Hybrid file #5

You know how procerathomimus is really OP? and you know how kelenken doesn’t have any hybrids? So today’s hybrid is… Procerathomimus gen 2!! It uses another creature, too: proceratosaurus gen 2.

Proceratosaurus gen 2:
Rarity: epic
HP: 2000
Dmg: 1300
Speed: 125
Nullifying Strike
Distracting Impact
Mutual Fury

Possible hybrids:
Procerathomimus Gen 2
Rarity: Legendary
Recipe: Proceratosaurus gen 2 + Kelenken
HP: 3000
Dmg: 1650
Speed: 131
Definite Strike
Instant Distraction
Long Evasive Rampage(new move): 2x damage. 66% to dodge 75% of damage three turns.
Cooldown: 3. Delay:1.
Swap in distraction: when swapped in, reduce opponent’s damage 90% one turn. Cannot
swap two turns.

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Unfortunately, only hybrids can have 4 moves. Non hybrids have 3, but maybe you could change nullifying strike to distraction, then change instant distraction to nullifying counter.

oh sorry i can take out the instant distraction

it doesn’t really fit with proceratosaurus anyway

I was thinking of this moveset


Mutual fury

Nullifying impact

Nullifying counter

The nullifying counter just makes it really hard for creatures with moves like persistent ferocious strike. But i will say, cloak would work cause it doesn’t do damage.

Along with evasive stance, sidestep, and long dodge.


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but there are still too many moves with positive effects that do damage

i wonder, if someone used mutual fury on an immune creature, would the immune dino’s damage still be boosted, or would the immunity deflect it? Never been in that scenario, so just wondering.

We don’t need a more OP Yoshi thanks

10 characters

just thought kelenken deserves a hybrid and what better than another yoshi for tanks to cower behind

Not with a nightmare lmao

There is literally no legendary that has the ornithomimus frame(except for monomimus, but he don’t matter no more, yeet)

Monomimus cries
Yeah it’s fine you do what you want after all

besides this one might not be green, so not yoshi. maybe it’ll be purple(whoa, we got a new nickname: WALUIGI !!!)

did you know procerathomimus roughly translates to: “before horned bird mimic” in greek? :smiley: