Hybrid file #4

Hi guys, back with another idea! This one combines Mammotherium and the new guy, Keratoporcus, for the superhybrid…
Rarity: unique
HP: 4800
Dmg: 1200
Speed: 108
Persistent ferocious strike
Definite rampage
Lethal Wound
Mutual Fury
Immune to vulnerable and damage over time
All right, that’s it for today! See you guys next time!

1800 HP ?
Are you sure you didn’t make a mistake ?

Also we can’t fuse 2 hybrids in the game because until now no hybrids require 2 hybrids to be created

It must be Keratoporcus + Mammoth if you think Mammoth didn’t have enough hybrid lmao

Sorry it was supposed to be 4800 hp. Don’t know how I screwed that up. Why can’t we have a hybrid made of two hybrids?

There’s a first time for everything…