Hybrid Fuse OOPS!

So I was fusing DNA for my Amargacephalus so I could start fusing for Trag…and well I was clicking too fast and ended up evolving him up a level instead. Oops! A ton of beautiful dna that could of gone to a legendary. :joy::rage::disappointed_relieved::nauseated_face:

Has this happened to anyone else?

Oh yeah I wasted ten grand of coins the other day because I wasn’t paying attention when I was fusing so lesson learned . Pay attention when fusing


Ohhh yes happened to me on more than one occasion, obese fingers eh @Glasgowpaddy? :grin:


corpulent digits for the loss.


Happened to me when leveling Spinotahraptor. Instead of waiting off until I get Kaprosuchus up to level 15 for Spinotahsuchus, I accidentally leveled it up to 16 :confused: I made the DNA back up for my mistake and actually Spinotahraptor isn’t half bad… hmm…

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Happened to me when showing T-Rex in AR to my kid. Touch and levelled him to 17 … lost 350 DNA + coins :frowning:

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How very dare you. That’s bordering on Fatism :grin:

Omg thank you everyone this makes the sting so much more bearable!! :joy::rofl:

You’re the one who said I was 30 stone the other week! :rofl::sob:

I also said you were a dude but be like elsa and let it go :grinning:

on something like nodopatasaurus that i only level to fuse stegodeus, i try to stop one fuse short of enough to level it so accidental leveling doesn’t happen :+1: