Hybrid file #3

All right guys, Hybrid #3 is… Diploconstrictor!!
Rarity: Legendary
Recipe: Diplocaulus Gen 2 + Titanoboa Gen 2
HP: 2500
Damage: 1250
Speed: 115
Nullifying strike: remove positive effects and attack 1x.
Precise rampage: attack 2x bypassing cloak and evasion. Cooldown: 1.
Distracting impact: attack 1.5x and distract 50%
Nullifying counter: nullify and attack 1x
Immune to stun, distraction, and vulnerability
No escape: when opponent tries to leave and opponent’s health less than 20% of max, attack 2x and stun opponent 100%

Where is the fourth move?

Yeah, there’s not a fourth move. Also, No Escape doesn’t work like that. I can understand if you wanted to make a new passive for it, which is probably the case given the nullifying counter, but it’d have to be called something else.