Hybrid Fight Night 9: Nodopatosaurus VS Ankylodocus

Hybrid Fight Night is where two hybrids from Ludia games are pitted against each other every week. They will be analyzed on their Speed, Defense, Attack, and Intelligence. They will then fight to determine the winner for the week. Now let’s get into this weeks battle! Nodopatosaurus VS Ankylodocus!

Nodopatosaurus is a very large and heavy creature and had no real need for exceptional speed or agility. This hybrid covers large ground on its strong, massive legs that give it high stamina but not a fast pace. Nodopatosaurus does have a interesting adaptation with its wide feet that allows it to travers rougher terrain. Ankylodocus is in a similar situation. It is similarly large and heavy and relies on its size rather than speed in combat. Like Nodopatosaurus, Ankylodocus has good stamina since it has to eat a lot to maintain its large frame. Speed and agility holds little significance to these two titanic tanks so it is unlikely that one could get a significant advantage over the other.

As a sauropod, Nodopatosaurus is unsurprisingly very large. This hybrid reaches 72 feet in length, 15 feet tall at the hips (30 feet at the head), and weighs a whopping 45 tons. This weight is increased by the heavy armor on this creatures back. The armor of this sauropod may not be as useful as it is on ankylosaurs due to the animals immense height, but any unprotected skin is likely very thick and capable of absorbing great punishment. Ankylodocus is longer but lighter. It reaches a incredible 100 feet in length, 15 feet at the hip (30 feet at the head), and weighs around 25 to 30 tons. Ankylodocus also has tough and armored skin however, the armor is more spaced out and does not cover the whole back of the animal and takes the form of large bumps and spikes. This hybrid also has very thick skin that protects its more exposed areas. Both hybrids are very large and well armored but the greater weight and superior armor covering of Nodopatosaurus gives it the edge in defense.

Nodopatosaurus has a spiky defense that doubles as offensive weapons. The largest of these spikes are on the neck and shoulders of the hybrid which can be rammed into its opponents. However, it’s main weapon is likely its powerful tail that can be swung like a massive baseball bat to cripple its attackers. This sauropod can also deliver heavy stomps and kicks from its thick, muscular legs. Nodopatosaurus can rear up on its back legs and slam its body weight down on would be predators for a devastating attack. Ankylodocus has very similar weaponry. It has the same stomping and kicking attacks although its stomps may have less of a impact due to its lighter build. However, what sets it apart from its opponent is the large club on the end of its long tail. This tail is very thin and flexible which allows its to reach very high speeds. This weapon could shatter the skulls of even the larger of predators. The length of this tail also gave it a great range advantage. Both have similar weapons but between Nodopatosaurus’ spikes and the clubbed tail of Ankylodocus, the greater range and easier utility of the clubbed weapon gives Ankylodocus the attack edge.

Neither of these creatures were very intelligent at all. Sauropods and Ankylosaurs/Nodosaurs are known for being some of the least intelligent dinosaurs to exist. However, as herbivores they had less of a need for high brain power since they didn’t have to come up with hunting strategies for eating vegetation. These hybrids probably were very instinct driven and could not for strategies or use the environment to get the upper hand. The only show of intelligence from these two could be herding behavior which would implement some form of communication. This being said, this is not a very useful trait in a 1V1 battle. Overall, there is no reason for one combatant to have a severe intelligence advantage or for this category to hold any significance in the battle at all.





Our combatants are ready and the simulation is set! Let’s find out this weeks winner!

A low fog lays thick over a vast forest of towers redwood trees. In the early morning, Ankylodocus lumbers between rows of massive tree trunks and traverses through the misty haze. From below, the ground begins to rumble. Ankylodocus lashes its tail, fearing the approach of a massive predator. The armored sauropod peers into the distant fog but its poor eyesight only registers the approach of a large outline. Ankylodocus bellows at the advancing creature who aggressively bellows back. Ankylodocus approaches the unknown figure but as the distance closes between the two, the figure reveals itself to be Nodopatosaurus. Ankylodocus bellows again in an attempt to get the giant to change its coarse. Nodopatosaurus makes no reply and continues straight for Ankylodocus. The two meet and rear up to slam into each other with all their weight.

The mass of each titanic hybrid is pushed against each other. The heavier weight of Nodopatosaurus causes Ankylodocus to take a step back but it holds its ground. Nodopatosaurus bellows then curls its spiked neck back and whips it into the side of the neck of its opponent. The powerful impact sends Ankylodocus on its side with a massive thud. Nodopatosaurus rears back to stomp down on Ankylodocus’ side but Ankylodocus rolls halfway on its back and blocks the attack with its own front legs. Ankylodocus’s legs begin to shake as they struggle to support its foes greater weight. Nodopatosaurus feels its opponents legs begin to give but before they can, Ankylodocus whips its long tail back and slams its clubbed tail into the back leg of Nodopatosaurus. Nodopatosaurus bellows in pain and stumbles back giving Ankylodocus to find its footing and slowly rise to its feet.

Nodopatosaurus stares at its foe with its tail lashing back and forth angrily. Ankylodocus turns around and swipes its tail at the head of Nodopatosaurus. The spiky sauropod ducks
to dodge the attack and approaches its foe. Ankylodocus quickly whips its tail around again to strike the body of its opponent but Nodopatosaurus angles its armored back to the side and absorbs the strike. Nodopatosaurus closes in on Ankylodocus and rams its largest shoulder spikes into clubbed tailed sauropods side. Ankylodocus bellows as the spikes puncture deep into its thick skin. Nodopatosaurus pulls away but in doing so opens itself up to a kick to the stomach from Ankylodocus’ back leg. Nodopatosaurus stumbles back but then swings its thick tail at its foe which hits Ankylodocus hard in the side. Ankylodocus stumbles into the massive trunk of a nearby redwood which it uses to regain its stability.

Ankylodocus turns to face its attacker but Nodopatosaurus has already closed in and rams its spiked neck into its foes side. Ankylodocus roars in anguish and whips its tail back and cracks it against its opponents side. Nodopatosaurus bellows as a agonizing pain rings through its chest cavity which causes it to back away. Ankylodocus approaches and clobbers Nodopatosaurus in the side of the head with its neck which makes the spiked sauropod falter. Ankylodocus rears back and pushes its front legs down on the armored back of its enemy. Nodopatosaurus is forced down by the impact but manages to hold up the weight of Ankylodocus. Nodopatosaurus pushes up and sideways which drives its large shoulder spikes into its foes unprotected stomach. Ankylodocus pushes itself off of its opponents back with blood dripping from its wounded stomach.

Ankylodocus backs away but Nodopatosaurus keeps a close distance to its opponent. Ankylodocus takes a swipe at Nodopatosaurus’ head but Nodopatosaurus is ready and moves its head and neck to the side. However, Ankylodocus recoils its tail and cracks it against its opponents front leg. Nodopatosaurus bellows but it doesn’t stop another powerful hit to the same leg. Pain rattles Nodopatosaurus who stumbles on its wounded leg and momentarily lowers its neck. Ankylodocus throws its tail back and swings it at a incredible speed. Nodopatosaurus is so consumed in agony it can’t react in time as its opponents clubbed tail smashes into the side of its armored head. Blood and teeth fly from the sauropods mouth and the armored giant crumples over with its eyes lolling in their sockets. Ankylodocus towers over its downed foe and raises its massive foot and brings it down hard on its opponents skull, crushing it with little resistance. The bloodied Ankylodocus bellows over the corpse before lumbering off to disappear into a shroud of heavy fog leaving watching scavengers with the promise of a gigantic meal.


These two were very evenly matched which made this battle more fun to analyze than what I thought it would be! To start the armor of these giants was much less effective on their tall sauropod frame than when compared to the much shorter ankylosaurs. Their height left about half their sides exposed to attack. This being said the thick skin of both hybrids was still enough to negate what would be fatal attacks. With speed and intelligence really not playing a factor and defensive armor only cover half the animals body, it really came down to who could beat the other to death the fastest. Nodopatosaurus had the advantage of weight on its side that gave it the advantage at close quarters but the devastating clubbed tail of Ankylodocus proved to be far more dangerous and had better range than anything in Nodopatosaurus’ arsenal. The long range of this fast and powerful weapon could keep Nodopatosaurus at a distance and constantly on the defensive. Nodopatosaurus could absorb a few blows from its foe but even a titanic sauropod would struggle against a full on beating from a swing that fast and powerful. These two sauropods were evenly matched but with great range and devastating weaponry, Ankylodocus triumphed over Nodopatosaurus. The winner is Ankylodocus!

Next Time On Hybrid Fight Night…

Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. I might not get to your request immediately but all requests are considered. Also, if the opponents are only from Jurassic World the Game I will probably post that battle on the JWTG side of the forum.


I feel like Dukelosaurus would win! Also great fight


Again can u do ankylodic vs giganocephalus or pachyceratops?

What dunkleosaurus and megarchelon have in common is that there heavily armored and have powerful bite strength


@Albertoplays111 I really like your idea of Gigantocephalus VS Ankylodicurus. I was struggling to find matchups for those two and I think that one fits very well. I cannot say that it will be done soon since it is a later request but I can tell you it will be done.


Oki thanks I can’t wait for it and the next one


How about diplosuchus vs grypolyth and Indoraptor vs Indotaurus


How about Troodoboa be Spinoconstrictor? Or even Smilonemys vs Smithetoceras?


Ouroboros 66 VS Hydra Boa


Pachygalosaurus vs mortem rex

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How about pachygalosaurus vs thor


cuz i couldn’t decide which fight was more fair to pachygalo

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Geminititan vs Skoonasaurus

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carboceratops vs entelolania

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Gem may be smaller in size, but it’s likely gem would win. Gem has sharp teeth and can easily grab skoona’s neck and bring it down. Tho it would be cool anyways


I’d like to see Tryostronix vs Bajatonodon sometime later

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Doesn’t Skoona have the club-tail and armor derived from Scolosaurus


@Jacelin_the_apato I actually already have that matchup on my to do list but I am glad to see someone request it!


Skoola didn’t get it, so it wouldn’t make sense why skoona would.


Or Skoona might just kick Gemini if it came too close


Remember, gemini has a long neck and can use it to stay out of range. Skoona isn’t that big and is probably little bit bigger then gemini.