Hybrid Fight Night 28: Andrewtops VS Smilonemys

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Andrewtops VS Smilonemys!

Andrewtops may no look like a very fast hunter but it can keep pretty quick pace for a while. Andrewtops was heavy but still could pull off quick turns while in pursuit. While fairly quick footed, Andrewtops was not able to make bounding leaps and jumps in combat. Smilonemys was significantly more agile being able to leap onto prey and pursue unfortunate creatures with great speed. However, it is possible that Smilonemys runs out of stamina relatively quickly meaning that it will have only a certain amount of time to close in on its prey. Andrewtops can max out at respectable top speed but Smilonemys, despite its low stamina, will take the advantage in Speed and Agility with its faster pace and lighter feet.

The Andrewtops is a very strong predatory mammal that can grow to 8 feet long, 4 feet tall, and weigh up to 1,200 pounds. On top of this, Andrewtops has a very thick and rough hide and in some places like the head, hips, and shoulders, light armor protects this creature. With its dense build and robust, muscular limbs, Andrewtops can be a tough foe to tackle. Smilonemys also stands at 4 feet tall but is only 7 feet long and 800 pounds in weight. This creature has plated armor running from its head, down its back, and down its legs. This armor protects this creatures sides but doesn’t cover the animals underbelly. Despite the fur on the animals stomach, the underside of this animal is basically unprotected. In this category Andrewtops is the bigger and heavier combatant but Smilonemys has the more durable armor which puts this category at a equilibrium.

If looks could kill, the world would live in fear of Andrewtops. However, this super hybrids fearsome weaponry is more than enough to bring down tough and armored prey. Andrewtops has powerful jaws with large canine teeth that help it grip prey and puncture deep into vital areas like the throat. The raw strength behind the jaws of Andrewtops is incredible. The bite of this creature can break bone, rip tissues, and even crack the armor of its prey. Andrewtops doesn’t have the most useful forelimbs but they can be used to pin down struggling prey while its jaws do the work. It’s hard no to notice the killing weapons of Smilonemys. Those long fangs can pierce the neck of much larger prey and bring them down. However, Smilonemys would usually pin prey with its strong arms and claws first so it doesn’t risk breaking its fangs on a thrashing opponent. Its claws could also slash and swat away attackers. Another weapon is its highly armored and durable skull which it can use to ram opponents with a powerful strike. While Andrewtops arsenal may be sturdier and less reliant on precision, you can’t deny the diversity and lethality of Smilonemys’ weaponry. Attack goes to a draw.

These two really aren’t that intelligent. Sure, Smilonemys knows to reserve its fangs for the softer parts of its prey but when it comes to quick thinking and advanced strategy, neither of these creatures are going to be able to use either. These two are very instinct driven and certainly have great senses which allow them to track their prey. Andrewtops and Smilonemys have their respective weapons and they know how to use them. These guys may not be able to perform complex thinking or enact premeditated strategies but they are still effective and respectable hunters. Intelligence is a draw.





Our combatants are ready and the simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!

The sun sets into the ocean bringing dusk to the sandy beaches. On the shore, Andrewtops bites into a washed up Archelon that has died on the beach a few days ago. The flies and the rancid smell of rotting flesh doesn’t phase the monstrous mammal. A breeze blows in from the sea and rattles the forest of palm trees that clear right before the beach line. With the rustling vegetation Andrewtops is unaware that another predator has caught its scent. Smilonemys slowly prowls closer from behind. Andrewtops, who is still occupied with the turtle carcass, remains oblivious. The armored cat pounces and lands on the back of Andrewtops and digs in its claws. Startled, Andrewtops roars, opening its bloody maw. The monstrous mammal bucks and then rolls over which smashes Smilonemys against the sand causing it to loose its grip.

Before Smilonemys can even get its feet on the ground, Andrewtops grabs the big cat by the back of its armored neck and shakes it. Smilonemys cries out in a panic but manages to find its footing. The big cat lashes out with its claws and hooks the inside of its foes front leg and tears a gash. Andrewtops howls in pain and releases the armored cat. Smilonemys takes a few mock swipes causing Andrewtops to back away. The cat then lowers its head and throws itself at its opponent. Andrewtops doesn’t react in time and the two clash in a head to head collision. However, Andrewtops’ larger weight absorbs the impact and knocks Smilonemys back instead. Andrewtops shakes its head as Smilonemys lands on its feet. The two face each other and growl bearing their fangs. Suddenly, Andrewtops lunges for a bite but Smilonemys jumps to the side before pouncing on its foes hip. The big cat opens its mouth wide and takes a bite.

Smilonemys only gets its fangs halfway into its foes thick hide before realizing the creatures hide is too tough and quickly removes its dagger-like teeth. Andrewtops roars in pain and turns around quickly on its opponent. Smilonemys jumps back to gain some distance from the monstrous mammal who quickly charges the armored cat. Smilonemys tries to deter its attacker with a swipe of its paw but the brutish Andrewtops catches the big cat by the arm. spins around, and tosses Smilonemys towards the ocean waves. Smilonemys hits the ground and slides across the sand before coming to a stop. Andrewtops charges again however, the armored cat is ready and leaps to the side causing Andrewtops to skid to a stop in the sand. Andrewtops turns and stares at the big cat and tries to slowly move to the side. Catching on, Smilonemys begins to circle wary of its opponents every move.

Smilonemys is so focused on Andrewtops that it doesn’t notice how close it is to the ocean. The big cats paw lands directly into the cold water making Smilonemys jump back onto the beach in surprise. Taking advantage of its startled opponent, Andrewtops runs at its foe full speed and grabs the cat by the throat. The large mammal lifts the armored cat off the ground and slams Smilonemys onto the ground. Smilonemys roars with panic as it thrashes in its opponents powerful jaws. The thrashing of the panicked cat kicks up sand which gets into the eyes of Andrewtops. Andrewtops howls and backs off releasing its opponent. While its larger opponent scratches at its burning eyes, Smilonemys takes the opportunity jump on its foe from the side. The disoriented Andrewtops topples over onto its side. Smilonemys places its paws on the larger beast to hold it in place and opens its mouth wide showing its long fangs in full glory. Smilonemys brings its head down but before a fatal bite can be delivered, Andrewtops kicks out with is muscular front leg and knocks Smilonemys back. The armored cats fangs only graze the large mammals neck.

Andrewtops gets up quickly and roars with Smilonemys soon returning with a roar of its own. The two run right at each other with burning rage. Smilonemys jumps foreword and hits Andrewtops across the face with a slash over the eye. Smilonemys moves to its foes side and latches on with powerful claws. Andrewtops turns and manages to catch the big cat by the leg. Andrewtops’ jaws exercise their full might and crunch through armor, bone, and tissue breaking the leg. Smilonemys roars and slams its fangs into the thick and muscular shoulder of its opponent. Andrewtops rips Smilonemys away with a rough pull of the cats mangled leg. The quick jerk breaks the large fangs from the cats mouth causing them to fall onto the white sand. Andrewtops throws Smilonemys onto the ground and bites into the crippled cats stomach and shakes it violently. The stomach of the cat is savagely ripped away and the momentum of Andrewtops’ shaking sends Smilonemys airborne yet again before smacking onto the sand with a wet splat. Blood and entrails ooze from the poor cat as it coughs up a splash of blood before breathing its final agonized breath. Andrewtops stands over the bloody scene triumphantly before going back to the decaying Archelon carcass.


No doubt this match was close! On the surface Smilonemys was the only one in the fight with an advantage (speed/agility) while tying with Andrewtops in all other categories. While intelligence was a wash, Attack and Defense were split due to each combatants different yet exceptionally lethal attributes. It was not the attack and defensive attributes on their own that gave Andrewtops the win but rather how they suited the fight when put together. Smilonemys had to tie attack with its varied arsenal and its tougher armor matched the tough hide and larger size of Andrewtops. Unfortunately, Andrewtops countered Smilonemys’ defense with its attack and attack with its defense. It’s tough hide made it hard for Smilonemys to sink its teeth in without risking them breaking and its large size made it difficult to pin down. Andrewtops could also use its brute strength and strong jaws to cripple the big cat and deliver a strike to the armored cats exposed flesh therefore evading its strong defenses. In a close and brutal fight, Andrewtops proved to be the tougher combatant. The winner is Andrewtops!

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Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. I might not get to your request immediately but all requests are considered. Thank you!


Do Spinoconstrictor vs Troodoboa


He already did Spinocon though.


Monostegotops vs Einiasuchus


Please make
Dreadactylus vs ankylodactylus
Indoraptor gen 2 vs scorpios rex gen 2
Megalotops vs arctlacles

Jwtg crossover fights
Albertospinos vs allonogmius
Vehlorhacos vs entelorhacos
Rhinoprotodon vs scutophicyon

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Was expecting Smilo to win thanks to the fangs and strong speed.

As for this one, it’s pretty one sided. Even with those extra spikes on the back, Tryo can easily wipe out Bajatonodon.


was 100% sure that armored cat wins but andrew won again

As for Tryo vs bajatonodon,
it’s a close match up


That was great. As for the Bajatonodon vs Tryostronix fight, it actually might be slightly closer than expected.

Also, can you please have Grylenken meet a Phorusaura?


@ToxicalSapphire I am so glad you enjoyed the fight! Grylenken already has a up coming matchup but I have considered it returning in a terror bird battle royale with the other 3 hybrid terror birds but idk yet.


I also I just wanted to say that I do not blame any who thought that Smilonemys should or would win this fight. It was very close and I am sure the results would differ under different people


My guess on next one




Idk why it would be predator vs prey

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