Hybrid file #6 and #7

Hi guys! Time for another hybrid file! Two, actually. We’re going to be making a hybrid and then a superhybrid based off the first hybrid. So let’s start!
Rarity: Legendary
Recipe: Irritator + Baryonyx Gen 2
HP: 4500
Dmg: 1550
Speed: 126
Ready to Crush
Ferocious Impact
Defense Shattering Counter: Destroy Shields and 1x bypassing armor
Scavenger: When opponent dies, cleanse negative effects, reset all cooldowns, and heal 33% of opponent’s max health.
And for the superhybrid we have…
Rarity: Unique
Recipe: Irriyonyx + Brontolasmus
HP: 5300
Dmg: 1750
Speed: 110
Armor: 25%
Crit: 30%
Defensive stance
Ready to crush
Definite Rampage
Instant Distraction
Nullifying Counter: Nullify. Attack 1x.

Okay, there’s a lot to unpack here. You’re clearly new to this. Btw, Welcome!

1)Irriyonyx is massively overpowered. Try looking at the stats of its ingredients to get an idea of what works. That attack stat is considerably higher than theirs. This is worsened by the fact that it has a 1x counter-attack, and the ability to boost it’s damage.

2)Which brings us to the fact that it has a damaging counter-attack, when none of its ingredients do.

3)You can’t have a hybrid of two hybrids, it’s a rule based on precedent. So Irriyolasmus is nonviable.

4)Irriyolasmus is just as overpowered as Irriyonyx. That health and attack are both way over the ingredients’, which you should look at to get an idea of what’s more or less balanced. Funny thing is, Brontolasmus itself has too much HP by that rule too.

5)Hybrids don’t gain full Immunity unless their ingredients have it, or because they have lore reasons like Indominus rex. But even if you want to make up your own lore reasons, you have to keep in mind that Immune dinos have to have lower stats in at least one area than regular ones, to compensate.

  1. Fully-immune dinos can’t have a counter-attack. This is based on precedent.

Yes, this is my first week on the forums. I get that a lot.

Don’t forget genimi

Get JWS dinodex to compare two dinos to make a hybrid next time