Hybrid Fight Night 6: Rajastega VS Allonogmius

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Rajastega VS Allonogmius!


Rajastega is very stocky in its build and was probably not a fast sprinter. It could likely keep a decent pace for a while and it’s muscular tail allowed it to make quick changes in direction but it also had to be careful with its fairly short arms and legs. These limbs may not be as disproportionately small as that of Rajasaurus but they could still make recovering from a fall difficult especially if caught in a bad position. Oddly enough this creature also has a set of primitive gills that could give it extra endurance if it is forced underwater despite not being able to swim. On the other hand, Allonogmius was very light on its feet and was capable of reaching high speed on flat, open ground. This hybrid is also incredibly nimble and is capable of dodging attacks from larger prey like Stegosaurus. Due to its fish DNA, Allonogmius is adept at combat in shallow water and even prefers it over land despite being a terrestrial predator. Rajastega may have quick turns and primitive gills, but the raw speed and nimbleness of the light footed Allonogmius secures the Speed and Agility advantage for the allosaur.


When it comes to size both of these hybrids were very similar. Rajastega grew to around 20 feet in length, 6 feet tall, and around 1 to 1.5 tons in weight. Allonogmius was also 20 feet long but stood a foot taller at 7 feet and was lighter at 1,500 pounds to 1 ton. Additionally, both of these creatures lack any kind of body armor. Rajastega had its wider and more robust build that could keep it more grounded on its short, muscular legs and probably absorb more punishment altogether. Allonogmius was more streamline in its body structure but it did have the large fin on its back that could protect it from receiving direct damage to its back. The fin of Allonogmius also does not connect directly to the spine which makes it more flexible than the sails seen on a Spinosaur and less likely to harm the animal if it is thrown on its back. While neither of these hybrids have great defensive feats, the heavier and more sturdy Rajastega takes a slight edge over the slimmer Allonogmius.


Rajastega is very powerful, especially for its size. This hybrid is armed with a powerful bite and teeth designed for gripping struggling prey. In addition, Rajastega could likely use its powerful body and wide head for ramming attacks that could help it push around its foes to control the battle. The abelisaur is ornamented with a large head crest that likely served no combat significance and was probably just for display. Rajastega’s arms were not that much use either as both of its parents had stubby appendages and did not use their front limbs for combat. Allonogmius took a different approach to attack. This hybrid is armed with incredibly sharp teeth that slice and rip through flesh like butter. Allonogmius uses these teeth to make up for its fairly weak bite force. Allonogmius is able to take on prey larger than itself by tearing large wounds into its victims which causes death by blood loss. Allonogmius possesses short yet strong arms that probably were not used for slashing but did allow the dinosaur to grip its prey while its jaws do the dirty work. Overall, both of these creatures are adept at their own equally effective weapons and attack styles which leaves attack at a draw.


Rajastega had average to below average intelligence due to its Ichthyostega half that might give it a more instinct driven mindset. This was probably not a creature that could form plans or strategies. This being said, Rajastega was likely a ambush hunter which required some terrain awareness. While Rajastega probably would not intentionally utilize the environment in battle, it would seem it at least is able to understand its surroundings but is unable to enact quick thinking in the heat of combat. Allonogmius appears to be slightly above average intelligence wise. This hybrid is capable of using its surroundings to get an advantage. Allonogmius understands its aquatic advantage and often tries to drag its prey into shallow water for a advantage. This shows that the allosaur is capable of some level of planning and strategizing. Neither of these two have exceptional intelligence but the more strategic Allonogmius takes the advantage of Intelligence over the more instinct driven Rajastega.





Our combatants are ready and the simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!


Allonogmius patrols over the shoreline as the sun begins to set over a vast and quiet ocean. The allosaur scours the horizon for any sign of life but the sandy beach is barren. Suddenly, the peaceful silence is broken as a massive flock of birds is disrupted by the sound of rustling vegetation. Allonogmius is on high alert with eyes darting across the edge of dense jungle. The rustling gets audibly closer but the amount of overgrowth still makes it impossible to see. A loud roar fills echos as a frightened Ornithomimus hops onto the beach and runs right at Allonogmius. Allonogmius takes advantage of the scared creature and kills it with a quick bite to the neck right as Rajastega charges out of the jungle right at the allosaur.

Allonogmius, distracted by its kill, barely notices Rajastega until the powerful creature slams into him. Taken by surprise, Allonogmius is thrown on its side and the Ornithomimus is thrown from its jaws. Rajastega bellows and moves in to bite his foe but Allonogmius kicks out with its foot which scrapes over the abelisaurs crest and slashes into the front of its snout. Rajastega roars and backs away as Allonogmius quickly finds its footing. Rajastega growls and charges again but Allonogmius sidesteps the attack and bites into his opponent thigh. Rajastega roars as the allosaur pulls its head back, dragging its serrated teeth through its flesh and tearing a wound. The abelisaur whips around and bashes its head into the skull of Allonogmius.

Allonogmius stumbles back in a daze which sends on of its feet into the waters edge. Rajastega does not relent and bites down on his foes neck however, Allogmius slips from a combination of the impact and the wet sand which causes Rajastega’s to loose its grip and crash into the shallow water with Allonogmius. Allonogmius gets up quickly but Rajastega struggles to find its footing with waves smacking against its body. The allosaur charges in and sinks its teeth into the neck of Rajastega and forces its foes head underwater. The crested hybrid thrashes its head and tries to bite its attacker as saltwater flows through its gills. Finally, the powerful jaws of Rajastega get a grip on the wrist of Allonogmius. Rajastega continues to thrash its head and through multiple cracks and pops the arm of the finned hybrid is twisted and dislocated.

The allosaur roars and backs away with its arm hanging limply at its side. Rajastega at last gets to its feet and splashes towards its opponent. Allonogmius roars and tries to sidestep the attack but Rajastega gets a grip on its foes sail. Allonogmius turns and bites into Rajastega’s side. The two tear into each other. Rajastega atacks the large dorsal fin of its opponent and rips large holes from it. Allonogmius on the other hand slices into its foes side and back with a rapid series of blood splattering bites. Rajastega stops its assault to throws its head to the side and whip it around to slam into Allonogmius. Allonogmius turns to run but Rajastega bites onto the end of its foes tail. Allonogmius roars and yanks its tail from Rajastega’s grasp. Allonogmius turns around and the two battered monsters face each other with blood dripping from their sides and into the sea.

Rajastega growls and approaches slowly but quickly picks up speed. Allonogmius readies its stance and braces for the impact. Rajastega plows foreword but Allonogmius bites down on its large head crest. Rajastega roars as Allonogmius pushes all of its weight on its foes head. Rajastega tries to stay upright but cannot find a good grip in the sand. The abelisaur topples onto its side and under the water. Rajastega lifts its head above water but is met with the bottom of its opponents foot. Allonogmius stomps onto Rajastega’s head with all of its weight. The sailed allosaur bites into its foes stomach and rips away large pieces of flesh from its thrashing foe. Allonogmius sinks its teeth in again and shakes its head back and forth violently as. Rajastega’s stomach is ripped open with blood pooling into the sea and mixing with the ocean foam. Rajastega twitches but quickly goes still. Allonogmius drags Rajastega onto the beach and collapses from exhaustion.


These two hybrids countered each other almost perfectly! Rajastega’s gills prevented Allonogmius from drowning it but Allonogmius held a great advantage in speed and agility, especially in water. Allonogmius had the height advantage which allowed it to deliver downward attacks while Rajastega had a slightly greater weight that let it stand its ground. Both hybrids had different but equally effective attack styles as well. However, there had to be one winner. Allonogmius was most likely to have the environmental advantage due to it mainly sticking around the shoreline while Rajastega was more generalized. Sure, Rajastega was not going to just jump in the water to give its foe the advantage especially since it could not swim, but Allonogmius is skilled at manipulating often heavier foes into the water for the advantage. Once in the water, Rajastega’s mobility disadvantage increased greatly and its weight advantage was less useful in a uncomfortable environment which allowed Allonogmius to control the battle from there. Additionally, Allonogmius’ hight advantage paired well with its slashing bite attacks which would have been delivered downward for more force and damage. In a very close match, the quicker and more streamlined Allonogmius was able to take the battle to the sea for a victory over its raging foe! The winner, by a slim margin, is Allonogmius!

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Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. I might not get to your request immediately but all requests are considered. Also, if one opponent is from JWA, then I will post the battle on that side of the forum. Thank you!


YES! I see these on jwa forums. Can we have spinota and acro or acro and indom?


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Oooh another one. Time to see where Hybrid Fight Night 5 is :grin:


1v1 me :slight_smile:
10 battles


I probably could not do the regular acro in Hybrid Fight Night but I have considered battles with level 40 forms but if I do those it will be later on in the future. I do remember your requests from the first battle and I can confirm that one of them is scheduled to come out very soon and the other is scheduled for later down the road!


Not even close to fair

Indoraptor vs indotaurus.

I would swallow you whole :slightly_smiling_face: . . .
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How about indoraptor and armormata without the type advantage