Hybrid Fight Night 8: Spinotasuchus VS Indominus Rex

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Spinotasuchus VS Indominus Rex!

In this category both hybrids possess excellent capabilities for their size. Spinotasuchus is extremely quick in both land and water due to its long, muscular legs. It’s tail also allow it to make quick turns and propel itself through the water. Additionally Spinotasuchus is very flexible in combat and could twist its way out of tough situations. Indominus Rex is also surprisingly quick on flat ground but making quick turns may require this hybrid to slow down to avoid stumbling. Indominus could keep a trotting pace for a while with good stamina but probably could not match the speed and flexibility of Spinotasuchus. With a quicker step and superior terrain adaptability, Spinotasuchus takes the advantage of Speed/Agility.

Spinotasuchus is between medium and large in size. This hybrid comes in at 12 feet tall, 31 feet long, and 4 tons in weight. Indominus Rex is larger at 18 feet tall, 50 feet long, and weighing 8 tons. Spimotasuchus and Indominus Rex both have very thick and spikey skin that may not be as tough as the armor on ankylosaurs but it is still capable of softening the powerful blows that each creature can throw. The longer forelimbs on these hybrids also allows them to have extra stability by taking a four point stance. Spinotasuchus does have a small sail, however it is unknown if it is fused to the spine or not as the supporting spines are thinner than that of Spinosaurus. These two share a similarly tough hide but the larger size of the Indominus gives it the defensive advantage over its smaller foe.

Spinotasuchus has a powerful arsenal. It is armed with long and powerful arms with sharp claws on the tip of each finger. A slash from this hybrid would have a lot of power behind it and could tear massive wounds into its prey. Spinotasuchus also has very powerful jaws with large teeth thanks to its Kaprosuchus DNA. These jaws and teeth puncture deep into skin and tissue doing great damage and giving it a monstrous grip. Indominus Rex had similar weaponry. It had extremely long arms and claws that tear deep into its foe. It has a additional thumb claw that could assist it in grappling in combat. Its jaws are also extremely strong and appear to be barely below the bite force of the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Indominus Rex also had a very unique ability up its sleeve. It had the ability to camouflage itself which made it much easier for it to sneak up on foes to end the fight early with a ambush. These two may have similar weaponry but the camouflage ability and longer claws of the Indominus gives it a higher chance of getting to use those weapons first.

It would be reasonable to assume that Spinotasuchus has some planning and problem solving ability due to its raptor influence. It could likely utilize the environment in combat to gain the upper hand. It could also enact quick thinking in battle and realize ideal places to strike. On the other hand, Indominus Rex is terrifyingly cunning due to its raptor DNA. This hybrid is capable of complex planning and quick learning that is seen in few other dinosaurs. With this intelligence, it also seems to have psychopathic tendencies as it hunts for pleasure rather than survival which makes its high intelligence even scarier. Neither of these hybrids are dumb by any means but Indominus Rex stands out with its superior processing abilities which gives it the edge in intelligence.



Indominus Rex


Our combatants are ready and the simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!

Spinotasuchus emerges from the algae covered swamp and steps onto the muddy bay. The snapping of twigs draws its attention to the depths of the mangrove forest. A rustling from the trees indicates the approach of something large. Spinotasuchus growls and takes a few steps back into the water. From the trees Indominus removes its cloak and reveals itself. Spinotasuchus takes a step forward and hisses a warning but Indominus doesn’t get the message and instead begins to slowly approach. The two move towards each other slowly at first but it quickly turns to a full on charge. Once close enough, Indominus Rex slashes at its opponent but Spinotasuchus sidesteps the attack and bites down on the thigh of Indominus.

Indominus Rex roars and bites down on the spinosaurs tail. With a powerful thrash of its head, Indominus Rex yanks Spinotasuchus from its thigh and hurls him deeper into the swampy water. Spinotasuchus crashes down with a massive splash as Indominus Rex quickly approaches. Spinotasuchus tries to get up but Indominus Rex pins him by the neck with its clawed hand. Spinotasuchus kicks out and lands a powerful blow to its foes side. Indominus Rex gasps and pulls away as the air is knock from its lungs. Spinotasuchus rises from the water and rushes at the Indominus. Spinotasuchus tries to attack Indominus from the side however, the massive carnivore is ready and slams its clawed hand into the spinosaurs side and tears a nasty gash across the hybrids flank.

Spinotasuchus tumbles over again with blood oozing from the gash in its side. Indominus Rex charges but Spinotasuchus manages to find its footing and braces for the attack. Indominus Rex pulls its arm back for another blow but Spinotasuchus catches its clawed hand in its jaws with a powerful snap. Indominus shrieks and slashes Spinotasuchus in the side of the neck with its other arm. Spinotasuchus stumbles back and releases its grip but remains grounded. Indominus surveys its hand which hangs limp from the wrist down. When the Rex looks up, Spinotasuchus launches itself onto its side with all of its weight and digs its claws and teeth into the back of the Indominus. Thrown off guard, Indominus Rex stumbles back and slips on a area where the swamp slopes into a lower depth which throws both of them deeper into the swamp and below the waters algae covered surface.

Spinotasuchus grabs Indominus Rex by the foot and begins to pull her deeper into the murky water. Indominus kicks out with her foot which scapes across her foes snout causing him to release his grip. Indominus Rex thrusts it’s head above the surface but Spinotasuchus is nowhere to be seen. Suddenly, the crocodile-like theropod explodes from the water and slams its jaws down on its foes neck and the two disappear below the surface yet again. Spinotasuchus digs its claws deep into its foes neck. Blood fills the water as Indominus Rex slashes wildly at its attacker with little luck. The two hit the bottom of the swamp and disappear in a cloud of blood and mud stirred up from the struggle. Finally, Indominus Rex finds its footing on the swamp bottom. It lands a slash across Spinotasuchus’ chest which makes the spino-croc back off with blood streaking from the wound.

Indominus Rex launches itself upwards and bursts to the surface gasping for air. The large theropod pulls itself into the shallows panting and vomiting water. Blood drips down its neck and into the swamp leaving red specks on the surface. From behind, Spinotasuchus lunges from the water but Indominus hears her splashing foe and sidesteps. Spinotasuchus stumbles forward and Indominus Rex bites down on its skull, forcing its mouth shut in the process. Spinotasuchus lashes out and thrashes wildly with its claws but only lands a few shallow cuts. Indominus yanks the spinosaur off its feet with a quick move of her head and bites down again on its foes skull for a better grip. Spinotasuchus flails more and more as the pressure on its skull builds from its opponents jaws. A sickening crunch echoes across the swamp and Spinotasuchus flops down, half submerged in the murky water as the last signs of life twitch from its body and bleeds from its wounds. Indominus Rex plants a foot on its foes corpse and unleashes a deafening roar from its blood coated maw that rattles the ears of the swamps residents.


On its own, Spinotasuchus is a powerful predator with few glaring weaknesses. However, this perspective changes when Indominus Rex enters the picture. Spinotasuchus did have the speed/agility advantage in this fight but it was of little use when Indominus held all other advantages. With speed and agility out of the picture, Indominus could basically do everything Spinotasuchus could with nearly double the size. Spinotasuchus did have the aquatic advantage but utilizing this ability would likely require a higher weight to keep its foe under the water long enough to be drowned. This being said, the deep water was able to throw Indominus off guard enough for Spinotasuchus to momentarily have a even fight. Unfortunately, Indominus Rex is extremely smart and could quickly analyze its situation and how to get out of it. Spinotasuchus had the fight of his life but couldn’t get the better of the larger and frighteningly cunning Indominus. The winner is Indominus Rex!

Next Time On Hybrid Fight Night…

Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. I might not get to your request immediately but all requests are considered. Also, if the opponents are only from Jurassic World the Game I will probably post that battle on the JWTG side of the forum.


Next is herbivore vs herbivore?! Nice can u do ankylodic vs giganocephalus or patchyceratops? After the next one? I want to see more herbivore battles


How will sauropods fight ? Interestinggg

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Can you do Ouroboros 66 VS Hydra Boa or Spinoconstrictor VS Troodoboa


@koola888 I will probably do at least one of your request if not both at some point. It could be a little bit but all requests go at the top of my list of consideration until scheduled or otherwise!


By the way this battle was requested by @Acrocanthosaurus I forgot to mention it in the battle


Welp this is going to be a loud fight


How about Smithetoceras vs Smilonemys? Or maybe Spinoconstrictor vs Troodoboa? That would be interesting.


How about trykosaurus vs diorajasaur
two heavily armored predators wanting to settle their differences,
the loser becomes winner’s meal

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That one has been requested already and will certainly be done eventually but I will probably do it later on since it has already been done by @SonicNTGD

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Like a giraffe with their necks maybe. And with their tails


and destroying their eardrums


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