Hybrid Fight Night 3: Dodocevia VS Compsocaulus

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Dodocevia VS Compsocaulus!

Dodocevia is somewhat clumsy when it comes to combat. This creature is capable of jumping but unfortunately its robust body and wide, stocky frame make it hard to make a graceful landing. This hybrid often stumbles after a jump but can recover quickly and often has support from its flock to allow it time to recover. On flat ground, Dodocevia can keep a quick pace with its strong legs but probably could not hold that pace for very long. On the other hand, Compsocaulus is almost the opposite. It’s slender, light frame allows it to hop, jump, and run around with ease and speed. This hybrid is also a excellent swimmer with its paddle-like tail and sleek structure allowing it to be comfortable in almost any environment. With great speed and agility on both land and water, Compsocaulus takes a significant advantage in speed and agility.

For being considered small, Dodocevia is larger than I thought. This hybrid was about a foot taller than the Dodo at 4.5 feet tall and around the same length due to its lack of a tail. This stocky hybrid could also weigh around 65 pounds. Dodocevia has a very wide stance which could offer additional stability on the ground especially if pounced on. Dodocevia does lack body feathering which sadly leaves its hide more exposed to attack. By comparison, Compsocaulus lacks its foes shocking size. It stands about 1.5 feet tall, 6 feet long, and only weighing about 15 pounds. This hybrids bones are very light which gives it its impressive speed and agility, but in defense, those lighter bones are frail and would not allow this creature to absorb a lot of damage. It’s narrow build also does not help it in the defensive category. This is a creature that relied mainly on avoiding attacks by agility instead of tanking hits straight on. In this category, Dodocevia takes the defensive advantage with its larger size and weight as well as its superior stability.

What these two lack in size, they make up for with deadly weaponry. Dodocevia has a shorter and thicker beak than its Dodo parent. This beak is very strong and is capable of piercing tough and armored prey. It also uses the hook at the end of its beak to tear into its foes with quick strikes from its long neck. Additionally, Dodocevia has sharp claws on powerful legs that are used to deliver slashing kicks but they can also be used to grip and pin its prey. Compsocaulus may not have a powerful beak or slashing claws but it does have incredibly sharp teeth. A bite from this little dinosaur is going to be like a pair of scissors pressing down on you and pulling back. Compsocaulus attacks by darting at its foe to rip out pieces of flesh and then darting off. These fast attacks are effective at wearing down larger prey before making the kill. While both hybrids have very dangerous bites, Dodocevia is additionally armed with sharp foot claws which gives it the edge in attack.

Dodocevia holds a decent amount of intelligence. This hybrid is capable of traveling and basic communication with its group. They likely could warn each other of danger or if food was nearby. Unfortunately, they likely could not form complex group strategies and would attack like a unorganized gang. They likely have some sort of alpha to lead the group on where to go but when it comes to combat, there would be no leadership significance. Compsocaulus is significantly more organized. These creatures rely on pack hunting to survive so they strategize with each other to take down larger foes. They often analyze their opponents and then make a plan that utilizes all members of its group. They have also been known to attack other flocking creatures to remove them from their territory. Compsocaulus takes a decisive victory in intelligence with their lethal, coordinated attacks taking superiority over the unorganized Dodocevias.





Our combatants are ready and the simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!

A trio of Dodocevias travel across a dusty and drought stricken land towards a small pond that has shrunk to half its size. On the shore lies a dead juvenile Sarcosuchus that is flipped on its side with its armored back facing the featherless creatures. Food has quickly become scarce so the Dodocevia are not about to pass up a easy meal. However, as they approach they grow wary as sounds of chirps and hisses are heard from the corpse. When they approach further, a single Compsocaulus leaps on top of the Sarcosuchus corpse and simply stares at the Dodocevias while cocking its head from side to side. The Dodocevias stop in their tracks. The lead Dodocevia steps forward and hisses a warning to the Compsocaulus.

The Compsocaulus makes a few clicks and chirps which prompts two more Compsocaulus’s to come around on each side of the Sarcosuchus corpse. Tension is high as the two Compsocaulus’s slowly creep along the sides of the Dodocevia flock. As the Dodocevias struggle to keep a eye on every individual Compsocaulus, the lead Compsocaulus on top of the crocodile jumps onto the lead Dodocevia. This causes the other two Compsocaulus’ to attack the other Dodocevias. Chaos ensues as the Dodocevias struggle to fight off the relentless biting of the Compsocaulus’s flock. Eventually, the Dodocevias flip onto their back which allows them to make a few good kicks and slashes which makes the Compsocaulus flock back off. The lead Compsocaulus makes another chirp and this time the little theropods run with the Dodocevias giving chase.

The Compsocaulus’s leap into the pond which causes their pursuers to stop at the waters edge. That is, except one. The youngest Dodocevia continues its chase into the water. The Compsocaulus’s are quickly on the young Dodocevia with savage bites. They rip into the birds stomach and neck with terrifying speed causing blood to spill into the water. The other two Dodocevias can only watch at the water edge as their flock mate sinks below the surface with barely a sound. There is a short silence as the Dodocevias look around for any signs of their foes. Spontaneously, a Compsocaulus leaps from the water at the lead Dodocevia but the Dodocevia is ready and bites down on its smaller foes neck. The other Compsocaulus’s try to help but the remaining Dodocevia charges them both while trying to catch one of the speedy dinosaurs.

The leading Dodocevia pins the single Compsocaulus to the ground with its powerful foot and rips into its stomach. The Compsocaulus squeals for help but the other two have already leaped onto the other Dodocevia’s back and are biting into their foe. The Dodocevia struggles to get a grasp on its nimble opponents. The two Compsocaulus’s begin to attack the birds head. They rip pieces of flesh off of their foes face and eventually tear out the birds eyes. Blind and bleeding, the Dodocevia screeches in agony which does not stop its foes assault. The Dodocevia finally collapses in a pool of blood. The Compsocaulus’s look over at the remaining Dodocevia who lifts its head from their deceased flock members stomach revealing a blood covered beak. The last Dodocevia charges its two enemies who runs and leaps toward the larger bird.

Dodocevia jumps and slashes one Compsocaulus across the snout which slams it onto the ground. Dodocevia hits the ground on its side and the other Compsocaulus takes full advantage. The Dodocevia claws at its opponents chest and stomach but the Compsocaulus is unrelenting. The two go back and forth trading blows of bites and scratches. Then, the other Compsocaulus with the scratch on its snout joins the scuffle by attacking its foes neck with a fury of bites. The Dodocevia continues to slash its initial attacker who has grown weak from blood loss and collapses on top of the bird. The scar-faced Compsocaulus does not notice its fallen comrade and continues to shred its foes throat. The Dodocevia kicks weakly but is struggling to breathe. The Compsocaulus backs away, covered in blood as the weak Dodocevia takes its last breath. The Compsocaulus leaps into the water knowing that larger predators will be attracted to the carnage.


This match was ridiculously hard to determine a winner for! The larger Dodocevia certainly gave the Compsocaulus a rough time especially in a 1v1 scenario. It’s larger size allowed it to take more punishment than its foe and also make stronger attacks. Unfortunately, this bird was very clumsy and fairly unorganized. This was something that the Compsocaulus could take full advantage of. Due to the unorganized nature of the Dodocevia group, the Compsocaulus’s could have isolated one from the rest to quickly kill it by ganging up on it. This strategy allowed them to avoid 1v1 fights. Dodocevia also struggled with agility which made it hard for the big bird to keep up with their graceful foes. Also, the sharp teeth of Compsocaulus were perfect for taking down larger prey which aided it in wearing down the Dodocevia’s through blood loss. With great physical and mental speed, the cunning Compsocaulus strategically got the better of the Dodocevia. This weeks winner is Compsocaulus!

Next time on Hybrid Fight Night…

Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. I might not get to your request immediately but all requests are considered. Also, if the opponents are only from Jurassic World the Game I will probably post that battle on the JWTG side of the forum.


If only dodocevia was actually better than caulus ingame…


is this meant to be a cliffhanger???

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I accidentally posted it prematurely it is ready now I am so sorry.

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All good. Loved the fight and am excited for arctovasilas vs Gorgotrebax

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Do indotaurus vs Indoraptor

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Random characters

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Mortem Rex vs Indominous Rex

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I was waiting for this ! Couldn’t find it because here on the Alive side of the Forum, there are a ridiculous amount of threads created. When I saw you had posted a Hybrid Fight Night 4, I quickly searched up this one. Love that the Compy won :heart_eyes:

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