Hybrid Fight Night 27: Pachygalosaurus VS Allosinosaurus

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Pachygalosaurus VS Allosinosaurus!

With a stocky build and heavy weight, Pachygalosaurus probably isn’t the fastest predator on the scene. This bipedal carnivore can keep a steady pace when in pursuit of prey but any feats of extreme agility such as jumping are entirely out of the equation. Allosinosaurus is a little bit more lightweight and streamlined than its opponent while still having strong and muscular legs and tail. This hybrid has a long stride and can reach fairly quick speeds while also being fairly nimble for a hybrid of its mass although jumping was also not possible for this creature. Pachygalosaurus is a dense and muscular predator but this massive bulk slows this creature in this category giving the lighter and nimbler Allosinosaurus the edge in speed and agility.

Pachygalosaurus is a fairly large and bulky predator at 28 feet long, 10 feet tall, and 4 tons in weight. Pachygalosaurus has extremely thick hide that can help negate some damage in a fight. It is also armed with a bony frill that extends from the back of the hybrids head and partially covers the robust neck of the dinosaur. Large spikes also poke out from this creatures back giving some defense to its spine. Pachygalosaurus also has a wide stance and strong legs which gives it great stability. Allosinosaurus is the more lightweight predator at 27 feet long, 10 feet tall, and 3 tons in weight. Allosinosaurus is slightly beefier than the Allosaurus and also has a thicker hide. Like it’s opponent, this hybrid also has a frill although it is thinner and sticks almost straight up which does protect the neck. This being said, Allosinosaurus has large, tough armored spikes covering its neck for protection anyway. These two are similar and can both take a lot of punishment but the extra ton of bulk gives Pachygalosaurus the slight edge in defense.

As strong predatory dinosaurs, these two have great methods of taking down their prey. Pachygalosaurus has a mouth filled with strong and sharp teeth which are back up by powerful jaws. At the front of these jaws is additionally a sharp beak that can help the hybrid grip its prey or tear away flesh when eating. The top of its skull is very thick on this hybrid and covered in spikes. This coupled with its wide frill creates a powerful ramming attack. Unlike either of its components, Pachygalosaurus uses its muscular tail in combat to swat and smack away attackers from behind. Allosinosaurus has a different attack method. Its teeth are sharp and serrated. Instead of holding onto prey, Allosinosaurus would tear flesh from its foe to cause shock and blood loss. Allosinosaurus could also open its mouth very wide which means that using its head and jaw like an axe isn’t impossible as some believed that Allosaurus did. Allosinosaurus is also ornamented with a blunt nose horn and other smaller bumps and spikes on the skull that aid the creature when smashing into its prey head first. These hybrids both have similar charging weapons and they both know how to utilize their biting attacks effectively giving the attack category a draw.

Neither of these hybrids had great intelligence. Being made of ceratopsian DNA can bring these two down quite a bit. Megalosaurus and Allosaurus were also probably not quick thinkers in the heat of battle and probably drove off of instinct more. It is worth noting that Allosinosaurus does have some sort of social behavior when it butts heads with other member of its species which shows some level of intelligence. This being said, in combat, these two are brawlers not thinkers. They probably will not strategize beyond basic predatory instinct. Intelligence goes to a draw as well.





Our combatants are ready and the simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!

Rain and wind slam against the windshield of a Semi truck hauling two large cargo trailers. The driver speeds over the wet road trying to escape the powerful storm as soon as possible. The trees around the truckers path shake and rattle as lightning flashes across the night sky. Suddenly, a large tree crashes down across the road. The driver slams on the breaks and whips the vehicle to the side but it’s too late. The truck hits the tree sideways and flips onto its side. The vehicle skids for a while with a metallic screech before coming to a stop. The driver lays passed out against door. The impact looser the latch on the trailer doors. Frantic banging suddenly shakes the rear container and the doors fly off and scrape across the ground. Allosinosaurus steps out and shakes its head. At the same time the driver has gained consciousness is crawling out of the passenger door. Allosinosaurus looms over the man who falls out of the vehicle and hits the concrete hard. The driver looks up in horror as lightning illuminates the hybrids face and serrated teeth.

Allosinosaurus moves in to eat the driver but a loud bang followed by the tearing of metal causes Allosinosaurus to turn away. Pachygalosaurus emerges from the front trailer with one of the doors stuck on one of its head spikes. With a toss of its head, Pachygalosaurus throws the torn metal door into the trees and roars at the other theropod. Allosinosaurus looks back at the driver who has already run off a good distance down the road. Allosinosaurus roars and growls angrily as Pachygalosaurus steps forward. The two slowly begin to circle each other in the poaring rain. They both roar and growl a warning to back off but neither abides. With a boom of thunder, Pachygalosaurus rushes forward and bites onto the top of Allosinosaurus’ head. Allosinosaurus pushes Pachygalosaurus away and the two lower their heads and bash into each other. The impact rattles through their bodies as their feet scrape against the pavement. They push against each other with all their strength until Allosinosaurus slips and is pushed back onto the hard road.

Allosinosaurus cries out as its head smack the concrete hard. Pachygalosaurus lenses for its opponents neck but Allosinosaurus rolls over to avoid the attack, gets up, and rams into Pachygalosaurus head to head. Pachygalosaurus stumbles back and roars but its foe is quickly on him. Allosinosaurus bashes Pachygalosaurus in the side of the head with its skull and bites down its bulkier opponent. Pachygalosaurus roars, feeling serrated teeth dig into its flesh. Allosinosaurus lifts its foes leg off the ground causing Pachygalosaurus to hop twice before crashing against the trailer that once confined it. Pachygalosaurus collapses and cries out in anguish as Allosinosaurus tears away at its foes thigh leaving a bloody gash. Allosinosaurus backs up and slams into the side Pachygalosaurus, which pushes him roughly against the trailer. Pachygalosaurus roars again in pain and uses its foot to push Allosinosaurus away. Lightning flashes and thunder booms as Pachygalosaurus slowly gets up while stepping carefully on its bleeding leg.

Allosinosaurus doesn’t waste time and charges towards its slowly rising opponent but is met with a swipe from the tail of Pachygalosaurus. Allosinosaurus dodges the attack and rams Pachygalosaurus in the chest which pins the bulky theropod against the trailer again. Pachygalosaurus roars angrily and bites down onto its opponents frill. Using its powerful neck muscles, Pachygalosaurus turns and smashes its foes head against the large metal container. Allosinosaurus roars and tries to break free from its attacker but the beak of Pachygalosaurus is firmly hooked around one of its frill holes. Allosinosaurus thrashes wildly and Pachygalosaurus thrusts its head downward which puts its opponents chin roughly against the pavement. The impact also breaks off a corner piece of the frill of Allosinosaurus. Allosinosaurus shrieks and quickly gets up with blood sliding down its broken frill and onto its face. Allosinosaurus shakes its head but is then quickly whacked in the face by its opponents tail. Allosinosaurus stumbles back and Pachygalosaurus charges in but a large branch blows off from the wind and hits Pachygalosaurus in the face.

Allosinosaurus roars and rushes its opponent. Pachygalosaurus tries to bite the approacher but Allosinosaurus sidesteps and bites into the back of its opponent. Pachygalosaurus roars and tries to shake its foe off with little success. Allosinosaurus shakes its head and rips its head back. Blood splatters onto the ground and Pachygalosaurus stumbles back panting and blinded with pain. Allosinosaurus goes for another bite but Pachygalosaurus deflects the attack with a hit of its tail. Allosinosaurus shakes its head but Pachygalosaurus takes it by surprise with a bite to the throat. Allosinosaurus gasps as its foe throws it hard onto the truck, smashing half the vehicle and shattering every window. Allosinosaurus stirs weakly. Pachygalosaurus grabs its foe by the neck and slams the head of Allosinosaurus against the hood of the Semi repeatedly. Allosinosaurus can only utter grunt as the hood is dented. Crunches and splatters echo off the vehicle as blood and teeth are beaten out of Allosinosaurus. Pachygalosaurus lifts his foes head which reveals a huge blood covered dent. Allosinosaurus is dropped on the concrete with a wet thud. Its tongue hangs loosely from its sparsely toothed maw. Pachygalosaurus drags its downed victim by the tail into the woods as thunder rolls overhead.


These were two very strong and tough combatants. While appearing similar on the outside, these two had their differences. Allosinosaurus was the frailer combatant but its speed and serrated teeth worked well together and allowed it to take some sizable chunks out of its foe. Pachygalosaurus was simply a brute. It was stronger and bulkier, capable of knocking its opponent around. It may have been slower than Allosinosaurus but if it cornered or got a good grip on Allosinosaurus, the battle would quickly swing in the favor of Pachygalosaurus. Sure, the speed and agility allowed Allosinosaurus to get in more bites but Pachygalosaurus’ tough hide allowed it to take more hits until it could get the strike it needed. Also, in a head to head collision between the two, higher weight and overall density would make Pachygalosaurus the likely victor of that conflict. Allosinosaurus was a fearsome combatant but the raw and brutal strength of Pachygalosaurus gave it the win. The winner is Pachygalosaurus!

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Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. I might not get to your request immediately but all requests are considered. Thank you!


Love the story


This one was a tough one, I genuinely thought Allosinosaurus would win because it was larger and had the stronger jaw.

As for this one, I would say Smilonemys easily simply because it has a ton more armor than Andrewtops, and has fangs that can cause serious damage to the red fury.


I got Andrew for the next fight due to Smilonemys not having vulnerable immunity/resistance and also 2 out of 4 of Andrews abilities are armor piercing. But I like Smilonemys more altogether


Could you do cerazinosaurus vs albertospinus? Those two are probably my favorite hybrids and I’d love to see them go head to head

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Awesome fight,
could you manage an fight between : Dracoceratops vs Utarinex

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From a realistic perspective wich these are about probably andrewtops. In real life his armor and stronger bite force would take out Smilonemys


Giganyx vs Mammolania ig


I don’t know if he’s already done this, but Magnapyritor vs Indotaurus