Hybrid Fight Night 4: Gorgotrebax VS Arctovasilas

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Gorgotrebax VS Arctovasilas!

These two apexes have very solid and sturdy build but still have excellent feats of speed and agility. Gorgotrebax is built for endurance. It can maintain a fast, galloping pace over long periods of time. It is also very adept at keeping itself steady in snowy, mountainous terrain. This animals wide feet and posture helps it to easily maneuver across areas of frozen ice. Arctovasilas could have also reached high speeds and possibly matched Gorgotrebax. However, the Bear likely could only hold that speed for short distances. Arctovasilas was also probably not very agile due to its tremendous armor and muscle. With greater agility and stamina, Gorgotrebax takes the advantage in speed and agility.

These two could get to very large sizes. Gorgotrebax likely grew to around 13 feet in length, 6 feet in height, and weighing 1,500 pounds. Gorgotrebax did not have much in terms of defense. It does have a wide stance that could help it to keep from being knocked over in combat. It also had a layer of fur over its body but this likely was not thick enough to negate any damage from a attack. Arctovasilas was more compact than Gorgotrebax. It probably got to about 10 feet in length, 6 feet tall on all fours and possibly 15 feet tall on its back legs. This animal was very heavy and could weigh around 1 ton. Arctovasilas is protected by thick layers of muscle, fur, and fat. It also has a tough scale like armor that covers its hips, parts of its back, and head. With a 500 pound weight advantage and a tougher exterior overall, Arctovasilas takes the defensive advantage.

Gorgotrebax is a very fearsome opponent. This monstrous creature has a large head with long and sharp teeth that can rip through its preys hide. It’s bite is also strong which let’s it chomp down on its foe with a iron grip. Gorgotrebax will often shake its opponent to tear open a wound even more. Gorgotrebax is also capable of hunting by ambush. It is excellent at stalking its prey across snow covered ground until it finds the perfect time to strike. Arctovasilas was a more opportunistic hunter. It was capable of killing prey itself but it could also steal the kills of other predators through intimidation or brute force. It’s long claws were attached to powerful arms that could give a bone shattering slap to its smaller foes. It also had short yet powerful jaws. It might not have been able to get a big bite on its prey but a precise bite to the neck or spine could quickly take the life of its prey. Arctovasilas had short antler-like ornamentation that could also be used for ramming attacks. Both of these creatures have weapons for dealing maximum damage however, Arctovasilas has a wider arsenal and can utilize its powerful forearms in combat which secures the advantage of attack for the bear.

Gorgotrebax offers some intelligence. It is able to strategize ambush attacks which means it does have some environmental awareness. Gorgonopsids typically had average brain power but Gorgotrebax could be enhanced slightly by mammalian DNA. Arctovasilas was probably about on par with Gorgotrebax in intelligence. This bear has turtle and ceratopsian DNA which would not be beneficial for intelligence. Luckily, the above average bear intelligence and average deer intelligence helps to balance that out. Arctovasilas could have probably used its strong arms to control the fight and utilize the environment around it. Overall these two are equal with slightly above average intelligence.





Our combatants are ready and the simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!

Gorgotrebax walks up a snow covered hill dotted with pine trees. The gorgonopsid reaches the top of the incline and is greeted by the mouth of a large cave with icicles hanging across the top. A loud roar echos from the opening. Gorgotrebax tenses up as Arctovasilas emerges from the cave and charges right for Gorgotrebax. Gorgotrebax dodged to the side of the charging beast but the bear is quickly on him. Arctovasilas goes for a paw swipe but Gorgotrebax bites down on its arm and shakes it. The bear roars and slashes its foe in the side of the neck.

The pain forces Gorgotrebax to let go but he can’t get away in time before Arctovasilas slams its powerful paw into the side of his head. Gorgotrebax is knocked off of its feet and tumbles through the snow halfway down the hill. Gorgotrebax gets to its feet as Arctovasilas closes the distance between them. Gorgotrebax dodges the bear causing Arctovasilas to skid to a halt. Gorgotrebax leaps at its foe which makes the bear king loose its balance and the two roll down to the bottom of the hill and crash separately into the snow.

Gorgotrebax is the first on its feet as the bear slowly rises. Gorgotrebax takes advantage of the bears delay and tackles the large beast. The gorgonopsid bites down on its foes neck. Arctovasilas roars and blindly takes swipes at its thrashing opponent. Gorgotrebax feels its foes claws make two deep slashes into its side and releases its grip only to leap again this time onto its foes back. Arctovasilas roars as Gorgotrebax bites into the thick hide of its back and neck. The bear struggles under the weight of the gorgonopsid but manages to crawl over to a nearby pine tree. With all of its strength, Arctovasilas slams its back against the tree, smashing Gorgotrebax between it and the tree.

Gorgotrebax roars as the wind is knocked from its lungs. Arctovasilas backs away but then lowers its head and charges. Gorgotrebax manages to pull itself up to dodge the bears attack. Arctovasilas misses its foe and slams right into the tree which causes a massive pile of snow to fall on the bear. Arctovasilas explodes out of the pile and roars at its foe. Gorgotrebax leaps at the massive bear who gets on its back legs to brace for the attack. The gorgonopsids jaws slam down on the bears shoulder and its teeth dig in deep. Arctovasilas roars in pain as blood drips from the wound and onto the snow. The bear grips its foe with its claws and gives a shoulder bite of its own that is followed with a loud crack.

Pain explodes in both creatures but neither relents. Slowly, Arctovasilas begins to use its muscular arms, neck, and jaws to tear Gorgotrebax away from its shoulder. Gorgotrebax is torn away from the bears shoulder but leaves a massive wound behind. The gorgonopsid falls to the ground. Gorgotrebax tries to get up but has lost the use of one of its front legs due to the bears bite to its shoulder. Arctovasilas quickly catches up to Gorgotrebax and flips his foe over with one powerful paw swipe. The bear places one paw on Gorgotrebax’ skull and the other on his foes shoulder. Gorgotrebax thrashes as the bear clamps its powerful jaws on on the back of its neck. Arctovasilas shakes its large head and then tears its head back tearing a huge chunk from its foes neck. Blood splatters onto the snow as Gorgotrebax goes limp. Arctovasilas raises onto its back legs and let’s out a mighty roar.


Both of these creatures were very muscular and ver powerful predators but Arctovasilas was simply on another level. Yes, Gorgotrebax’s speed and agility did give the bear problems but the gorgonopsid struggled to inflict critical damage to the bears tough hide without being hit itself. Arctovasilas also had those powerful forelimbs that could swat away the lighter Gorgotrebax when it got too close. Those arms also allowed it to use its muscle mass more effectively than its foe through pinning or pushing. Arctovasilas’s thick hide negated some of the devastating damage Gorgotrebax could do with its jaws but Gorgotrebax had no good defense against the bears wider arsenal. With a lack of defense, Gorgotrebax put itself at greater risk every time it went in for an attack. Additionally, the bear could make more mistakes due to its better defense and superior power. Powerful weaponry and a tough defense gave the victory to the bear! This weeks winner is Arctovasilas!

Next time on Hybrid Fight Night…

Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. I might not get to your request immediately but all requests are considered. Also, if the opponents are only from Jurassic World the Game I will probably post that battle on the JWTG side of the forum.


Very entertaining ! Excellent job ! Keep it coming !

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if your creations were made a film nor animation they could be quite Explicit…


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Skoonasaurus vs Ardentismaxima

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Wow, that was really well written and cool!!

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Carnoraptor Carnoraptor Carnoraptor to win the next one !

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I am glad you all like the series so far! I really enjoy creating these matchups and have no plans of stopping anytime soon!


Yet another reminder to continue my version of this series.

This fight is great too, and I like how you made graphics for this


I am glad you liked the battle! I have been looking foreword to Haast Maximus VS Gorgotrebax on your series. It seems like a very interesting fight!


The bears be roaring in joy that their king has won
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Rapter vs Utahrapter

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