Hybrid for triostronix

Triostronix is a very good legendary with its high damage attack but falls weak to evasive moves. I have come up with an idea for its unique hybrid, a hybrid that can counter almost anything and everything.

Introduction tryostuchus, a combination of triostronix + gorgosuchus. It’s move set would consist of defense shattering strike, ready to crush it, ferocious impact and definite rampage. It’ll keep it’s immunity so it’ll fall weak to nothing.

These are some ideas for its body parts although I’m not completely done with it.


Cool drawings, I11ega1cot! Thanks for sharing. Tryostronix was definitely one of my favourite creatures during the early days.


Hate to be “that guy” since I love Tryostronix, but it’s already a Superhybrid! :frowning:


Even though it might not be possible in-game, I love that head design you came up with.

What is possible is a Baryonyx Unique, perhaps with Alloraptor for example, which could end up looking somewhat similar to Tryo.

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True but it’ll be even more op, at this point it’s hybrid would be rank high tyrant. And even if the moves are a little too overpowered it balances out with all the new move set coming out.

No ,thank you.

We already have ardentis,indoG2,gemini and smilonemys as a problem

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Yeah so he’d be used to counter those, able to surpass indoraptor gens 2 clocking

@John has it ever been officially stated that Superhybrids can’t get a hybrid - could that “myth” be busted by 1.13 and we are going to get a Thor/Tryo hybrid …

smilonemys isn’t that bad. It is still hard countered by chompers.
I will agree with the others tho.

They’re based on precedent. It’s like saying that you can’t have a hybrid of a Unique, or a rarity above Unique, two things which, as far as I know have never been stated. Another one of the “myths” is that you can’t have a hybrid of two hybrids, so a Tryo+Thor hybrid would be killing at least 2 birds with one stone.

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Chompers? The only one it doesn’t beat outright is Tryko, but Tryko is half tank too.
Definitely not hard-countered by chompers.

you’re right. kept thinking tryko was a base chomper.
(my brain isn’t working today)

Nope sadly,IT counter all chompers

So you want to bring something which can kill ardentis ,gemini and indoG2?well except something as lord lythronax ,i don’t see

Yeah just a tank killer In a way

i haven’ looked at the dinodex counters in a while. man… I’m surprised that grypo and Magna are only 30% win rate against it and are listed as best counters.

Actually, nemys is not really hard countered by chompers. It easily defeats Thor. Though I’m not sure on tenonto and Tryko. What i know is that magna is a sure counter.
Edit: oops, someone already told you that, sorry for being repetitive :sweat_smile:

It can tussle with Tryko. Takes a lot of prediction to chip down Nemys’ health. But more often than not, Nemys wins.