Hybrid file #2

Hi guys, back for another hybrid file. Some people thought my first one was too OP, so I’ll try to keep it down on this one. Personally, I think 5 levels of rarity isn’t enough, so I’m gonna add a new one: mythic.
I also need a new creature for this one so I’m using Elaltitan
Name: Thoradolotitan
Rarity: Mythic
Recipe: Thoradolosaur + Elaltitan
Stats lvl 26:
HP: 7500
Damage: 2000
Speed: 105
Superiority Impact: cleanse distraction. Deal 1.5x damage. Slow down 50% one turn.
Bellow: priority. Slow target 50% two turns. Shields 50% one turn.
Defense shattering rampage(you know this one).
Instant charge(you know this one too).
Passive effects:
Definite counter attack: definite 1x damage


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i like it.


Um superiority impact has a cooldown of 1.

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Hmm, if it’s a mythic, which is higher than unique, how about introducing 5 active abilities? I mean, just a thought…


I would really like her, @Pradyun_Gaddam. I like the mythic rarity. I am also interested in a fifth active ability, @anon42364012.


Hi Pradyun,

It seems like you need to look at the balance of Dinos a bit harder. This thing is a bit silly. The highest HP on a dino is 6000… on an Apatosaurus. The highest damage is 1900… on T-Rex.

Also… counter attack?

Where is its 100% rending move?

If you are going to go to the effort of designing a new dino, you may as well try to get it into the ballpark of ‘non-game-breaking’.

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What do you mean by 100% rending move?

I was thinking of adding nullifying rampage instead of instant charge, but that would be way too OP, so…

The whole point of a new rarity is that it’s supposed to be better than other creatures. Besides, Gemini already stole apato’s thunder for most health.