Hybrid Fight Night 26: Phorurex VS Troodoboa

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Phorurex VS Troodoboa!

In terms of speed and agility, Phorurex performs exceptionally. This light-footed terror bird has very long and powerful legs that give it a lengthy and powerful stride. Phorurex reaches its top speeds on open flat land but can also quickly weave between obstacles in its path if necessary. This flightless bird can also jump a short distance into the air to help it avoid attacks and quickly deliver a strike of its own. Troodoboa is a very fast snake that is light weight and incredibly flexible. Troodoboa may not have the fastest speed in long distance but in close quarters, it is a different story. Troodoboa can strike in the blink of an eye or quickly coil around its foe before they even realize it. Troodoboa is a ambush hunter so these quick burst of movement serve this creature well. These two are both very fast and agile in their own ways but Phorurex is able to reacher faster speeds over a longer distance while still having high quality feats of agility giving it the upper hand in this category.

As a speedy pursuit predator, it makes sense that Phorurex would have to make sacrifices in size and bulk. At 6 feet tall, 8 feet long, and 300-350 pounds, Phorurex is a lightweight. Its bones are not very dense which is good for speed but not so much in defense. It has a little bulk from its hadrosaur parentage and Dracorex was fairly sturdy as well but it seems to be influenced more by the lighter terror bird build. Phorurex does have spikes lining its back which could prevent some damage but its main strategy in combat is going to be evasion instead of absorbing repeated blows. Troodoboa is smaller than most snakes in Jurassic World Alive but still rivals its opponent. Troodoboa can grow to 21 feet in length, 500 pounds in weight, and can raise a third of its body off the ground giving it a maximum head height of 7 feet. Troodoboa doesn’t have much in terms of body armor either. This snake protects itself through intimidation with its feathered ornamentation around its head. Its body can be hard to damage just due to how long it is. Its length and lack of limbs can make it difficult to cripple this hybrid without a direct strike to the head. In this battle, the heavier Troodoboa takes the edge in defense with its less noticeable weak spots.

Phorurex is a predator that brings swift and strong attacks. This monster bird has a diverse array of combat tools. To start, its long legs end in clawed feet that can be used to deliver strong kicks with its powerful legs or slash prey open in a flash. This hybrid is also armed with a hooked beak that can be used to bite, tear, or slash its foes giving this weapon a large range of utility. This murder bird also has a tough and durable plate over the top of its head with spikes jutting from the back. This thick top on its head allows it to deliver strong headbutts or jab at foes with the spiky back of its head. Troodoboa has the typical serpent arsenal. This hybrid has a mouth of long and curved teeth giving it a strong grip on whatever it is attacking. Once it is latched onto its prey, it wraps its muscular body around its victim and squeezes the unfortunate creature to death by restricting breathing and the blood flow to the brain. Troodoboa is capable of striking in the blink of an eye which can catch even the fastest foes off guard. These two both have very different types of weapons but the more unique and diverse weaponry of Phorurex gives the terror bird the advantage in attack.

As a pursuit predator, Phorurex would need to have some knowledge of its opponents weak spots so it could bring them down fast. However, while not the least intelligent herbivores, Dracorex and Maiasaura probably don’t offer much in this category meaning Phorurex probably couldn’t make very complex strategies or enact quick thinking mid-battle. Troodoboa is shockingly intelligent for a snake. Being half Troodon has allowed Troodoboa to be a fiercely cunning hybrid. Troodoboa can target weakness and also strategize and learn during the battle although it could take some time considering that is other components were not exceptional in intelligence on their own. With its intelligence boost, Troodoboa can strike with more precision and in more vulnerable areas. In intelligence, both hybrids can target weaknesses but Troodoboa has significantly greater analytical and strategical abilities giving the intelligence advantage to the snake.





Our combatants are ready and the simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!

Phorurex scours through a seemingly endless field of tall, dry grass in the pursuit of prey that a recent drought has made scarce. A strong wind blows over the grass in waves and ruffles the feathers of the terror bird. Phorurex takes long and slow steps making sure to not disturb a possible prey item. Movement suddenly catches the birds eye. A vibrant green tail slides slowly between the tall blades of grass. Wasting no time, Phorurex pounces and grabs the tail with its hooked beak. The terror bird pulls back but only yanks out more of the tail. Phorurex stares for a moment in confusion. Behind the terror bird, Troodoboa’s head rises from the field flaring it’s feathering angrily. Baring its fangs, Troodoboa goes in for a strike but Phorurex hops to the side barely in time to miss the attack. Troodoboa turns and hisses with agitation and flashing its fangs. Phorurex squawks back and then launches towards the snake with its head down.

Phorurex is quickly on the snake but just as quickly, Troodoboa dodges the attack which sends the terror bird flying by. The feathered serpent turns around on the bird and goes in for a bite but Phorurex turns around at the same time to bash Troodoboa just behind the head with its reinforced skull. Troodoboa hisses in pain and surprise as the spikes behind its foes head jam into its hide like nails. The green snake pulls back and shakes its head in pain. Phorurex starts to circle its opponents slowly. Troodoboa curls up defensively with its head and body raised to strike. Phorurex begins to trot around its opponent but then quickly turns to a full on sprint as it closes the distance between itself and Troodoboa. The terror bird darts in behind the green snake and slashes into its foes coiled body with its beak. Troodoboa quickly whips around and strikes at the bird who tries to dodge the attack but is struck hard in the side by the snakes sharp fangs. The impact sends Phorurex off balance and tumbling across the ground.

Troodoboa quickly slithers over to the downed bird and goes in for a strike but Phorurex rolls over and slashes Troodoboa across the nose with its foot. Troodoboa hisses in pain but Phorurex once again slashes the snake across the nose and then pecks Troodoboa in the eye with its beak. Troodoboa hisses in agony and rage with blood dripping down the front of its mouth. Phorurex gets up and screeches at its foe. Troodoboa hisses back with its mouth wide and fangs out. The terror bird leaps at the feathered serpent who dodges the attack and turns on Phorurex and bites down on its neck. Phorurex screams as it feels the long sharp fangs of its opponent dig into its neck. Phorurex kicks wildly in a panic as Troodoboa struggles to hold it still. The snake tries to wrap its coils over its thrashing foe but the birds clawed feet strike the snakes underbelly and opens a deep gash. Phorurex then kicks off Troodoboa’s body which propels the monster bird backwards and away from its attacker.

Phorurex lands on its feet but right when it hits the ground, Troodoboa lashes out with a strike that hits the bird square in the chest. Phorurex stumbles back with blood oozing from where the fangs dug into its flesh. Troodoboa moves in with its tongue flicking in and out of its mouth ready to strike again. Phorurex backs away slowly and squawks a warning but Troodoboa doesn’t slow its pace. The terror bird scratches the ground and lowers its spiked head. Troodoboa stops as Phorurex charges forward. Right as Phorurex gets in close, Troodoboa lowers its head to the ground. Phorurex screeches in surprise as its foot hits the side of the snakes body causing the bird to trip and land face first into the ground. Troodoboa looks down on the bird with analytical eyes as it opens its mouth ready to strike. Phorurex slowly stirs but is able to catch its foes coming strike in its peripheral vision and rolls out of the way of the strike just in time. Troodoboa’s sharp teeth miss and scrape across the dry dirt. Phorurex quickly gets up and lunges at its foe and slashes just behind the reptiles head. Troodoboa quickly turns trying to grab the bird with its mouth but receives a kick to the lower jaw instead. Anger boils within the serpent.

Phorurex prepares for another kick but Troodoboa thrusts its head foreward and hits the bird in the hip. Agony shoots through the avian monster as the snakes fangs hook in and rip out of its flesh. Troodoboa wastes no time and strikes again in the birds side which knocks Phorurex over. Troodoboa strikes repeatedly, ripping into the birds body and hip until Phorurex catches the snakes with a slash across the eye. Troodoboa hisses and Phorurex lies there weak and bloody, preparing for the next strike which doesn’t come. Phorurex shakily gets to its feet and takes a limping step forward and looks around. Troodoboa has seemingly disappeared. Phorurex hobbles painfully forward as a shadow looms over him. Right as the bird turns to see the shadows source, Troodoboa grabs it by the throat with its jaws and coils its body around its opponents own body and neck. Phorurex let’s out a weak squawk of surprise before Troodoboa twists its head around and snaps Phorurex’s neck with a swift crack. The birds head drops to the ground with a light thud. Troodoboa in coils itself and begins to swallow Phorurex head first.


These two creatures were vicious and fast in battle. Both hybrids could attack extremely quickly but only one could withstand a drawn out battle. Phorurex was forced to keep its distance and avoid close combat throughout the fight due to its frail build. Yes, Phorurex was fast and could dodge most attacks with ease. However, Troodoboa’s strikes were equally as fast if not faster and in a drawn out battle where Phorurex has to come in for multiple attacks, the chances of the terror bird dodging every one is slim. This strike in run tactic that Phorurex had contrasted greatly with Troodoboa who only needed to get one good grip on the bird to end the fight. Phorurex did have a wider array of weapons but the intelligence Troodoboa prevented the snake from being surprised by its foes unique arsenal. Phorurex put up a good fight but couldn’t keep up when forced to go for a longer battle. The winner is Troodoboa!

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Troodoboa was just having a sparring day with its lunch.
As for these two, they’re almost equals, but I’d say the win would go to Allosinosaurus, due to it have the larger jaw, and the head horn for charging at Pachy.


again, this was most unfair fight but rather interesting,
maybe the fight should have been dilophoboa vs troodoboa,
which seems almost equal,

As for allosino vs pachygalosaur, i honestly think that pachygalosaur has it notched,

A even match would have been thoradolosaur vs pachygalosaurus

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I love how when Phorurex stepped on Troodo’s tail it was like “Oi! That’s mah tail your steppin on!”


Alloraptor vs Spinoraptor


Arctovasilias vs Megistocurus


Rhinoprotodon vs Arctalces
Coelhaast vs Ankylodactylus
Ardontognathus vs Argenteryx
Thylaconyx vs Cerazinosaurus


Harry Potter Vibes

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That Phorurex gets on my nerves. Just die already!!! Leave my green snek alone!


I would like to see Giganyx vs Thylaconyx, the battle of the nyxes.

as well as Cerazinosaurus vs Erindominus