Hybrid Fight Night: All Fights

Here are the links for all Hybrid Fight Nights so far. These will be updated as each one is released. I hope you enjoy!

Please feel free to do battle requests! You can request any hybrids or apexes/bosses from Jurassic World Alive or the Game and combatants can repeat. I might not get to your request immediately but all requests are considered. Thank you!


Alloraptor VS Pyrritator


A few hybrid battle ideas:

  • Antarctovenator VS Entelolania (I might have already requested this before)
  • Albertospinos VS Chromaspinus
  • Indotaurus VS Trykosaurus
  • Diorajasaur VS Pachygalosaurus
  • Stygidaryx VS Suchoripterus
  • Monostegotops VS Monolorhino
  • Imperatosuchus VS Mammolania

A totally random fight i would like to see is Megalosuchus vs Scutophicyon


I have a couple ideas here:

  • Smilonemys VS Smithetoceras
  • Entelorhacos VS Phorurex Or Grylenken
  • Ostaposaurus VS Gorgosuchus
  • Sarcorixis vs Diplosuchus
  • Diloranosaurus VS Erliphosaurus
  • Unayrhynchus VS Monomimus
  • Segnosuchus VS Erlikospyx
  • Scutophicyon VS Megistocurus
  • Eremoceros vs Megalotops
  • Poukandactylus VS Haast Maximus
    And the last one (for now):
  • Nodopatotitan vs Skoonasaurus.
    This is quite a lot. They all sound interesting to me.

Gemini vs Skoona.
Spyx vs IndoT
Max vs Indom

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Thank you all for your requests! There are a lot that I never thought about but really like. You have given me a lot to consider!


Some other ideas :
Entelomoth vs keratoporcus
Troodoboa vs spinoconstrictor

Apex fights :
Ankylos lux vs hadros lux
Hydraboa vs imperatorsuchus

Jwtg hybids :
Iguanosuchus vs tenontorex
Achaeocypion vs scutophicyon


I have an idea for dio vs rajastega if that hasn’t already been requested

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spyx vs erlidominus
tryko vs dioraja
indot vs indor
troodoboa vs winner of spinocon
ref vs zorion
scorpios gen 3 vs spinos
andrewtops vs parasauthoups
lord lythronax vs mortem
dracocera vs phorurex
troodoboa vs hydra
hadros vs tenrex
grypo vs imperato
gem vs skoona
skoona vs maxima
maxima vs gem
utarinex vs spyx
these are mine ideas :grin:


I have some brand new ideas:

  • Glythronax vs Rajakylosaurus
  • Iguanosuchus vs Tuoramoloch
  • Labyrinthosaurus vs Geminititan
  • Acrocanthops vs Inostherium
  • Brontolasmus vs Mammotherium
  • Alloraptor vs Pyrritator (I really want to see Alloraptor in one)
  • Armormata vs Tragodistis
    And finally
  • Koolasaurus vs Skoolasaurus

Here are some ideas I came up with

  • Segnosuchus vs Erlikogamma
  • Postmetrodon vs Gorgosuchus (you can choose the one from JWTG or JWA)
  • Omega 09 vs Mortem Rex
  • Giganocephalus vs Rajaklyosaurus
  • Kertporkus vs Eletomoth
  • Monostegotops vs Tryostornyx
  • Pelacachtyus vs Stygidaryx
  • Andrewtheruim vs Diploveonator
  • Thylocotator vs Andrewodon
  • Diploveonator vs Scaphotator
  • Protodon vs Acrocanthops

Well this is funny and my indominus won

(Hybrid fight night 8)


Level 40 Indominus Rex VS Level 30 fully boosted Indominus Rex.

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More ideas I came up with

  • Yuodon vs Chromaspinus
  • All powerful Dodo vs Death dodo
  • Indominus Rex vs Stegoceratops (from JWtg)
  • Ptervexsus vs Metrophodon
  • Diplosuchus vs Sarcorxsis
  • Segnoscuchus vs Erlkospix
  • Indoraptor vs Indotaurus
  • Argenteryx vs Celohasst
  • Eltorachous vs Velosphorcarcous
  • Throlodorlasaur vs Erlikogamma
  • Cerazinosaurus vs Pacygalosaurus
  • Ovilophomolchic vs Richychon
  • Insiontheruim vs Scutphcyon
  • Anklyodactlyus vs Argenteryx
  • Ardendus Maxima vs Skoonasurus
  • Hasst Maximus vs Valkyrie 77
  • Behemoth 93 vs Alpha 06
  • Vulcan 19 vs Juggernaut 32
  • Hydra Boa vs Ouroboros 66
  • Hadros Lux vs Malestorm 08
  • Pachyceratops vs Trykosaurus

And finnaly

Carnoraptor vs Spinoratpor

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