Hybrid Fight Night 7: Alankylosaurus VS Tapejalocephalus

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Alankylosaurus VS Tapejalocephalus!


For pterosaurs with such heavy armor, it is shocking that these two are able to achieve flight at all. However, these two do get around quite well despite being heavier than most other flying reptiles. Alankylosaurus has very large and powerful wings that propel it through the air. On land the long limbs of this hybrid allow it to cover more ground than most pterosaurs. In the air, Alankylosaurus certainly isn’t sluggish and is capable of maintaining a decent pace over very long distances at high altitudes thanks to its large wings. On the other hand, Tapejalocephalus was more localized and was adept at flying around trees in wooded environments which requires more maneuverability than the soaring Alankylosaurus but unfortunately Tapejalocephalus is weighed down by its heavy armor and is unable to achieve the great heights its opponent can. While neither pterosaur has a outright air speed advantage, Alankylosaurus’ ground speed, flight stamina, and altitude tolerance gives it the edge over Tapejalocephalus.


Alankylosaurus is a very large and armored pterosaur. This flying reptile has a wingspan of 25 feet, a standing height of 12 feet, and weighs around 300 pounds. Alankylosaurus possesses overlapping plates of armor running from the back of its head to its small tail. Spikes protrude from the top and sides of each armored plate. Additionally it’s large head and beak are cover in the same armored material which provides a good defense when getting in close for a attack. Tapejalocephalus is smaller but denser with a 19 foot wingspan, 5 foot height, and a weight of 300 pounds. This hybrid has very thick knobs and spikes embedded in a equally tough hide. This armor runs from the large spike on the animals head to the end of its back. Tapejalocephalus even has tougher skin on its wings which makes it harder to damage them significantly. This hybrid also has a short, thick neck that is a much smaller target compared to the giraffe-like Alankylosaurus. Both pterosaurs possess similar defenses but the tougher wings of Tapejalocephalus will be more useful in aerial combat giving Tapejalocephalus the defensive edge.


It is unknown what the diet of Alankylosaurus consisted of but if it ever wanted to bring down prey, it has the tools to do so. Perhaps the most obvious and peculiar weapon of this creature is its beak. This beak was thick and blunt which worked well with its long neck to give it a powerful downward strike and range advantage. Alankylosaurus also has strong clawed feet for gripping or slashing prey and its beak is lined with teeth-like spikes that could deliver a painful bite. It’s wings could also be utilized with powerful slaps in moments of desperation to confuse or stun opponents. It is also unknown what the diet the Tapejalocephalus but it certainly did have teeth. Unlike its opponent, Tapejalocephalus could bite with a mouth full of sharp teeth. This bite probably was not very strong and was likely better suited for smaller opponents but would still be very painful. Like it’s foe, Tapejalocephalus also has clawed feet for slashing or gripping its foe. It could also be assumed that a hit from its strong wings could daze its opponent. Overall, Alankylosaurus’ beak and range gives it the edge over its foes bite.


In intelligence there is not really anything special between these two. They are both 50 percent ankylosaur which were some of the least intelligent dinosaurs to exist. Sure, the Monolophosaurus DNA in Tapejalocephalus could give it a intelligence advantage but the fruit eating Tapejara might not have needed as much brainpower as the predatory/scavenging Alanqa. There could be a small difference between these two in this category but it is not enough to play a significant roll in this fight. Intelligence goes to a draw.





Our combatants are ready and the simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!

Tapejalocephalus soars low above a sea of green treetops as the sun beats down overhead. A large figure suddenly moves in and blocks the sun, casting a shadow over the crested pterosaur. Tapejalocephalus looks up to see Alankylosaurus soaring directly 50 feet above him. Tapejalocephalus makes a turns in an attempt to avoid the large pterosaurs path but Alankylosaurus descends right next to Tapejalocephalus. Now wing tip to wing tip, the two pterosaurs lock eyes. Tapejalocephalus squawks a warning but Alankylosaurus screeches back and smashes its beak into the side of Tapejalocephalus’ head. Tapejalocephalus screeches and shakes its head and then quickly lowers it’s altitude with Alankylosaurus in close persuit.

Tapejalocephalus swoops down low, just a few feet from the tree tops as Alankylosaurus closes the distance between them. Alankylosaurus snaps at its foes feet but remains just out of reach. Unexpectedly, Tapejalocephalus propels itself upwards which causes Alankylosaurus to pass right under the crested pterosaur. Tapejalocephalus slams down on its foe with all of its weight. Alankylosaurus is pushed down against the trees which scratches the hybrids stomach. Alankylosaurus quickly propels itself upward towards Tapejalocephalus with one powerful flap of its wings. The two collide and grapple with their claws. Tapejalocephalus bites down on the base of his foes neck. Alankylosaurus screeches and digs its clawed feet into its opponents stomach to push itself away. The two tear away from each other but circle around for another attack.

The armored pterosaurs slam into each other once again in a fury of slashing claws. Alankylosaurus pecks at its foes head but Tapejalocephalus moves its head to the side which makes its opponents beak smach down on its shoulder. Tapejalosaurus screeches and bites into Alankylosaurus’ neck. Alankylosaurus swings its head back and slams the side of its beak against its opponents skull with a loud crack. Tapejalocephalus looses its grip and falls backwards but quickly regains flight. Alankylosaurus swoops down after the crested pterosaur but it’s opponent is ready and rolls to the side as Alankylosaurus whips by. Alankylosaurus opens its wings to stop itself from crashing into the trees but it is too late. The large pterosaur clumsily smashes through the canopy and hits the forest floor.

Tapejalocephalus searches for any sign of life in the the dense vegetation. Right as the crested pterosaur begins to fly off, a loud screech draws its attention. Alankylosaurus explodes from the trees with small gashes and bruises on its wings and body from the dense plant life. Tapejalocephalus screeches in anger and charges at its foe at high speed. Alankylosaurus fly’s upwards toward the blinding sun and Tapejalocephalus follows. As the two ascend, Tapejalocephalus begins to fall behind as it exerts more and more energy to propel its densely armored body. Alankylosaurus notices this and drops down to dig its talons into the neck of its opponent. Tapejalocephalus screeches and bites the leg of its attacker. Alankylosaurus let’s go momentarily only to latch onto its foes skull which digs its claws into the crested pterosaurs eye sockets.

Alankylosaurus dives down with Tapejalocephalus flailing in its grasp. The two pterosaurs plummet downward at a rapidly growing speed. Tapejalocephalus squawks and screeches in pain and terror. Once close enough to the trees, Alankylosaurus spreads its wings to soar just above the vegetation. Tapejalocephalus is drug behind the larger pterosaur through the thick vines and branches. Tapejalocephalus tries to open its wings to stop the assault but they only catch and tear on the tree limbs. Tapejalocephalus screams in agony as the trees rip into the thick skin of its wings and lashes its body. Alankylosaurus pulls up and jerks his opponent upwards and then dives towards a small clearing. Tapejalocephalus weakly flails its bloody and tattered wings trying in every way to break from its opponents grasp. The ground gets closer and closer. At the last minute, Alankylosaurus pulls up and let’s go of its foe. Tapejalocephalus splatters onto the ground in a bloody mess. Alankylosaurus lands gently next to the brutalized body, panting with exhaustion.


These two had a lot in common but their differences in build were what determined the outcome. Both of these hybrids were heavily armored but it proved to be just as much of a disadvantage for Tapejalocephalus. With its greater height and larger wingspan, Alankylosaurus simply carried the weight better. Tapejalocephalus was hindered by its armor and could not fly as high as most pterosaurs. This did keep its armored back towards attacking pterosaurs but also put it in a position where it would be difficult to make a attack of its own. Additionally, Alankylosaurus had the longer neck that allowed it to always keep its at a distance and its beak was able to be utilized as a bludgeon much easier than the bite of Tapejalocephalus. In the scenerio where the fight moves to the ground, the greater height and longer limbs of Alankylosaurus would have given it the advantage over the drastically shorter Tapejalocephalus. With greater size and aerial capability, Alankylosaurus triumphed over Tapejalocephalus. The winner is Alankylosaurus!

Next Time On Hybrid Fight Night…

Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. I might not get to your request immediately but all requests are considered. Also, if the opponents are only from Jurassic World the Game I will probably post that battle on the JWTG side of the forum.


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Happy cakeday @WarZone !


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Gigaspikasaurus vs Ardontosaurus (or any other sauropod)

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Happy Cakeday!

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Happy cakeday ! This one was epic but still JWTG had to lose…again :joy:

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Happy Cakeday!


Yeah I think that’s because I think that JWA hybrids in general feel more like real animals than JWTG hybrids


Very well made post, nice job :+1:

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clears throat at the sight of Hynecorprion

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I am not surprised by alankylosaurus’s win. Since its about the size of quetzelcoatlus.


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