of Scorpios Gen 1 and 2. This toxin causes severe internal bleeding and neurological impairment that kills prey within only a few hours. Both are powerful predators but the dangerous quills and outrageous range of weaponry gives Scorpios Rex Gen 3 the attack advantage.

Albertospinos is very intelligent and environmentally aware. This predator is able to take the advantage in multiple habitats and will be able to strategize in each one. This high intelligence likely come from the Utahraptor DNA that allows it to think quickly and perform complex problem solving. The presence of strong predatory theropod influence probably helps this creature further in this category and overrides the more instinctual Kaprosuchus pieces. Scorpios Rex Gen 3 has a horrible and broken mind. It has a variety of mental struggles that make it very unpredictable in battle. Years of torment as a lab subject and simply the inexperience in creating hybrids at the time created a creature that is a monster in constant mental anguish. This unstable mind could help this creature in a fight due to its unnatural lack of control and self regard. In this category, Albertospinos is drastically more stable minded and in control of its faculties giving it superiority in intelligence.



Scorpios Rex Gen 3


I would like to thank @JWAmammadYT for suggesting this weeks opponents! The simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!

Dusk sets over the rainforest as a small stream gently spills over a short rock ledge and into a shallow pool of clear water. Within the pool, a Albertospinos rests peacefully half submerged in the water as birds chirp in the trees. Suddenly, the birds rush wildly from the vegetation as the leaves shake and branches crack. The sudden noise causes Albertospinos to rise from water and stare with eyes darting across the tree line. Through a gap in the leaves, Albertospinos catches the movement of its stalker and roars. A long shriek echos back and Scorpios Rex Gen 3 explodes out of the trees at the spinosaur. Albertospinos roars in surprise as Scorpios slams into his side and knocks him back down into the pool. Scorpios Rex Gen 3 springs off its opponent and skids onto the other side of the water. Albertospinos is quick to recover and faces Scorpios Rex Gen 3 who roars and jumps towards its foe again. Albertospinos braces itself.

Scorpios Rex Gen 3 hits feet first onto the back of Albertospinos who drops to all fours before throwing its weight back against its opponent. Scorpios Rex Gen 3 is launched off of the spinosaur and lands hard in the water. Albertospinos charges its opponent but Scorpios quickly gets its feet under itself and jumps out of the way. Scorpios Rex Gen 3 lands before springing itself back towards its opponent. Scorpios raises its arm to slash its opponents face but Albertospinos catches the creatures raised limb in its jaws, spins around, and slams Scorpios Gen 3 into the rocky ledge that the water trickles off of. Scorpios Rex Gen 3 roars in pain and kicks out with its leg, hitting Albertospinos square in the chest knocking him back. Scorpios Rex Gen 3 goes in for a tail swipe but Albertospinos ducks under it and launches foreword with a powerful slash of its claw across the side of its opponents neck. Scorpios pulls back but Albertospinos is on him and delivers another powerful slash directly on top of its foes head.

Scorpios Rex Gen 3 screeches in pain and leaps on top of the rocky ledge that the water pours over nearly slipping in the process. Albertospinos steps away from its opponent fearing for the next attack but it doesn’t come. Scorpios Rex Gen 3 just stares at its opponent and draws in its snarling breaths. Albertospinos growls but Scorpios continues to stare seemingly unfazed by its foe. Albertospinos takes a step foreword and Scorpios Rex Gen 3 snaps. The monstrous creature shrieks its horrible cry and leaps at its opponent. Albertospinos grabs Scorpios by the leg mid air and goes to slam the quilled dinosaur into the water but Scorpios Rex Gen 3 kicks Albertospinos in the side of the head with its other leg, freeing itself. Scorpios Rex Gen 3 slams into the water in a giant splash. Albertospinos rushes towards the seemingly downed Gen 3 but is surprised when Scorpios quickly turns and pounces at the spinosaur. Scorpios Rex Gen 3 grabs Albertospinos by the neck and slashes into its shoulder and face with its claws. Albertospinos roars in agony as its opponent rapidly attack with rapid scratches and cuts to its thick hide. One slash digs into the eye socket if the spinosaur and rips the eye out.

Albertospinos screams and twists in agony while lashing out with its own claws. Scorpios holds its grip but begins to slip. Albertospinos digs its claws into its opponents neck and pushes Scorpios Rex Gen 3 roughly away leaving a few of Scorpios’ teeth embedded in its hide. Albertospinos shakes its head half blinded and trying to clear the pain. Scorpios Rex Gen 3 runs in and whips its tail across its foes back but not a single quill penetrates the tough hide of Albertospinos. Albertospinos roars and rams its head into Its foes chest. Scorpios flies backwards into the water again. As Scorpios rises, Albertospinos runs in and slashes Scorpios Rex Gen 3 across the flank causing the monster to stumble back but keep its balance. Albertospinos comes in yet again for another attack but Scorpios Rex Gen 3 kicks Albertospinos in the side and drags its toe claw across it leaving a bloody gash. Albertospinos roars and Scorpios Rex Gen 3 seizes the opportunity to slash its foe on the hip. Albertospinos whips around and hits Scorpios Rex Gen 3 back with its tail as blood drips into the water from its head and side. Albertospinos roars with rage and agony and Scorpios Rex Gen 3 shrieks back. The two run at each other at full speed.

Scorpios jumps to the side and slashes Albertospinos in the neck but the spinosaur is quick to return the favor with a bite to the shoulder of Scorpios Rex Gen 3. The bones of the Gen 3 crunch as Albertospinos shakes its massive head and tears the limb completely off. Scorpios Rex Gen 3 screams horrifically in agony and claws its opponent across the snout. Albertospinos takes a step back and Scorpios Rex Gen 3 whips its tail around yet again but Albertospinos also one again ducks beneath the attack. The spinosaur lunges and bites onto Scorpios Rex Gen 3’s remaining arm and yanks back, ripping the bone and tissue and severing the appendage. Scorpios Rex Gen 3 cries out with blood pouring from its sides but its cry is cut short when Albertospinos grabs him by the neck and throws him against the rocky ledge. Scorpios Rex Gen 3 releases a agonized and pitiful cry as Albertospinos places a foot on its chest and slashes the quilled dinosaur across the face. Another slash hits the other side and then another. The attacks come from left and right. Blood and teeth fly in all directions, bones break and flesh is torn away. Albertospinos backs away and Scorpios Rex Gen 3 slumps into the water with a lifeless body and a unrecognizable face. Albertospinos let’s out a triumphant roar that echos through the rainforest.


This match was tough! On one hand, you have Albertospinos who is physically stronger and more mentally composed than Scorpios Rex Gen 3 but on the other hand, you have the faster and more agile Scorpios Rex Gen 3 with its lethally toxic quills. This being said, Scorpios didn’t hold a particularly huge advantage in Speed and Agility. Sure, it’s jumping and climbing ability could surprise Albertospinos at times but Albertospinos could still keep up. As for the quills of Scorpios Rex Gen 3, there was just too much against it. The tough hide of Albertospinos could have been able to stop the quills from entering the bloodstream and even if that happened, Albertospinos might have been able to fight off the toxins on its own with its powerful immune system. But, let’s say that Scorpios Gen 3 does get the toxin into its foe. Even then, Albertospinos outweighs Scorpios by 3 tons and would probably be able to kill Scorpios Rex Gen 3 before the toxins finally killed it. There was simply too many lines that the toxin would have to cross to be considered substantially viable in this fight. Ultimately, the intelligent and physically superior Albertospinos was able to get the better of the frailer Scorpios Rex Gen 3 and its dangerous quills. The winner is Albertospinos!

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Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. I might not get to your request immediately but all requests are considered. Thank you!


I figured Albertospinos would win due to the larger size, but the Scorpios was certainly a worthy opponent for the River Dragon.

As for this, I would say Giganocephalus due to size and power, but Ankylodicurus does have those spikes on its armor, and I don’t know the size of Ankylodicurus.


I guess at about 15 feet and 2 to 3 tons

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Great fight as usual
Still waiting for Ardontognathus vs Argenteryx

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Albertospinos wins!!!

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It’s not even gonna be a fair fight. Giganocephalus just outclasses Anky except for maybe intelligence and slight speed. But that isn’t gonna matter when Giga can just one shot the Anky while Anky can’t do anything back because of how much worse his range and weapons are. Plus what would even be their reason to fight? Giganocephalus seems to be a pure herbivore in diet, and Ankylodicurus would likely just be either ignored by Giganocephalus or Giganocephalus would intimidate Ankylodicurus. It’s just not a good match up all around. There is way too clear of a winner (Giganocephalus is 30 feet long and 4 tons, Anky seems to be way smaller than that) and no good way to start off the fight. I’d say if you want to do something with either of these, I’d have Giganocephalus go against Giganyx, and if Ankylodicurus was picked I’d go with something like Thylacotator or Smilocephalosaurus/Smilonemys. But it’s not my series, so I can’t pick and choose. These are just what I think of the next match up.


I am glad you enjoyed the fight! Argenteryx VS Ardontognathus is scheduled a little later at the moment. Right now it is looking like it will come out around August or September. I do really like the matchup and I am excited for it I just have a lot of fights to do this year.

Yes I knew you could do it my boi


Some battles will appear to be more mismatched than others especially ones that are requested. When doing battles with herbivores or any creature for that matter, they will have to be a lot more aggressive than usual for a fight to the death and some interactions may not be on point for realism. As for Giganocephalus VS Ankylodicurus, all I strive for is to write up a battle that can make some people happy and explain my reasonings the best I can while having fun with the match overall. I appreciate your input and it will be noted for future battles!

Mismatched battles are fine, most people enjoy an underdog story. And me pointing out how the fight starts was just more me ranting than actually making a genuine point, as this is a series about fights between Dinos. Just my personal issue with Giganocephalus v Ankylodicurus is that it doesn’t seem like its gonna be a good fight. This is like taking a 150 pound semi professional boxer and placing him up against a 450 pound tank of a man with the heavyweight championship belt. It just seems less like a fight and more like a mauling. I have written fights myself a couple times, and they are fun. But this really doesn’t seem like a fun fight for both sides, reader and writer. I mean yeah some people may enjoy a quick and simple “BAP” and the guy wins, but with how this series seems to operate, I don’t think many will. Of course I may be wrong on this completely, I’m just a guy on the internet. Who knows. But good luck to writing out this fight good sir.

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I would recommend a fight between Indotaurus and Indoraptor


that’s a pretty close match up

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Ankylocodon vs Magnapyritor


Velociraptor and dieno

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Only hybrid creatures


I have another good one:

Giganyx vs Erlikogamma.


Alloraptor vs Tryostronix please?!?
This one is for you @RaptorJay06 since you’ve been waiting a long time for an alloraptor fight


Yes I have, and I still am.

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@CarChar08 and @RaptorJay06 thank you for your patience. I can promise you both Alloraptor has a match scheduled. It will be later in the year but I assure you I will not let one of my favorite hybrids be passed by.


Awesome! Can’t wait to see my boy (possibly) win!

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