Hybrid Fight Night 5: Carnoraptor VS Scorpios Rex

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Carnoraptor VS Scorpios Rex!


These two hybrids are made to be lethal pursuit predators. Carnoraptor possesses the raw speed and agility of the raptor build. On flat, open spaces, the speed of this creature is frightening. Carnoraptor is also capable of pouncing onto its prey by using its strong legs to propel itself into the air. The Carnotaurus DNA in this hybrid provides some extra bulk and muscle that only strengthens the powerful running and jumping abilities that its raptor base provides. Scorpios Rex has clear raptor influence which likely comes from Deinonychus, that makes the Scorpios light on its feet. Scorpios Rex also has very long limbs that are extremely flexible with a wide range of movement. This combination allows Scorpios to cover a large amount of ground in little time and also spring itself off the ground with a powerful jump. Scorpios Rex can also climb trees although it sacrifices mobility in those circumstances. Both of these creatures can reach great speeds and high leaps but with its climbing ability and flexibility, Scorpios Rex takes the advantage in speed and agility.


Carnoraptor is very similar in size to InGens Velociraptors. This hybrid stands 6 feet tall, weighs 500 pounds, and reaches 19 feet in length. Unlike most raptors, Carnoraptor has a rough and bumpy hide from its Carnotaurus heritage. This hide is not as strong as the armor of crocodiles or ankylosaurs, but it can negate some damage from bites and slashes. On the other hand, Scorpios Rex is larger at 12 feet tall, 1 ton, and 26 feet in lengths. This creature is capable of alternating between bipedal and quadrupedal stances. By taking a quadrupedal stance, this creature can better distribute its weight and maintain its balance. Scorpios Rex’s best defense is possibly the tough plates running down its back. This does not cover the lower half of this hybrid which leaves that section exposed to attacks. Both of these carnivores are surprisingly well protected but the larger size and tough armor plating of the Scorpios gives it the defensive edge.


Carnoraptor is outfitted with the typical raptor arsenal. It has sharp, claws on each hand and a large 2 inch toe claw each foot. Those toe claws can deliver nasty cuts through powerful kicks from its legs to hack away at its foes flesh. Carnoraptor also has sharp teeth in short yet strong jaws that give this hybrid a powerful grip on struggling prey. Additionally, Carnoraptor is ornamented with two horns above each brow that this raptor utilizes with its powerful legs for charging attacks. These horns are fairly small and could probably not do lethal damage but could throw its foe off balance. Scorpios Rex probably has the widest variety of weapons of any dinosaur. The Scorpios has short jaws that are packed with unorganized teeth that are used to rip into the throat of its intended target. Scorpios Rex also has its own hand and toe claws on long and flexible limbs which gives it a great range advantage. The final weapon is the venomous quills on the creatures tail. These quills cause disorientation and nausea as well as some internal bleeding depending on the creatures size. Scorpios Rex takes the advantage of attack with its wider arsenal and venomous quills.


Carnoraptor is a highly intelligent predator. This hybrid is capable of strategizing and utilizing its environment to its advantage. Carnoraptor is able to realize the weaknesses of its opponents and exploit them to its advantage. Additionally, Carnoraptor’s high intelligence is aided by excellent senses that makes it acutely aware of its surroundings. Scorpios Rex is not dumb but has been described as mentally broken. As the first hybrid, the Scorpios is less refined as later hybrids which burdened this hybrid with severe mental disorders. This hybrid does not act like a normal creature and can swing between lucidity and psychopathic violence. Scorpios Rex is easily distracted and will mindlessly attack prey without caution. Overall, the more stable and calculating mind of the Carnoraptor gives it the advantage in intelligence.



Scorpios Rex


Our combatants are ready and the simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!

Carnoraptor walks under the canopy of the rainforest as thunder booms across the night sky. A light rain begins to sprinkle down but quickly turns into a downpour. Carnoraptor finds a large tree to shelter from the storm. A flash of lightning reveals the shadow of a large figure moving slowly between the branches. Carnoraptor takes notice and looks up. There, staring down at him, was Scorpios Rex. Carnoraptor leaps back as Scorpios Rex launches itself from its perch and onto the ground. The Scorpios let’s out a loud, shrieking roar and charges at the raptor. Carnoraptor screeches and returns the charge.

Scorpios Rex takes a massive leap at its foe but Carnoraptor tackles the Scorpios out of the air which causes both of them to slam into the dampened earth with Carnoraptor still gripping Scorpios Rex. The dazed Scorpios is brought back to attention as Carnoraptor digs its teeth and claws into its neck. Scorpios Rex roars and kicks Carnoraptor off of him. The raptor hits the trunk of a near tree and falls to the ground. Scorpios Rex gets up and raced towards its opponent. Carnoraptor begins to get up but drops to the ground again to dodge a swing of the quilled tail of the Scorpios Rex. Scorpios Rex spins around and slashes Carnoraptor in the side which knocks the raptor back a few feet and onto the ground again.

Scorpios Rex makes another bounding leap towards the downed raptor. Carnoraptor doesn’t react fast enough and Scorpios bites down on the raptors neck. Carnoraptor screeches and kicks out with its toe claw. The toe claw slashes twice across the Scorpios Rex’s stomach and draws blood. Carnoraptor feels his foes grip getting tighter on its neck. The nimble raptor throws its leg up and digs its sickle claw into its opponents eye socked. Scorpios reels back thrashing its head and tail while clawing at its face. Carnoraptor gets up but is struck his foes thrashing tail which makes the raptor stumble back a few steps. Carnoraptor watches with blood dripping from its neck as Scorpios Rex still claws at its own face in some attempt to stop the pain but ends up slashing into its own face.

Carnoraptor leaps onto the back of its disoriented foe but finds all of its attacks negated by its foes armored plating. Scorpios Rex pulls away from the blinding pain and begins slashing and biting at the raptor on its back. Carnoraptor jumps from its opponents back and leaps at the Scorpios to ram the hybrid in the flank. Scorpios Rex is able to tank the charge and delivers a powerful kick to Carnoraptors chin. The raptor is sent through the air and crashing to the ground again. When Carnoraptor contacts the ground, a wave of nausea floods over him and he begins to feel dizzy. A look at the raptors thigh reveals five quills buried deep in the hybrids flesh.

Carnoraptor gathers all of its strength and rises to face its opponent with blood and rain dripping from its body. Carnoraptor races towards Scorpios Rex and strikes on the creatures blind side. Carnoraptor digs its claws into the side of the Scorpios and begins cutting into his foe with its toe claws. The raptors vision begins to blur and its dizziness worsens but it keeps cutting into its foe. Scorpios Rex snaps it’s short jaws at the hybrid on its back. The jaws of the Scorpios slam down on Carnoraptors tail. Scorpios Rex rips his foe from his back and whips the horned carnivore around and bashes its head against a tree causing a loud crack. Carnoraptor lays limp on the ground as Scorpios Rex looms over him. The Scorpios takes the raptors neck its jaws and shakes it like a rag doll. The cracks and pops of the raptors neck vertebrae are drowned out by the booming thunder and powerful rain. Scorpios Rex slowly drags the lifeless body of the Carnoraptor back into the tree to eat as the storm goes on.


Both of these hybrids were exceptionally dangerous predators. Unfortunately, Scorpios Rex took vital advantages the Carnoraptor typically relied on in combat. The advantage that gave Carnoraptor the most trouble was its foes speed and agility advantage. If Carnoraptor would have been definitively faster, it could have possibly had a chance at avoiding its opponents venomous quills. With its speed advantage, coupled with its defense and attack advantage, it drastically overwhelmed Carnoraptor’s intelligence advantage. There ultimately was not much Carnoraptor could do with its intelligence as it was constantly reacting to the unpredictable Scorpios Rex. The final nail in the raptors coffin was those venomous quills. They likely would not have killed the raptor but the symptoms impaired the Carnoraptor’s fighting and thinking ability so much that it would have been a easy kill for the Scorpios Rex once Carnoraptor felt the first sign of sickness. Carnoraptor is a deadly predator but was overwhelmed by the unpredictable and physically superior Scorpios Rex. The winner is Scorpios Rex!

Next Time on Hybrid Fight Night…

Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. I might not get to your request immediately but all requests are considered. Also, if the opponents are only from Jurassic World the Game I will probably post that battle on the JWTG side of the forum.


I have been debating on if I should use my own measurements and scaling or the ones from the game. I have been hesitant to do battles with Ceramagnus due to its “16 foot horn”. Some other creatures like Koolasaurus (who has the same weight as Koolasuchus despite being 10 feet longer) could get higher measurements. I wanted to see which option you all would prefer so feel free to vote below.

  • Stick to in game measurements
  • Use your own scaling and judgment

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I do doubt that Scorpius yes still not calling it Scorpios is faster than Carnoraptor, but a speed edge wouldn’t matter too much against a creature like Scorpius. Scorpius would still come out on top in most circumstances.

I don’t think in-game ingridenitents for it should’ve been used though. It’s canonically made of tyrannosaurus, velociraptor, and carnotaurus. yes the stuff that makes indotaurus

For film creatures I’d stick to canon, myself.

All that aside, the battle was great and the ending gave to the horror factor of Scorpius, which I really like.


One thing I’ve learned about game measurements, is that they’re totally useless and don’t make sense most of the time, in these cases, the community is the one who should make their own measurements


I think using ur own scaling and judgment because in Jurassic world alive a velociraptor can kill a T. rex and in Jurassic world the game bumpy is stronger than an ankylosaurus even if bumpy is an anky


There was one thing I really wanted to know who would win mortem rex or omega09 (as in the omega that we have in ur park)


Actually the quills could kill the carnoraptor but it saves time to just kill the creature once it is weak

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Personally I would love to see a battle royale episode between Giganotosaurus, Spinosaurus and the Tyranotitan

Thank you for the critique! In speed and agility I tried to portray the two as being equal in speed but Scorpios Rex having the advantage of agility since it can climb and utilize its longer limbs for higher leaps as well as quicker movements. Looking back at the explanation I realized I accidentally grouped speed and agility together as just a speed advantage. I will make sure to better separate the two in the future.

As for the ingredients I was not certain which to reference but I used Deinonychus since I was pulling from the in game version. I should have been more vague and simply said raptor since I was not sure. Luckily Scorpios is the only canon hybrid that differs in its components in game.

I used the name Scorpios instead of Scorpius for the same reason I used Deinonychus as a possible reference. I was pulling from the in game Scorpios and decided to spell it that way. I personally prefer Scorpius but also wanted to stay true to my source of reference.

Overall, I am glad you enjoyed the battle and I found this very helpful I just wish I caught these mistakes in time to go back and edit them. I will be more careful in my upcoming projects!

I was not sure on the quills killing the Carnoraptor and I probably could have conveyed that better. I never seen the quills actually kill anything in Camp Cretaceous but it was very close to killing Sammy who was probably 1/4 of Carnoraptor’s weight. The quills might have been able to kill the raptor but as you said once the Carnoraptor was weakened, the Scorpios would have killed it before the venom could.

I’m pretty sure the kids discovered a dead animals still intact with quills in it. I’m not entirely sure but I think the quills did kill a dinosaur.

I think the quills killed the para lux (bioluminescent para) when they were running away from it or it got knocked out but I think it killed it

Yeah exactly

This time JWTG didn’t stand a chance :joy:

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and then Godzilla eats the Scorpios Rex whole

Godzilla wouldn’t even notice Scorpios existence wdym

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